The one beyond comprehension
rather a kind of illusion
demanding a rapt attention
converts to an evolution,

which makes me deliberate
forcing me to unravel the intricate
presents itself at times ornate
implicating a divisive resonate

based on the nuances of infinity
transcends into a divine beauty,
as visualized in the process of creativity
devolving into a generic form of eternity.


By Mistake

 A long-term associat calls
inquires about my welfare.
talks generally, concludes
he dialed me by mistake

Another one messages,
before I could begin reading
deletes them,  I heard 

his answer ” I did it by mistake.”

My gate creaks, a burly man
wishes me, before I could reciprocate
 He cries ” Oh”,is that you?
 I came by mistake.”

Finally, the postman drops a letter
in the box, returns a little later,
pulls it out in a hurry, remarks
* I slipped the envelope by mistake”


Made To Order

The fetters that surround me
 invisible and intangible
have tied me down to a status
 unfulfilling and thankless.

 This might sound ambiguous to most
 that being true on my side
 born in a traditional community
 family strictly orthodox

confines girls to stay at home
 regardless of their qualifications
and brilliance,vouchsafes education   
 as an achievement not to be exposed.

Ironical it sounds, I underwent
such constraints, which placed me
within the four walls, rain or shine
home is where I perform.

The concept gradually percolated
 made me a home bird, I remained
 and remain at home, executing
 the maximal from the minimal.


Over A cup of Tea

At the corner of the road
within the premises of a Bank
a tea vendor has her stall.

A makeshift one polycarbonate
sheets as roof, a table with the huge boiler,
and six plastic chairs,

Her hands prepare tea and snacks
while her ears follow closely the gossip
that goes on.

 A kind of search engine
 akin to Google, she is abreast of all
events in the neighbourhood.

She wields an influence like a Councilor
turns furious when miscreants taunt her
 A genial and a firebrand at the same time


Knock, Knock

Knock, Knock, continuous
tapping on the door
every morning, keep
me on toes.

The day starts with gentle rap
 it is my maid Sumathy
Her smile enlivens, her  maturity

A deafening tap. it seems
the doors will give off. Velu.
who irons my sarees thunders in.
Enacts a dramatic greeting.

A pause, I return to the door
responding to a soft  knock.
one that is similar to a chirp.
gentle and subdued

My gardener Krishna walks proudly
carrying baskets of tomatoes,
 brinjals and cucumbers, happiness
writ large on his face,

Little later, the driver
barges in. His two-wheeler
hiccups, coughs, belches
before it comes to a stop,

Quick, he is at the door. before
 he could rap, I give the car keys,
 he salutes me in all attention
 a semblance of a military sepoy.

The day commences in a startle
 my assistants attend to their duties,
 I doze off peacefully, stacking my keys
under the pillow. A safety measure


Dining out is a taboo to me leave alone partaking foodwith cutlery.

I eat with my hands, if I ever visit,
n a restaurant, starred hotels.
where the tables are set.

Fork, spoon, knife

beside the plate remain

The joy of mixing rice
with broth and ghee,
rasam and papads,

curd and pickle. the curries

that go with them,
I experience a physical

connection, it is Vedas

Through the thumb comes space
Through the forefinger comes air
Through the mid-finger comes fire
Through the ring finger comes water
Through the pinky finger comes earth

The mind, body and spirit commune
with the food, sensing the temperature,
feeling the contents,  a consistent eating 


Above all, it is your hand,
mind you the right one,
that goes into your mouth
not the cutlery used by others.
Is it not hygienic, that way?


For That Matter

 Oh! I sleep  during the day.
Calls, duties take a
back step.  One of
deep slumber.

Oh! but for the night
dreams gnaw and sting 
present both pleasant
and terrible.

Those affable
relate to my childhood
where  my mother dominates
school and university glide past

The other places me
in a state, reminiscing
the hardships, loss

recalls the nightmares
anguish, fraudulence
I endured, making me half dead,
currently half asleep,

A kind of insomnia sets in
Unable to forgive
and forget, I move on
falling short of virtuosity

Revenge, I do not attempt.  
 as I could never be vicious,
That being the scenario  
  I turn vigilant the whole night.


Kinship I cherish

Thinking of the creatures around
as your own, talking to them often
listening to their sounds, I
differentiate a howl from a bark,
a tweet from a shrill cry,
a cheerful buzz from a monotonous hum.

The trees, grass and shrubs
 carry me to a world of pictorial
 grandeur, greenery of the meadows,
 bid me nearby.   Caressing the tuft
 I stand beneath a huge neem tree.
whose shade entices.  Losing balance
my feet stuck in the marshy terrain,  

I hold tight to the trunk, my palm
hurts as the rough exterior
bruises. Blood oozes. I wipe on the bark
red specs  stain the chocolate brown texture.
Experiencing a kinship with these  
 my life turns meaningful,
suffixing a liveliness that
extends grace.


Vruksha Puja

Watching a priest prostrating
 before a teak tree draped
in yellow silk, flowers and bells
are tied around making it look
like a bride.

The priest chant slokas,
calls the birds who flock to tweet
the squirrels come down to squeak
bees swarm buzzing, leaves rustle
the branches tweak.

With folded hands, the priest
seeks permission to fell the tree
from the inhabitants. Birds sing,

 squirrels chirp. bees hum, leaves flutter,
in delight,

sensing the cue
the wood cutters go near
place their hands on the trunk
pray and start work. The teak tree
will become the flagpole
of Sabarimala.

Tree falls down with pride.


Love As Passion

Taj Mahal,  an edifice
 proclaiming Shahjahan’s love
 for Mumtaz,

Queen Udayanati’s stepwell in Patan
honours her husband Kama
both are agelessly gorgeous

Love turns blind when
it assumes a noble role.

Creativity is gifted to few

The much-known Taj
 and the less familiar
 Stepwells are monuments,

timeless beauties which glorify
 love– a passion that surpasses
ordinary instincts and pleasures