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The Clasp And Hold


The clasp and hold
that could not be told
keeps one in a fold
however, one might be bold
they come know not from where
they do really tear
even though there be utmost care
the tightness is beyond bear
extricating oneself from them is a trick
have to come out without a prick
it is like setting a brick by brick
so meticulous and patient not too quick
This could be a symbolic verse
aims to relieve the stress.

clasp and hold

Every Action ——Physics


For every action
there be an opposite reaction
not only, this is science
it also extensively signs
the impasse of the world
not clothed in words
found in real terms
experienced in events firm
met in unforeseen circumstances
it could be an encouter
straignt or hidden behind
it also could be a lesson quote-lead-follow-1024x722
dmight be a turning point
if it directs to the good
it has served the purpose
if it reports and restores bad
it is endangered and erroneous
Be careful with instigations
specially toeards reactions.

The Crow On A Cow


The crow sat on a cow happily
as the white animal walked lazily
the bird black cawed feverishly
the cow sauntered with no aim
the crow went with it all the same
the one silent and flabby
the other noisy and skinny
a contrast visible all through
the black and white being of colour
the small and big of appearance
with an addition of other qualities
the soft alternated with loud
the nobility juxtaposed with treachery
the likely opposed to the unlikely
the enamoured compared with the endangered
both travelling together in a style
that of being one upon another in a move
Well, that be life in all aspects
might sound good or bad in all respects. Cow_and_crow_in_Siliguri

Bridal Blush – River Vaigai


The river is almost full
it flows with a great pull
a scene rare to see
as it is always free
water is a rare phenomenon
as the rains failed to come
unwanted things occupy the river bed
where cattle loiter instead
it appears as a polluted basin
where the city’s waste drains
the foul smell it emanates all around
destroy the environ in an abound
the ghastly sight was an eyesore
as the city became unfit to living
the water now flows with an ease
extending a fresh look and river vaigai lease
it is but wonderful to see the gush
as the river runs with a bridal blush.

That be With The Age.


That be the age they say

the degeneration in a way

the physical deterioration

the mental disorientation

run simultaneously with a reference

almost  instantly without deference

before one could realize

the set back  has grown in size

the joints suffer in excess

the memory slips in a stress

there you are  in a hold

gracefully go with a fold

joyfully pass into the cloud

with saying nothing  aloud.


Maturity Comes Not With Age.


The maturity comes not  with age

contrary to the popular  adage

experience does land you therematurity

all that is rosy takes you not there

that which turns hard and sour

puts you very much in that tower

makes you think and go ahead

sober and sullen you become indeed

as the struggle leads you  through places

where there could be not many spaces

as to give vent to anger and indignation

as to let in haste and destruction

 try and  adopt a program and measure  

introduce and induce a median or middle path

a slight imbalance would result in a trot

it could be a fall heavily bought

the impairment would prove expensive

let you  succeed with an approach defensive

emulate  right and wrong  straight away

enabling a source of atonement in the way.