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At Random —- Haiku

Night is still

it is a steep hill

an expensive bill.

IIrrelevant this sounds

encompass them without a bound

happens all around.

What is it?

it being a filed writ

nothing would fit.

definitions enthuse. meaning Poetry

The “S” Series.

A series on words

“S” being the first letter

had gone through for some time

the words are not conclusive

they be the ones that came to my mind

be important to me at the open

could seem trivial to others as they reopen

I dealt  with those qualities  at random

the merits and demerits  I fathom

the definitions  and meanings are vast

handled them with what little I know

certain of my interpretations found a welcome

others were not that much responsive

yet I continued with a stroke

have covered a small section without a break

could carry on with an enthuse

the poetic muse should enter my thoughts

enable me to go without any sought.

eulogise Poetry strength sullen

Solemn—— Stately As it Is

Solemn and sullen he is

attentive and focused he is

never a word out of context

never gets angered at the behest

a man of means and matter

talks not in a flatter

the man is of great strength

to him and  to his kin in length

could rely on him at times of need

not engages in extraneous deeds

thoughtful and helpful at all times

not do I eulogise him for any benefit

I know not him personally a bit

he is a person you can trust

does not leave anything to rust

hard to find such men and their calibre

he is one such who would take you across the river

solemn is the apt word to describe him

he who surfaces from the dim.

cinematic earth heaven Poetry Politics.

The Stars —-Through The Goggles

starsStar up above in the sky

make you look up high

you turn down in shy

the stars twinkle like a guy

a romantic state in the fly

they go behind the clouds

you call out to them aloud

they come out and rush back

you strain to find them in the track

your neck aches as you try hard

they play hide and seek in the card

you sigh and long for their sight

they appear suddenly bright

you feel delighted and happy

the stars had made you crappy.

be the heavenly stars as much

that of the world as such

we find the Hollywood

the Bollywood and Kollywood

parade with an ostentation

their noses in the air in a fashion

attired in  a gaudy, eye-catchy style

could be a pretext or  in a guile

yet they pull their crowd close

turn them mad in the course

a hero worship is on the move

well, it is crazy without a prove

an illustration of the stars on earth

a narrow reference of the cinematic ones

could extend to the political ones

the actors without a make do

promise and pronounce without any clue

they are the non-technical players

indulging in illicit dealings like liars

a cross section of people that cause a sway

power rules with an unmindful sense

causing a situation tense.

Life money. Poetry sensation

Save — Never Futile

Save in the “S” series

sets a great wave

a sensation with strength

a feeling without  strain

save the life

save the money

could be not different

might sound relevant

as life and money

do not fall into the category same

life is precious

lost could not be tracked back

it being a  sensitive one

a caution would be engaged

a life save is not fun at any cost

could result in a serious cast

a neglect could result in a danger

an over-indulgence could be a disaster

a moderation be the practice

a nature to help  should be the base

the thought and will could prove  worthy

exercised with love and care.

Save the money for the winter

a method adopted by our forefathers

spend a little save more

keep them safe for your needs

a teaching, age-old  all through

a precept not a practice as we know

followed with a diligence by every race

mindless of the caste and creed and the nations

saving money has been the traditional  walk through

setting aside a sum of money

kept at home or deposited in banks

well that is how the world goes through

a reserve for the future  has been the schedule

either in the micro and the macro

be it of the nation or the family as such

  1. Save is a word full of meaning and relevance.
honour integrity light Poetry Progress

Straight ———-Honourable

It is a straight

takes you right

it is a straight

makes you bright

it is a straight

lessens your fright

it is a straight

extends a light

it is a straight

lends you a height

it is a straight

extends a foresight

well, being straight

gives you a lot more right.

It is a line straight

displays a discipline right

It is a road straight

reduces the hassles right.

It is a figure straight

adds to the personality of a person right.

It is a move straight

shows you the way to progress right.

