Darwins Theory

The theory of Darwin

is of a great win

founded on a strong basis

could be a lively thesis

all life is related  almost

birds and bananas in the foremost

man and animals with common ancestors

the theory goes around with great zest

disputed and undisputed  time and again

Darwin’s still holds the rein

evolution is a process continuous

goes on with a flow tremendous.Natural selection

5 thoughts on “Darwins Theory

  1. panjaalai

    Kurangil irunthu piranthavan manithan_arithu arithu maanidaray pirathal arithu_avvai manithan enbavan theivamagalam vaari vaari valangum pothu vallalagalam. Naan kaviya thayin ilayamagan. Neengal kaviyamanaval.ALIVATHILLAI.ennilayilum maranamillai

  2. panjaalai

    Kaviyarasu kannadhasan when ever come to Madurai we the people of paza nedumaran will be around him.MGR honoured him Arasavai kavignar.Then he revealed one thing that he is telling what striking in mind. He is not imagining lyrics.what comes in mind you write. Kindly let the readers to decide either ordinary human or poetess

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