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A Rejuvenation

I keep wondering
all through as why
there is confrontation
in the world of human
as well as in the animal kingdom?
Could they not live in peace?

I go through an insightful
experience, placing
more or less on my own.
attributing to envy
to a larger extent. The other
major one being sustenance.

The lesser ones I see through
are love, competitions, greed
which reflect jealousy subtly.
Ensues combat, spite. contempt
in a span, so short, maximum
will stretch up to hundred years.

Siblings fight over property,
politicians over power,
martial conflicts rage
The ferocious animal kills
the docile for food. Terrorism,
shootings deliver devastation.

A kind of hard feeling,
a sensation of weakness
evolves, Discoveries, expeditions
being performed in myriad attempts.
Nothing is done to establish truce,
A rejuvenation has to take place.


A Manoeuvre

I go for a walk every evening
a ploy to keep my legs active.

Mine being a strange case,
able to walk in ease for half an hour.

Peculiar, being unable to stand
for more than quarter an hour.

I look at myself with a keenness
nowhere did I examine myself so close.

Neither obese, being for sure,
nor slender being true .

I have been active all through my years,
never an athlete for certain.

Did learn dancing for quiet a number of years,
very regular in my classes, that being an exercise.

Did cycling till I got married, going around the house,
never a champion for that matter.

Then came the family with three kids
days were not enough to take care of them.

In the milieu lost twenty years or so
entered the middle age all too soon.

Perfect cooperation from my all
my faculties. They synchronize seamlessly.

As I enter my fifties I feel the bite
harsh it turns, with a break down of my right knee.

I manage somehow with home remedies, spray,
pain killers and physio therapy.

Nothing gives me a permanent cure,
I have to live with wobbling legs,

I make a point to walk well over 2 kilometers
dragging my legs, at times I experience sharp pain.

The practice gives me comfort to an extent,
relieve the stiffness and make the legs supple.

This month I miss a lot as rains compete with me
every evening they come with a big bang.

Walking has become a habit, like drinking hot tea
every morning after breakfast.

It is being challenged by nature.
Oh ! no, my knees appear to ache.

All For A Dog

The dog next door
whines all day long.
The cry echoes sadness.

I peep through the wall
call the lady of the house
of the house. She is nowhere
to be seen.

The poor dog continues
his pining. Can he be hungry?
I throw a morsel of bread .
keeps away from the slice.

I do not know his name.
Try to console him, addressing
him as “Tiger”. He remains

He goes on with his weeping
intermittent ‘with snarling.
it turns unbearable.
creates a dismay.

Unable to stand anymore
I drive out intending to return
in the evening. Could find no
other way out.

Where to go? I deliberate.
How am I going to spend
the whole day? I really
do not know.

Karthigai Deepam

It is celebration every month
festivals being found
all through the year,
marks the schedule
of Hindu religion.

Some are elaborate,
others modest, the main
reason is to honour
God and thank him
for His generosity.

The famous temples
see large crowd in queue
while others not well known
witness very few

The chanting of mantras
follows the ceremony where milk,
curd, sandal,fruit juice,
honey are poured on the deity.
A ritual to please Gods.

This month it is karthigai
where oil lamps are lit,
the Gods come in a procession
adorned in silk decked
with ornaments,

The day being special
when Lord karthigeya
nurtured by six sisters
comes out of the pond
with six faces.

Crushed and packed charcoal
packed in coconut shells tied together
with ropes act as crackers
Strongly believed to destroy
the evil and bad thoughts.

Each festival has a distinctive
feature, when people gather,
pray to God in different ways.
Could be that you are getting closer
to God day by day,

Thiruvannamalai Karthigai Deepam

Habits of Very Few– Me Included

Being a vegetarian
is a pride in a special way.

Being a Tea Totaler
is still ore meritorious.

Being a nonsmoker
holds my head high.

Being a distinction
in this modern world.

I carry on as one
out of context.

I consider myself
as a great. human.

Behind my back
many condemn me.

Call me a miser.
My living is not stylish.

Being the perception
values differ with
different people.

Not That Division, Anyhow

Being one of a settlement
an amicable one, the siblings
refuse to solve the issue

That be of an understanding
the division according to tights
finds no light.

This is the way things happen
among the members of
this family.

They are different from the rest
where there is no room
for discussion.

Autocracy prevails. The problem
goes on and on. No resolution

Years pass. The siblings grow old.
Division does not take place.
Minds divide in elaborate dimensions.

A Moon Walk

Moon is being pursued nonstop.
Armstrong set foot first.
others followed.

Countries relentlessly
send expeditions,
spend enormous money.

A technological experiment
none the less do not work
for the betterment of society.

Egoistic,those who participate
want to go beyond
surpass the other.

The competitors ignore
poverty in their region,
neglect child deaths.

It is wholly euphemistic’.
unrelated to mankind,
irrelevant at any period.