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Doing Something Worth The Nothing

My friends ask
“What do you do?”
I smile.

It is been not once.
I want to ask them
“What do you want me to do”?

They continue their questionnaire
“How do you spend time in a small town”?
I laugh.

It has been on several occasions.
I wish to question them
“Small or big, does it matter”?

They do not stop the interrogation.They go.
“Why not you come out with your schedule”?
I burst out laughing.

If I reveal my itinerary, they would be shocked.
What is my time table? The first time, I think of it.
How to draw reliable programmes?

I google. I research. I seek help from software technology.
Nowhere, could I find my pursuit. I spend the whole week.
It strikes the chord. This is the way I spend time.

Doing something worthy of nothing.

Drama In Governance.

The drama in governance
vying for power is witnessed. There is
shouting, grabbing, hurling at each other.

One leader comes out,
with a shirt torn. The other
falls down bleeding. A floor test is being conducted.

The opposition is evicted. Those who demand
secret balloting are expelled. The test takes place.
The winner is the one who paid most.

Atrocious claim the people. Their mind rebels.
It is the calibre that accounts. The legislators
are tea shop vendors and small time shoppers.

What much can we expect from such?
A deliberation that is keeping no mind at rest.
An awareness that is late.being for the good as ever.

Power makes one a devil. He starts loving authority
Money turns the other into a satan.– the one turns a Midas.
With these in excess, he loses his humanitarian qualities.

No business flourishes as politics. A Video shop owner turns a billionaire.
A tea shop vendor has a few billion less. All in a matter of a decade.

The rest follow.  Count the currency for each and every deal.

A hypothesis that works.

It is a no investment business with enormous revenue.
A black letter day in the annals of Tamilnadu, a state in India.
It is one of the advanced states in the country. Its people are educated.
Imagine the plight of the other states in the Indian Union.

The Four Wonders Of Sevag

Sevag builds, an exercise,
he has been doing for years.

His maiden attempt
a hall at the back of the house.
He minimised the expenditure
an extension resting on the compound wall
a lengthy one with a width of 10 feet
roof being tiled with old ones bought cheap
stand clumsy and shabby with coarse flooring
an evidence of his architectural skill.

The next one was a commercial
being in a narrow street
where people can walk easily
while cars could go in with difficulty.
Nothing much worthy there.

The second one is his own house
located on the dead end of the street
little crooked and prosaic.
Proposes certain decorations on the ceiling
merge not with the ambience
nevertheless, could be termed as a shelter.

The latest one is a house in his place
the land being in length with less of a width
has two windows high above
with the porch of glass.
Stands tall.
Looks like a skinny man with scant flesh
Presents a gaunt appearance.

He takes pride in his skill.
Talks about his money and material.
Tells that he has spent millions.
People listen to him in awe.
Fortunate to have a coterie around
who nod their head bold.

He might indulge in many such constructions.
His place would commemorate his acumen.
Like those of the seven wonders of the world.

I see him walk with a peculiar gait.




Mona –A Classicist.

It is Mona’s style
a beautiful one
a braided hair
with three plaits
very well done
could see not a hair out
nor a form out of mark.

Her costume distinct
a pleated skirt long
modest and attractive
the colour in pastel pink
along with a matching blouse
long sleeved and simple
adds to her charm.

She is nimble-footed
elegant in her walk
makes the least sound
as she glides through
with a twinkle in her eyes
and a smile bewitching
seems like an angel.

Mona is an ethereal beauty
different from the prevalent theory
of a fair skin, tall and bony.
She is in a plane higher still
elegant and majestic in her stride
one who commands reverence
a classicist among the mundane.

The Unknown Flight

A cry deep down
heard by none
felt by one
being a call in anguish
perhaps, a plea to save.

A growth phenomenal
unseen though
a minute sperm
merges with another
starts its journey.

The sperm being an egg
turns big like a small mango
becomes known as a fetus
breathes in life in the course
exercises its limbs.

