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A lover of classical Carnatic music. An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

Called as “Vellai Sali Achi”

Grandmother known for her principles
more so for her resilience
lived a life of an aesthetic
unmindful of criticisms and jibes
dubbing her as a recluse.

She, in her late fifties,
mother of six children, needed
none to take care of financially.
goes to her ancestral home, once
grandfather passed away,

From then she remained isolated,
Contains her interaction,
Primarily her daughters
visit her. Follows her time
schedule precisely

She lived likewise for
twenty more years,
never gets out of the house,
sees the world through the big
windows and wide open doors,

She was not susceptible to virus
nor to any ailments.
Her house, garden, staff and cows
comprised her world. Never did she
participated in weddings, funerals.

That sort of life
keeping a distance
while residing in a cluster
is amazing. If only everyone
looks at life from the same angle?

no deadly virus will besiege,
the place will become
a haven of peace.

In A child’s Day

A sharp rebuff
during dinner time
between an adult
and a girl of five,
father and daughter
leaves one shocked.

The kid’s reply
bears no ill will,
a childish plea
for a sugary one
receives a pungent
retort from the adult.

The girl breaks down ,
sobs uncontrollably,
the man continues
without any mercy,
unable to bear anymore
those others present
walk away.

Pity the little girl
who is in tears,
a while later
see her smile
nudging her dad.
The stuff children
are made off.

Daring Stillness

The seven days pass
with the sun doing its duty
more than required,

shining with a scorch
sweltering , burning
with a vigour,

Nothing much to do
I relax with a book
reading the pages,

I am unable to get involved
as exhaustion grips. eyes close
in a slumber.

The cook fearing the epidemic
has gone home,as public transports
cease to ply the rest remain at home.

Doors are locked, no milkman,
newspaper vendor, or postman
to sou d the bell,

the house remains quiet.
while the silence is turns
into an uneasiness,

the withdrawals propose
a scare not experienced
for centuries.

War and its atrocities,
agitation and unruliness
create a furore,

the spread of a virus
a health hazard terrible
leaves the world in chaos.

Back To The Pandemic

Congregations of kind
bring out a consensus
one of enlightenment,
that of a revelation,
propose a lead,
a belief all so long.

Recent assembling
major one of a religion
turns a night mare
that of an affectation
inflicting a virus deadly,
contagious all too soon.

The world faces a scare,
an eventuality loaded with risk,
feels apprehensive of the spread,
breathes heavy literally
panting with disbelief
a metaphorical allusion,

owing allegiance to the virus.
While the world looks
through the windows,
Corona runs a marathon
breaking barriers,
penetrating barricades,
causing death.

A Plea

Monuments speak of details
the times they were built,
those who constructed,
the architecture adopted.

Conservation of these
throws light on the culture,
that of the materials,
on the engineering precision,

Loaded with content
they are attractions,a feast
to the eye.s serve as a reservoir
to the questioning.

The seven wonders of the world
notify the nuances, so do
many of the unknown
and less frequented,

many such lie in the dark’
more or less in ruins
funded with marvels
hard to copy

A momentum is to be activated
to redeem and restore the marvels.
A coordinated effort of connoisseurs
and wealthy will resume their glory

A Cause For Concern

It is how they do
the one or the other
nominate, second
and compete,

that way turns the tussle
with dearth of entries
withdrawal of members
from contributing,

an unexpected situation
exposing less interest,
lesser understanding,
an unfriendly attitude,

these seen in a micro location,
in course, will extend
to the macro, resulting
to a closure of avenues,

a phenomenon found
in mega levels, pushing
literary ambitions to nadir
one cause for concern.

My Research

Finding an analogue
an interesting one,
pertaining to the species
in general, i turn curious.

While man seemingly
locks him down by choice
or force, birds,
insects, and reptiles

happily roam undeterred
by the epidemic or pandemic
spreading with a violence.

making thousands sick,
hundreds die, and millions fear,
viewed as a parody

by the other occupants
who do not fall
a prey to greed,

man devours the fecundity
Nature strikes back
on those who harm her,
extend a largesse
to those who remain
calm and loving,

a lesson taught
now and then,
never once heeded,