A Slice

 Carefree and smiling  
 facing zero  impediments 
 at any moment,

Schooling done easy 
University being  facile
the outlook of life

brings in splendour,
happiness being 
the be all and end all.

Marriage follows, as is the 
tradition, with that heavy
responsibilities stream in.

Experiencing a cultural 
upheaval,  my enthusiasm 
dies all too soon.

Demands at  every corner, 
diffidence  always in sight 
forces a metamorphosis 
 forces a  metamorphosis.

I relinquish my endearing nature
 Did I become a shrew?
No, not exactly.

I count every penny,
weigh every turn of events,
think, think to the power of n.

Losing the spontaneity. I am overloaded
 carry a bundle of contradictions with
 a parcel of  contemplation.

Life has treated me  harsh.
My smile lives with me prescribing
 atypical connotations at  various stages.


Dimensions In Charity

Charity is  kind of help
which expects no reward.
being the belief  which 
all of us seem to be  familiar.

It is a right  about turn 
where philanthropy 
circumvents on transactions
a means to earn revenue.

Capitation, payment for appointments,
 extracurricular fees run into millions
in educational institutions, virtually
the foundation  that runs them grows fat.

When a time arises for support
 these come forward with donations
 either in kind or cash,all too liberally
signifying a large heartedness.

Instances of such extensions 
 flash in media creating  a batch of messiahs.
Those being concerned about society 
and its  misery,    


Loose Jacket

As days go by
the internal part  locks 
nerves  become stiff
bones  rigid,
joints twist,
muscles  inert,

while the exterior
loosens in a gusto..
sagging skin surfaces.
eyes droop. in fatigue,
teeth fall, in succession,
expansion pronounced

in the middle,
ears remain intact,
marked by diminished hearing,
 intra ocular lens get fitted to the eyes
 can find  the frozen internal  clothed  
 in an unfitting  over sized  jacket.

Someone bellows.
“there walks an aged human
masked with falsities”.


The Fundamentals

Two times ten
calls the teacher
20 comes the answer.

The arithmetical tables
from two to sixteen
practised in earnest.

A routine in the school
where recitations of tables,
spelling tests carried significance.

Trained with an eye on perfection
In school, I gained mastery
and never go wrong in either.

The basics were dinned
into the little heads
they stay till one lives.


A Visionary

The huge mass of a being
 behaves with a discipline 
year in and year out.

The one which spreads across
 extends a shelter, a kind of  support,
 to the passer by.

She sings with the wind, whistles 
when gentle, roars when fierce,
flexible as she could be.

Designing a carpet in appearance
 yellowish in  hue. during  mid February
 significant of an yearly occurrence.  

Come May, the creamy tiny flakes.
 lie like  a mantle over the terrain.
resemble an embroidered bed spread.
An aroma fills the air.
The bulb like speckles
some green  being unripe

others yellow fully grown
drop one by one in late July
then in two’s, three’s, in clusters 

 let out a pungent smell.
Bees and insects  suck the juice,
an army of  fleas emerge  in quick.

All from the great Neem  Tree.
Predominantly  cyclical it happens. 
never missed out  even erroneously.


One Door Closes

Monsoon has arrived.
 Lot of wet spells on the anvil.
 Cultivation commences.

it is on time,
not like the years before
when it failed  bitterly.

This year summer turned 
pleasant, unusual of it.
Mercury did not rise high.

A proven delight about to unfold
collapses miserably as the evil 
hands of pandemic props out.

Eyeing a devastation Nature
 extends a bounteous solace.
 True, if one door closes, the other opens.


Into The Depths

Wind blows strong with a roar,
Coconuts fall on the roof, thud thud
it goes, setting the heart to pound.

Unusual of the Sun. It is 4
in the evening. Darkness casts
in full fledge, Down goes the Sun,

Could this be a bad omen?
Is the world going to end?
The throb induces a palpitation.

[i]Lub [/i]a [i]dub [/i]beats the heart
Mild pain radiates through the arm
travels to the wrist.

Pressure accelerates,
resting the head on a raised
pillow, I look around,

Every other thing is in place,
ceiling fan, lights, consoles
remain unscathed. it is only me.

Sun is up again,
wind has ceased,
So do I. Fig like I turn
strong and cheerful


Et Voila The Unphotographable

Pictures  of  people, smiling
 proud  of their might, 
 handing over cash, 
bank drafts, oxygen 
cylinders, concentrators,
food, gloves, masks, 
PPE kit, 

The overly rich have access 
to the top brass. immaculately 
dressed not forgetting to wear  
masks  rob the limelight 
with a fat package,

The second rung 
 hand over cash 
and kind to the  District 
Administrators. I presume  
the schedules to  be 
less heavy.

The Deputy officers 
receive from the third 
strata, must be  minimal
 say in thousands, Cameras 
capture the grin and pride
 of the giver.  

I think of the Doctors, 
Nurses, Drivers, Technicians, 
and the workers  in the graveyard.
pledging  their life,, toiling 
to revive the afflicted.

Their family  is  in  constant fear,  
death looms large, Sleepless eyes, 
aching arms, wry smiles,  go


Mixed Feelings

As a girl, I thought 
I am non pareil, a heir
to a prosperous  businessman.

Still more, felt elated 
to be a child of a talented 
rich lady

I grew up  in splendour
under strict inspection
 impossible to deviate.

Prescriptions were set
schedules fixed, clothes 
starched and ironed,

outfits being traditional,
long skirts while young,
cotton sarees while as a girl.

Tutors came in the evening,
vocal, dance and playing 
on veena, every alternate day,

Routine I could never escape.
I went  to school with 
a tight single plait, 

a string of flowers
pinned to the hair,
a red round kum kum 

bhindi on the center 
of the forehead,  
were trademarks 

which identified me through 
school and university,  extend 
to this day with a minor change.

My  peppery hair has gone up 
in the form of a tiny bun like knot,
while my gait has altered marginally.

A slow walk  with an oscillation
to balance my aching knees,
has  assumed a dominance.

I hear a call from far,
” Amma, wait,  I have come
 to drive you back home.”

I have walked a kilometer
from my house,  thinking 
of the past and the present.
No thought of future for now


Tough Lady

The adjective tough
been attributed to me
by a relation some years back
remains evergreen in memory.

What made her say so?
 I wonder, involving a  contextual 
deliberation, till date 
could not find an answer.

Am I a miser? I introspect.
 or do I look  fierce? 
 Does she find my quietude 
 tough? I research  seriously.

Bringing  in various propositions 
 proportion, equations, I try to solve.
The answers, I derive,  are not finite.
I repeat the word tough hundred and one times.

This epithet leaves me bothering,
 I turn restless. My indignation
 settles for the present.  It will surface 
with added chagrin  soon.