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How Fair We Are?

“I am the fairest of all “

Story of Snow White recall,

Fair you are,

In complexion and colour,

Are you fair in other?

Quoth the mirror?

Not to Snow white alone,

But   to everyone.

Snow white smiles affably

While we  grin peevishly,

She nods gently,

Whilst we shiver nervously,

She is fair all through,

But we are unfair  to the cue,

She sweeps across in pride,

When we weep over in deride,

Snow white is the fairest of all,

Is not a claim tall.!!

How fair  are you?

We do not have a clue.

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Will Age Stand By?

Only your parents will live for you,

But your  friend will  wait for you,

While your spouse will  go by you,

Mostly your children will   quicken you,

But ,will  your age stand by you?

As age waits for none

It transforms young one

Into a matured  run,

Again it transfers an old tone.

To the  greying prone.

As the clock strikes one,

The hours go by one,

While the morn  slides to none,

The day is counted as one.

Allowing  the intervals  to relish in  fun.

Days  add up to  make months twelve

Which again calculates the  year well,

Sensing a calculation  to swell,

The years  cast  a shell,

Causing an eventual  bell.

Lest we live along,

Forgetting the years long,

Measuring seriously a small furlong ,

Forgetting the miles before long,

That at end  will traduce a fallacious song.

Age runs s miles ahead,

Waiting for none to tread,

Marching ahead of  the thread.

Racing away from the blood,

Deceiving everyone like a flood.

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Residue Behind

What do you call residue?

Is it the sediment undue ?

Is it the leftover purview?

Is it the last deed review?


Thousands throng the mind,

Hundreds  cross the find.

Tens cover the hind,

Ones and twos  bind.



The lively  particles that remain,

In the  human brain,

Is called a  fine train,

Of thoughts and reign.



The  stain that sticks ,

In the receptacle quick

Is  called  a  stubborn  lick,

Of  colour and stink.



The river flows with ease,

Leaving the residue to tease,

The quick-witted move with grace,

Letting the ignorant  to trace.



There is a movement always,

In spite of the stifling ways,

There is a momentum thrice,

In place of inaction tries.


A forward push is most  welcome.

Leaving the residual laggards  home.

Thus bearing a  countenance of   aplomb

To befit a heroic outcome

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Solicitor Swears By Satan

I know a senior solicitor ,

Who is truly a navigator,

From the promising   oath,

Taken on the Bible.

He argues not in court,

But in hs official fort,

Reads the minds of clients,

Gleefully catches the ignorant



Listing out his daily calls,

He works out a clause,

As whom should he

Fool  the day.



He  summons the rich naive,

Speaks volumes of praise,

Flattering him to levels,

With  high praise and  distractions.




The clumsy  conceited   man,

Believes his words to the full,

Acts by wielding his strength,

Of unfair money and exclusive rights.




The solicitor designs schemes,

To deprive the  birthrights,

Of a sibling who honours ,

Truth and justice.



The two hand and glove,

Think that they are above,

Hoarding  other’s funds,

By deceit and manoeuver.




The solicitor and the ignorant,

Coaxed by false security,

Make a grand depository,

Of funds  not their own.




A professional cheat be he,

Swearing on the holy scriptures,

Wrongs each and every one,

Unaware of the final trial.




The last call is very near,

As the solicitor is in  his twilight ,

Wish he and his  pet  be thrashed by,

The  eventuality of destiny.


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Man And Animals

The nature of Man,

Is a bundle of thorn.

Pricking with animosity,

Prattling  with enmity,

Keeping  cordiality at bay.



The nature of animals,

Is a pack of formats,

Attacking with force

Nestling  with close,

Meeting a  decorum   both ways.



Man slips like a fish,

While fish swim steady,

Man betrays like a fox,

While  foxes  come out ready,

When the need  dawns



Man is like a snake,

Whilst the snake  stings,

While insisting safety

He  spews venom  at all,

Unmindful of the ignominy.




Man  and elephant  look,

Similar in emotions,

But  the elephant strikes mad  at times,

Man hurls and hits all times,

Establishing a  lunacy firm.



Animals express love,

In terms of truth,

Man disposes love,

In terms of falsities,

Exposing his gaudy  colour.



As he is  unfaithful,

Forgetting his donors,

Forgetful of the patronage,

Impulsive  and incorrigible,

Darning the veil of impertinence.

