It is a variation
of “All Souls day”‘
honouring the dead
called as Tithi
in the vernacular.

Every Hindu
performs a ritual
on the amavasai day
a custom, a tradition
adhered to with fervour.

It is a short ceremony.
A Brahmin conducts
in the temples,
as well in the houses.

An elaborate procedure
takes place on the thithi
of the death of one’s parents.

A goup of brahmanas
invoke the blessings
by reciting the slokas
the son repeats

The preferred vegetables
of the late father or mother,
rice, jaggery, pulses
and liberal cash
are offered to the purohits.

Cooked rice and vegetables
are placed in the garden.
The family waits for the crow
to partake– a sign of acceptance

The son turns happy.  Feels his dad
has blessed him.









The Rainy Day

It rains cats and dogs.
A drizzle first with thunder
a downpour with a lightning
a play so gentle initally
turns a havoc gradually.

The dry river is eager,
quenches her thirst
soon overflows
floods, enters the town
entrenches, encircles.

Men and wome scramble out,
find no shelte. She recesses
for a while, emboldens
strikes with a vengeance.
Devastation. Death stares.

Rain generates and ravages.



Piety Enthrals

A great temple
2000 years old,
not a character of
scenic glamour, but
a symbol of holiness
enveloped in serenity
exploited by unmindful
commercials, inspires awe.

The sculptures on the five gopurams
the well defined Linga named as
Vaidyanatha swamy faces west,
not a familiar feature.
His consort, Thayilnayagi, turns
towards South and their son
Selvamuthu kumaraswamy
smiles facing East, while
Angarakan or Mars sees
towards south.The placements on
the four directions confirm
that God is Omniscient.

A medical prophet,Vaidhyanathar,
the presiding deity
cures 4448 diseases. A dip
in the pond rectifies skin
disorders. The belief is staunch
and the recovery is fast.

The wings of piety rise up,
despite the crude poor upkeep.

“Om Namasivaya’,  fills the air.











A Haphazard Dealer

I have a bag packed
with the essentials
right from clothing to toileteries
adequate for a few days.

The travels are immediate
in the wee hours.
I catch the flight or get into the bus
not once prebooked.

It is not out of any urgency
predominantly due to my deficit
am not a planner, mainly
a hap hazard dealer.

With the bag ready
I travel up and down
around the world
carrying my knapsack.





The Days

The days of challenge
and the joy of living
fade into the oblivion
as the years pass.

The man and his wife
work with dedication
secure every opportunity
with a passion.

They struggle to earn
a decent revenue. The children
grow in no time. Win honours
A worthwhile return.

The man turns old and grey
The wife no sooner. They
look around. Espy what they have
missed out on many experiences.

They retire with lfewer
commitments. Wish to enjoy
what they could not. Realize
they are beyond.



Ram’s Nature

It is Ram’s nature,
speaks sharp
behaves strange.

To him,
financials talk.
status counts.

Knowing him
I stay away,
a safe distance.

Many suffer humilations
might be of innocence
or insensitivity.

Thinks he is unassailabe.
Forgets that all are




Broken Love

It is a distortion oflove.
She turns sad. She confirms
it as a manipulation.

Desolate, she cries.
The melancholy oppresses.
The angusih lasts life long.

Her eyes reflect her state.
Burn with rage and resentmen,
diplay malice.

The love is profound.
Days have not assuaged her
instead arouses the desire.

The broken love resumes
with an untold vigour.










My Approach To Life

Modifications exasperate me.
I alter time and again.
Monoony kills me.
Equated to a nagging in law.

My mind works without a stop.
The thoughts contend.
It is a race in speed.
Akin to a supersonic flight.

Had been so all this while
Unable to restrict myself,
am curious even at this ripe age.
It is my approach to life.



“I cannot believe my eyes,”
Teja screams. She is delighted.

“It is a dream come true,”
she exclaims. She is  elated.

Watching  her is gratifying.
She, in  early sixties,
jumps like a kid.

An Elysa can enthuse her.
A ballon brings immense joy.
She is enlivened by a rose.

Contentment is the king.
Enthusiasm drives her
to the end. She enjoys.

Age does not derail her.
She is brisk, alert, happy
and daring.

The quality makes her shine.







The Mouth Waters

The mouth waters
when I bite the mango
the bitterness lingers.