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The Effect Of Lies.

Lie leads to a tie.

A tie directs to a buy.

The buy insists a try.

A try promotes a shy.

The shy creates a cry.

A cry pushes to a fly.

The fly brings out a sigh.

A sigh  predicts a die.

The die ends up dry.

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An Inertia

The body is in motion.

The mind is in commotion.

There is no coordination.

Everything moves in acceleration.

Leading to an arrest of notions.

It is likely to bring an inertia.

The mind works towards an amnesia.

The limbs succumb to a  paralytic  differentia.

The spirit dies  in  a distinct  criteria.


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Medieval Times.

The move was gradual.

Things were at level.

It was time to revel.


There was a tumultuous arrival.

Much fanfare was seen in the appraisal.

It was a grand revival.


The introduction was  an approval.

The course was absolutely referral.

It was nothing but crucial.


The enactment was  graceful 

The theme was paradoxical.

It was subtly satirical.


The trend was medieval.

Imitating  the Chaucerian  parable.

It was exorbitantly rhetorical.


Everything was in measured ritual

Nothing rushed to a heady trouble..

It was a tempered bubble.












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Desire Everywhere.

Money is found everywhere.

It is found in stones in fare.

It is seen in paper all fair.

It is the cynosure of all eyes  in glare.

 As paper becomes currency to share,

doubling comes into play albeit to bear,

While stones are mined  from earth bare,

Value enters the fray with care.

When diamonds are excavated in places rare,

created finds its way in  the market with blare.

Gold rush gets ahead  with a snare.

desire  brings about a shy dare.

The longing for such is insatiable in a ware.

Calling for a buy out  in quantities is a trap flare.

It exceeds the capacity in an exhaustive bear.

Throwing out everything out of gear.



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A Melodrama

It looked as if it is going to rain.

The clouds  grew dark as if  in feign.

But the effort  was in vain.

As the expected did not happen in the main.


Thunder also joined the game.

The sound was tremendous not to blame.

But the work was only lame.

As nothing happened to name.


Lightning stepped into the fray.

The shine was a blinding  in the bay.

But the schedule was not gay.

As everything  indicated an event stray.


The rain played  hide and seek.

Its downpour was in streak.

But the entire schedule was meek.

As everything disappeared with a shriek.










Breaking relations is noiseless.

Shattering the heart to pieces.

Destroying everything to ashes.


Breaking the old building is noisy.

Causing a lot  of strained frenzy.

Thus shattering the bricks to a  floppy.

Demolishing everything to a ruinous sloppy.


Each one has its justifications.

Relations can never undergo unification.

Buildings can be modified by rectifications.

Therein lies the subtle differentiations.





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Doing it All over.


Making everything doubly sure.

Revising the researched thesis over.

Revisiting the  places over and over.

Recollecting the anecdotes in times over

Deliberating on an issue all over.

Talking about the same topic again and over.

Doing everything all over.

Casts a spell of monotony moreover.

Releases a boredom all so ever.

Shatters execution  what so ever.

Delays progress in definite terms all over.





A compulsory wait made Kate grumpy.

It is a week-long  affair making it grisly.

The anticipation was killing slowly.

Yet  she had to put up with it simply.


It was a Tuesday that set the motion.

Got  her immersed in the preparation.

It was  akin to a stock taking situation.

Driving her to a puzzled restoration.



Restoration is part of life’s process.

Repairing skilfully the worn out crosses.

Rejuvenating the lost liveliness in grosses.

Making her  feel that life is full of tosses.

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The Falsehood.

A hushed silence was established.

A compelled uneasiness was felt.

A sensitive embarrassment was experienced.

A dullness spread around.


How to bring about normalcy?

How to diffuse the gathered animosity?

How to lighten the tension?

Questions crowded the mind.


It was an echo of deceit.

It was anything but farce.


Words read false.

Promises become unkempt.

Actions expose vengeance.

Slander runs amuck.


It was betrayal in the run.

It was an unpleasant shun.

It was an unapproved fun.

So all went beyond the gun.




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A devil or an Evil

Listened to a proposal.

It was a fantastic disposal.

It had all  plus approvals.

It looked glamorously beautiful .

The proposer builds castles in air.

He is known for his empty care.

He practises nothing rare.

He is a preacher  unfair.

He plants stories false.

He does that with ease.

His mind is crowded with disease.

He is a proclaimed brat in tease.

One day he talks  of his wealth.

It is not in prime health.

The other day he rattles about his stealth.

It is his foremost breath.

He praises himself singling him as the only one.

He poses imperiously as a high done.

Calls one who is always in the run.

His pretexts draw contempt  from all but one.

He has a counterpart in his sibling.

Both go about with scheming.

Their thoughts are full of evil  crawling.

They are but leeches in the offing.

Men of such mind flourish lively.

Distracting the good from their  poise easily.

Spreading baseless  information endlessly.

Oh! tell me are they devils or wholesome evil?