It moves around the sac of fluid
hears the noise around
recognises the mother’s voice
waits for the day in anxiety
when it would rest in its mother’s bosom.

A jolt from the blue
the fetus suffers
a man made one
an ejection medically
it lies on the table
fighting for breath.

It longs for its mama’s fondling
at least a last hold
it would be not so
as it is removed in a hurry
down into the trash.

The flight into the unfathomable.

Travel Ban

The spread of religions
inspires and induces the land for centuries.

A transformation takes place being
a turn off from the previous faith.

As found,

Traders travel in search of fortunes.
To pray and celebrate they set up their Gods.
Churches, temples, mosques and viharas
whichever is appropriate are erected.

A kind of orientation takes place.
Conversion is on the anvil. Could be
out of compulsion or will.

it is the poor who succumb to conversions.

The differences arise in course of time,
Feuds and skirmishes interrupt the daily life.
Man enslaves man. Revolution is sporadic.

Bloodshed, death and disaster are rampant.
Terrorism is born. The distinction becomes discriminatory.
Governance is in jeopardy.

The man at the helm imposes a travel ban.
Restricts entry of people of certain nations.
Chaos prevails. Litigation follows. Legality refrains.

A scenario seen in recent times.
The nation which suppressed the communities
for its benefits is at the receiving end.

It is as  the Bible quoths,
“As you sow, so shall you reap.”

Worried I Am

My worries seem unfounded.
I am disturbed. I turn, flip.
I get up in fright.

Of late, my subconscious mind is at work.
Waking up the middle of the night.
I cry, “Oh, I have to do my homework,
it is only half done”

I rush to my work table. My table is clean.
No exercise lies unfinished”
Have I misplaced them”

I sit confused.  Soon realisation dawns.
School! I exclaim. I look at myself.
A wry smile emanates. I am old.
Reconciling to my status,
I retire to my bed.

A situation that intrigues me quite often.
My mind compares. The sensitive schoolgoer of yesteryears
with the unwitty woman at present,

“Do not drag”‘ my mind signals.
“Perform or perish”, It commands. I understand,
I have unfinished duties that are to be accomplished
before I go to sleep.

Meenie’s Husband’s Seventieth Birthday.

It is Meenie on the move
involved in the celebrations
being her husband’s birthday.

He being not a young chap
has lived seven decades
and three years more.

Meenie calls it as seventieth. Perhaps she
wishes her hubby to be younger
by a full three years. Not much of a difference, anyway.

She invites and distributes gifts to all her kith.
The invitation boasts of culinary dishes
from Burma, Indo-china and Sri Lanka.

I expected chefs from these countries
would fly to her place and prepare the food.
I could see none of them on that day.

She plays host with pride.
It is remarkable.  I feel in a sense.
She forgot a family en mass- four “pullis”( numbers)
as they call in her community.  None would dare do it.

The family is one of some standing
not a mean one to forget.

A month later, her game is out.
Meenie’s design is exposed. Many around come to know.
Having done it with a deceit in mind, she covers saying
the handy epithet. ” I forgot”.

The family pays attention. Not for the gift
which has no great monetary value. It minds
the significance, being one.of a recognition.

Meenie calls the lady of the family.
Tells she has done a mistake.
She did not know, where to give the gifts.

The lady curtly replied,
“It is all over. Do not bother, I will not accept.
I do not live in the pavement.
I reside in a house which has an address.

We will likewise, not count
the three”pullis” of your family.
That is the end. No more of it. ”

The humiliation she hurled
has returned with a force.

Realms Of The Heart

It is a look inward
an endoscope of the mind
seeing what lies deep.

The deeper it travels
the more it is invasive
an unravelling of the unfathomable.

Did I really get into?
I deliberate as the hours pass
feel there is much more beneath.

How many untold experiences
lie in the realms of the heart?
Will I be able to retrieve?

The anger that dissolved
the grief that diffused
the happiness that lay buried.

All of them spurts out
I am precarious and foreboding
I wish they remain where they are.

Let them amalgamate with the infinity.
Let them decimate and die.
Let them remain untold .