The Wish


The unrest in the world
goes without a word
the disturbance exists
unable to resist
the governance staggers
new spark triggers
battle starts in no time
airplanes fall in a trend
innocent die in hundreds
old and young in the trend
apprehensive to fly to places
the Atlantic poses a danger in space
a route round the Pacific
turns expensive and terrific
security is the look out
Well, there should be a way-out.
Peace on earth and goodwill
should enter into the bill.
It is the wish of all in intensity
should happen with a passion.


Mortal’s Chief Enemy.

Security is mortal’s chief enemy.
It sounds provocative.
It is almost reactive.

Security is safety all the more.
With protection and watch in the surround
an invincibility builds all around.

The impenetrability is so intense
that the strength proposes no vulnerability
but shows a staunch reliability.quote-security-is-the-chief-enemy-of-mortals-william-shakespeare-351232
This is found in the apparent state
The overtures of safety do expose
loopholes that create an impose.

The sense of being safe and still
has a drawback very definite
with cross overs infinite.

The slight relaxation in the circuit
gives way to the open up
where riddles rush in a top up.

The extraordinary has its own defaults
where the extreme brings a trouble
that would end up in a bubble.

The confidence one begets
sometimes is beguiling
which results in a danger unforeseen.


Enjoyment And Security

The chatter of the monkeys was noisy.
The chirping of the birds was noisier.
The barking of dogs was the noisiest
The one making sounds incessantly being harmless
The second one tweeting in soft tunes
The last one grunting rather fiercely frightening all.
This being the noise around me all through
with the monkeys high up on the tree tops
coming down in a somersault
The birds playing in my backyard
pecking at the morsels of food left there.
The dogs of my neighbours standing behind the gate
guarding the portals from strangers with an alertness
These being the scenes around me most of the days
amidst the din and banter I live with no fear
as I have the monkeys looking at me from top
and the birds playing hide and seek in the garden
with them I have developed a companionship
Besides all these there are the dogs living adjacent
chasing away any stranger with one sharp growl
That be the enjoyment and the security I get altogether538px-Tobias_Stranover_-_A_Monkey,_a_Dog_and_Various_Birds_in_a_Landscape_-_WGA21874


Life Boat.

It is a big boat
a life saving boat
carrying people
at times of danger
and depositing them
in places of safety.
It stood there
on the shores
of a mighty ocean
in anticipation of storm
or any untoward incident.
The ocean was normal
flowing with tides calm
and the ships were moving
in strides safe
while there was a busy
thorough fare of business
and traffic
the harbour nearby
deftly handling
the transactions.
The life boat seemed
unnecessary at that juncture
but is a must
as none can predict
storms and turbulence
Curiously so in real life too
a security is essential
that should be handy
and keeping vigil at a vantage point
to avoid risks and disturbance
Security in the form of
cash monetary wise
and strong TitanicLifeboatWsupport to lean on.

Actions Experience Poem thoughts

House Secure

locked house. Locking up my house
shutting all doors and windows
setting the security alarm on
installing the surveillance camera
posting a guard outside
flew to different lands far and wide
enjoying the scenic vegetation
interacting with the natives
taking note of their architecture
and tasting the food of the alien land
As everything has to come to an end
returned home with revived cheer
Espying the normalcy and decorum
Opened the door happy to be back
Then flung the bedroom door ajar
found a fluffy white cat lying snugly
on my bed curled like a ball.
Disturbed by my entry she got up
walked past me coolly beguiling
the guard, the alarm, the camera
ridiculing all in one go.

Economy subscriptions thoughts

Financial Security.

Security ,whatever it may be.

It is mortal’s chief enemy,

Quoth the bard Shakespeare,

Which sounds a genuine gear.



Macbeth’s lust  for power,

Made him work up a cover,

To   anoint himself,

As supreme self.


His abnormal desire,

Pushed him to the mire,

Making him a defunct puppet,

Dancing to his wife’s  trumpet.


Midas love for gold,

Is narrated to the fold,

He wished for the metal,

In all things his hands settle.



His extraordinary craving,

Found him in a most stupefying,

Post of turning all things go;d,

Inclusive of his child behold.




Man’s fear in finding,

A safe haven  binding,

To invest  the hard-earned  income

In a profitable  venture  whole some.



His  deliberation finds him.

In a state of  apprehension grim,

Sending him to seek security,

In every nook and corner gritty.


Unlike Macbeth the  usurper,,

Nor  like Midas , the referer,

This ordinary Man, the humble,

Should achieve his target simple.