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Defying Nature.

Nature is the heart and soul of the moral being.

Nature never betrayed the heart that loved her-calls Wordsworth.

Man defies the beauteous forms, wrestles against the purity of nature, embitters the sensation sweet and plays discordantly to dispel the music of humanity.

Nature ,constitutes the whole system of exixtence,forces and events of the physical world that are not controlled by human beings.When the mortals to overpower it , inconvenience, intemperance, and incoherence sets in.

The phenomenn of natural consequence gets jolted , gets arrested and gets thawarted  by man’s interference.

The unmindful felling of trees, the irrational destruction of forests, the unthinkable array of construction, the unlawful  high raised buildings, have resulted in a chaotic disturbance to nature.  These prologues have affected the climate, have messed up the rains,have led to eruption. Man stands at fault.

The designs of nature are also rubbed unnecessarily by us. Taking pills to postpone mensturation,adopting birth control techniques,consuming tablets to restore youth,to stimulate vibrancy ,will put us in a fix. Fatal disease ,like cancer will unassumingly creep into the system and play a havoc . Man , once again ,errs.

 Chemical ffertiliser and manure do play a crucial role  in the  deterioration of the fields directly, and in the depreciation of health indirectly.. The fertility of the land is increased manifold by the application of such fertilisers, but the unusual fecundity depletes the soil and makes it a sordid land bereft of  glow and growth.

Consuming the vegetables, fruits, and grains subjugated to such predicament of treatment, poisons the human machination and falters the immunity. The system gets exposed to unreliable ,unwanted folios and suffers extreme pain and exorbitant impeachment.

Nature blesses the one, who adores her, who do not cross her, and who do not antagonise her.

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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