It is a thought straight

enlivens your inner self right.

It  is words straight

go in to talk about your integrity right.

Well, it is always straight

exalts you with honour right.

day glad light Poetry

Sad In A Shuttle

sadSad, an antithesis of glad

a shock leaves one sad

a loss makes one grieve

a feel very difficult to  believe

sadness leads to a deviation

you go into  a depression

sad is a part of life they say

never would that be I pray

the sun and  the moon appear all the same

day and night  go about in a game

good and bad exist in the same plane

rich and poor live in the same lane

sadness does enter at the unexpected time

places you in a not so rhythmic chime

happens to all you be not an exception

face it with a brave heart with no deception

overcome it with a stoicism in the go

tears would drown you in their flow

pour out your panic in full fledge

the heart becomes lighter  in a pledge

forget the episode as the days fly

sadness would leave you in a fly.

elegant Poetry simple sweet

Stylish –In The Saddle.

stylishBeing elegant as always

chiselled and swift in ways

a personality in a trend

stylish be it called

the one who is so

looks great in the go

pleasant and cool as  it is

subtle and strong be it a bliss

dressed  with no gaudiness

move with a tenderness

the eyes being kind

with no trace of evil in the find

the heart pure with no thoughts  ill

on the whole a being of no evil

comes like a gentle breeze

attired in clothes creased

speaks so sweet and with content

voice not raised at any context

firm and straight in the words

at any cost takes not the sword

a beautiful creation and an exalted human

stylish be the word to describe the man.

drama. poetry. Poetry politics

Satire—–In A Subtle

The political tease

pointing the mistakes in easesatire

bringing those down from the trees

who beautifully eat up the cheese

throw the crumbs in a, please

the excess they commit is  heinous

be it in administration very atrocious

so in the behaviour very dubious

the satire comes into the play

a subtle attack  does pay

as it cleverly flays

puts the concerned to shame

makes them very tame

turns them lame

the satire does a trick

not only in politics quick

goes into the others as well in a pick

literature abounds with satire

poems and dramas wear this attire

checks the aberrations without a tire

a form humorous and onerous as well.

beige paint Poetry

The Age Old Biege —- Steeped In Tradition

courtallamHouse becomes a home 

when you love it

grows aplomb

when you live in it

incites a lively roam

within it

the  attachment  towards home

increases bit by bit.

The home I live

a sprawling one  as such

is a lovely give

a gift from my mother with a touch

you might believe

she be too generous as much

she did not deceive

at least in this  too much.

Almost in it for  three decades and half

I have become one with it in all

the pleasant colours on the walls  laugh

they  come out with a reliable call

I look through the minute details with a cough

as I scrutinise the cracks on the wall

they be not magnified but small and not tough

I walk  past satisfied  in all.

It is time to paint the exterior and interior as well

I talk to myself  loudly

the paint has started to fade slowly in a tell

I reminisce rather faintly

the doors and windows need a refurbish as well

I jot down the fields diligently

it would cost me a fortune I recollect the past as well

I calculate the expenses rightly.

I think of the colours and themes

a good combination to work along

I do, redo and redeem

as if I am composing a song

it is a task  requiring a seam

a uniformity gradual not too long

I contemplate the whole day referring the themes

finally, strike  the age old Beige  as strong.

The theme would match my home so beautifully

being a structure where tradition  is the sequence

I mix and match the colour with my home carefully

work on the spot the pros and cons in a reference

the  building would appear stately

with the solemn hue all the more displays a reverence

the imperious reflection is intoxicating and lovely

the chosen colour would enhance its charm with a difference.

Settled now with the theme and colour in a stroke

I indulge in the cost calculation seriously

lest it should not beat me and initiate a broke

I enquire the dealers about the price immediately

with the quotes from the dealers in the note

I derive the expenditure swiftly

a refresh of the bank balance in a stroke

I decide to go for it squarely.

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