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Ain’t It.

Having to live

have to eat

Having to eat

have to earn.

Having to earn

have to find a job.

Having found a job

Have to work.

Having to work

have to endure

Having to endure

have to sustain.

Having to sustain

have to tolerate.

Having to tolerate

have to be patient.

Having to be patient

have to programme.

This be the reason.

This be the scheme.

This be the schedule.

This is the way to survive

having to live in peace.images (5)




Long Live.

Long live the King!

Long live the nation!

Longevity is a jubilation.


Live long is everyone’s wish.

Live long is everyone’s dream.

Live long for what I wonder?


Live long to fight with one another.

Live long to spend as much as possible

Live long to seek help to go about .


Live long to depend on others.

Live long to experience solitude.

Live long to wriggle in pain.


Live long to gaze at the sky.

Live long to count the stars.

Live long to talk to self.


If so long live Man!

Longevity is a jubilation.

Ain’t it?