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Born As A Woman

Loathe being born as a woman,

As have to serve yeomen,

First to  obey the parents,

Second to  go behind the husband,

Third look after the children,

Best of all to  appease the society.



A woman is compared to a flower,

Soft, delicate and tender,

As a rough handle destroys the flower,

So a tough stand shatters the woman.

While  the flower loses its beauty,

The woman’s grace  vanishes mostly.




While her patience is misunderstood,

Her  sincerity is exploited,

As her slogging is made use of,

Her cry for recognition,

Is not taken care of.

Leaving her at man’s mercy.



She toils day in and day out,

Un mindful of her health,

Never paying attention to her welfare,

Always putting her family first ,

By stooping to low ebbs,

Granting a happy picture perfect.



Confined by limitations,

As she is from the weaker sex,

Restricted by the filial ties,

As she is governed by the family,

She untiringly goes about,

Thinking of nothing great.



Later her body crumbles due  to age,

Her legs wobble under pressure,

The hands present an awkward move,

While her face acquires a gaunt,

She  staggers along the way,

Awaiting the call of the day.

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Financial Security.

Security ,whatever it may be.

It is mortal’s chief enemy,

Quoth the bard Shakespeare,

Which sounds a genuine gear.



Macbeth’s lust  for power,

Made him work up a cover,

To   anoint himself,

As supreme self.


His abnormal desire,

Pushed him to the mire,

Making him a defunct puppet,

Dancing to his wife’s  trumpet.


Midas love for gold,

Is narrated to the fold,

He wished for the metal,

In all things his hands settle.



His extraordinary craving,

Found him in a most stupefying,

Post of turning all things go;d,

Inclusive of his child behold.




Man’s fear in finding,

A safe haven  binding,

To invest  the hard-earned  income

In a profitable  venture  whole some.



His  deliberation finds him.

In a state of  apprehension grim,

Sending him to seek security,

In every nook and corner gritty.


Unlike Macbeth the  usurper,,

Nor  like Midas , the referer,

This ordinary Man, the humble,

Should achieve his target simple.

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An Ode To The Sun

Oh!the sun is bright and shining.

As its rays  are  blinding,

While its  warmth is scorching,

It is totally burning.




Lo!The humidity experienced  is killing,

As the perspiration felt  is  exacting,

While the fatigue underwent  is stifling,

The thirst caused  is devastating.



Advancing into the torrid zone,

Bereft of a milder ozone,

Depriving the environ,

Of its assuaging Torrence.




The Sun plays an active role.

In deepening the parole,

Leading to a destructive  hole,

Over the earth’s soul.



Riding through the arid  desert,

The sweltering heat destroys the best,

That is least found in the crest,

Of the forbidden nest.



Crossing over a bridge  high and low,

Find a river devoid of a flow,

Posing a sandy glow,

That makes the heart slow.



There seems to  be a tepid temper,

Creating an arrogant terror,

Disquieting a possible leveler,

Bringing forth a terrible murder.


The unbearable heat and sweat,

Renders a style of fever and fret,

Calls for a turn and twist,

To end up the sulk and sordid.



Will the rain clouds gather?

To relieve an uneasy lather,

Thus bring about a sweet charmer ,

In the form of a gusty rain.





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This Way

Taking a road less traversed,

Is sometimes most frightful.

Going by a path most used,

Is all times less painful.



Not all times we can cross,

With much comfort,

Most times we have to pause,

With less effort.



Going over may look easy,

But it has its own fear,

Getting into may appear crazy,

But cause lot of tear.



Someone points this way,

We turn  with hope,

The other one cries that way,

We are off the slope.




How to take a decision?

Is a fancy many undergo,

Most come to a conclusion,

Saying it is right ho!



Still there are others,

Waiting to jump,

Cuddling in borrowed feathers,

Withholding  a desire plump.




It is this way,

We have to go,

Then go the way,

Along with the flow.

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Whom Should I address?

To whom should I talk bold?

As everyone has felt,

That lawyers argue lies,

Which earns  their  bites,

That doctors prescribe  fake

Which covers their  stake,

That teachers teach  nothing,

Which gets them something,

That engineers construct blank blocks,

Which brings them whole locks,

That goldsmiths make  not real gold,

Which increases their money multi fold,

That auto makers design flimsy,

Which brightens their fancy,

The bankers serve loan,

Which  multiplies their corpus known,

The grocer sells rot,

That finds him in a heavy lot,

The politicians  speak foul,

That gives them a great prowl,

The ones like me,

Know not to address whom?