It Should Pass

It Should Pass.

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It Should Pass

A day with lovely events has to pass,

As it gets dark,

The light sinks,

Night  descends.

The day passes.


A year with turbulence will pass,

As it sees outbreaks,

Of riots and diseases,

Political feuds  and economic recession,

The year passes.



A generation of people would pass,.

After experiencing hardships,

In personal and career,

In finance and life,

The generation passes.



Everything which has life has to pass,

It is an evolution,

It is a regeneration,

It is wisdom,

To allow all things to pass.



A civilisation has passed,,

After encountering ups and downs,

Through invasion and attacks,

Through years and centuries,

The civilization passes.



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Beyond Reason

There are many   facets  that confuse ,

There are many concepts that puzzle,

There are many directions that mislead,

There are many categories that kill,

Why so they do queries the mind?

Is it an evil mind that is at work?

Is it a diabolical device that wrecks?

Is it a greed that overwhelms?

Is it a jealousy that breaks?

Is it a vengeance that slaps?

Is it an   inability that overtakes?

Is it a defeat that cramps?

Is it an animosity that cripples?

Reasons are so many,

They have myriad faces,

The destruction implicated sucks,

The depression experienced is gruesome,

Yet those who establish such crafts,

Live happily in good cheer and joy.

Is it not beyond reason?





Devastating It Is

Devastating It Is.

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Devastating It Is

Floods across the world  cause a quick havoc,

Quakes around the world   create a speedy ravage,

Droughts on and off bring about an unbearable famine,

So goes the nature’s mentality in destruction.



The lovely landscapes that  are  found throughout,

Of mountains aiming to reach the sky,

Of blue oceans  tossing  up and down,

Portray Nature’s wonderful gift.



The desolate trends  expose a melancholy,

Leaving the hearts saddened to a standstill

The beautiful scenario expresses a solemnity,

Mellowing the  minds reconciled  to a quaint silence.



Devastating is indeed an enigma,

As it indicates to a rude chaos,

As well it points out to a stunning  attraction,

Picturing itself as an oxymoron.

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It Seems Lucrative

In the world of material  earnestness,

Values  take a  back step ,

Money  attains a lofty greatness,

While morals get a beat up.



Earnings are tracked in quickness,

 As revenue accumulates in leaps,

Financials become robust in wellness,

As the portfolios yield in heaps.



 Investments are for profits,

In stocks as well as commodities,

Recently income from shares depletes,

Gold funds yield  considerable liquidities.



Well, money gets the predominance,

 As life is subjugated  by currency,

Nay , money attains a prominence,

As it governs all in supremacy.



Returns from investments are  essential,

To keep the fire burning,

They are but not the only differential,.

That make life going.



Happiness rests not  on revenue,

As it  cleverly escapes from the clutches ,

Making its presence felt in all other avenues,

Moving ahead of the monetary gains without crunches.

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The Other Side Of The Bridge

The bridge over a river is steep and high,

The newly laid tar shimmer over the fly,

Vehicles big and small get ahead in a ply,

As the bright sun descends into the sky



This side of the bridge is gay and merry,

The  prospects of growth are too many,

Traders heap penny over penny,

As there arises an enrichment sunny.


That side of the bridge is too desolate,

The lack lustre trends cause a violate,

The shrill cries of the famished is articulate,

As there emanates a frustration isolate.


Amazing to see a difference in so short awhile,

Delighted by the mirth  experienced in great style,

Dejected by the misery felt in  a deprived travail,

Tears gush up  thwarting the feigned veil.


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Life Is A Tale

Life is a tale of significance to  people like me,

Life is a tale told by an idiot to Shakespeare,

Life  has   both .

It has meaning,

It has idiocy,

Sense overtakes the senseless,

Brutes overpower the refined.

None the less hard to predict,

None the less easy to access,

Life flows like a river,

Gets stagnated at one level,

Over laps the marsh in speed,

Crosses the obstacle in gentle movement,

Struggles to attain the target,

Negotiates through the loopholes,

Finally reaches the goal.

What do you feel about life?

 Do you agree with me?

Or do you  go by the word of the bard?



Six Organs Of You

Organs make up a living being,

Eyes do the seeing,

Ears open to the hearing,

Nose loves smelling,

Mouth has two dealings,

That of eating and talking,

Hands do the performing,

Foot enables wandering.

Eyes ears and nose  are all but free,

Mouth ,hands and foot  are the three,

That  succumb to  man’s spree,

Making him grow up like a tree,

Both in abstract and virtual glee,

Driving him  busy like a bee,

Finally placing  him in a desperate flee.

It is best to control all the six,

Though  it is difficult to fix

While the vision  flicks,

As the  smell tricks,

Then the hearing  clicks, 

All the three act as though in fits,

Reckoning  a flashy duel in ticks

Elaborating  a macro of the micro in a glitz.

The mouth engages in a rolling speed,

Splicing up the fragments into a deed,

Hands do  rob and feed,

Implicating a good and a nasty  lead,

The feet saunters through the  less tread,

Implying a not so  trendy  breed,

Installing a homogeneous bleed,

Fostering a disenchantment throughout the creed.


Tales Keep You Awake

Tales Keep You Awake.