Hard to believe
the way the world

A virus break
causes havoc, political
turmoil creates disaster.

Economy plunges,.
perceive suffering
in every corner.

What is going to happen?
Is the end anticipated?
Could be an yes or no!

The warming continues.
glaciers melt,, seas rise.
heat waves abound.

How to account for this?
A dilemma as seen
being a devastation ,

I am the one
who discovers hope
but now remain hopeless.


Living In Tropics

It is been a hot day
with no breeze
turns out sultry.

Exhaustion catches up
I spend the day
sweating all the more.

It is nothing new to me
as I am a native,
born and bred in this place.

This day appears worse
predicting the dog days
that will be in the next months.

Fearing the oppressive heat
I sulk. The other place I can go
will be hotter than this one.

Destined to live in hot tropics
I pass my days with little
hope of seeing snow.


The Known Man

Clearing the debris from the land
turns a chore .

Once I remove, I find
more the next day.

Where do they come from?
I think aloud,

as it goes on increasing
day by day.

One bin the day before
multiplies by threes

I like to catch the one
red handed.

Knowing for sure
who would have done?

I control my anger
more so my anguish.

The person who does
has a mind

filled with venom
and a heart

full of envy.
I smile to myself,

Well, that is what
he is made of?


Mother Once More

Being with grand kids
a lovely experience
one unexpected leaves
me filled with joy.
It is not the happiness
that counts alone
but the responsibility
that calls.

it is been a forgotten
role, that of a mother,
My children being away
for more than a decade.
I try to refresh and rekindle
the passion lost long.
I take care of them,
cook what they like.

Not any day, a stellar performance ,
I turn busy, run on errands,
bathe them, feed them,
an unexpected rejuvenation
happens.I am a mother encore.
I support them full, spite of being a
ghost of what I was
ten years from now.


Ayyanar Again

Back in the portals
of Ayyanar temple
with baskets lining
on the entry, the rituals
begin. devotion permeates.

A ceremony modest,
the priests by heredity
with no formal education,
conduct the puja.

Year after year
the community
gathers for prayers
a belief since unknown.

The day long worship,
goes with a spectrum,
provides solace and
peace to the clan.

The remote avenue
abuzz with life
in the evening
resumes the silence.

Ayyanar goes to sleep
after an hectic activity.
A smile on his face
indicates a jubilant year ahead,



It is only a morsel
nothing much,
I has its significance
however small it be.

So goes the talk
the one accusing
the other discarding
all done in earnest.

The bit in question
being a virus
beginning with cough
ending in death.

It is simple as it looks
turns deadly in the end
affecting the lungs
causing pneumonia.

The virus from animals
especially from reptiles
snakes in particular
infectious as could be.

Those of whom
who eat snakes
contract the virus
which becomes contagious.

We behold a global emergency
most countries encounter
afflicted persons. Quarantine,
treat them with utmost care.


Seeing Through The Lens

I find a picture
that of big and small
some very minute
and negligible appear
big and remarkable
being made to understand
that prejudice plays
a significant role,
the one who wins favour
stands at an enviable state
top of the world,
where his defects go unnoticed
however colossal they might be
while one who has no clout
is placed in a situation
devastating, his slips turn great
weakens him. leads to contempt
pushing him to solitude.