My Research

Finding an analogue
an interesting one,
pertaining to the species
in general, i turn curious.

While man seemingly
locks him down by choice
or force, birds,
insects, and reptiles

happily roam undeterred
by the epidemic or pandemic
spreading with a violence.

making thousands sick,
hundreds die, and millions fear,
viewed as a parody

by the other occupants
who do not fall
a prey to greed,

man devours the fecundity
Nature strikes back
on those who harm her,
extend a largesse
to those who remain
calm and loving,

a lesson taught
now and then,
never once heeded,


The Spirit To Conquer — Ahimsa

has been a part of us
all through, no matter
whatever it is,
be an argument,
a controversy, a war.

The ongoing spread
a mysterious virus
emanating from China
attacks the world
with unknown strength.

Baffled in a sense,
shocked to the core
with fear writ large
the world turns desperate,
experience an uneasiness,

exists for a short time,
undaunted races of different origin
rise up with a determination
to combat the deadly spread,
an unexpected process takes wings,

the countries go for a lock down,
absolute isolation, keeping off
from the roads, from the sky,
living at home, become a code of choice,
could be one of compulsion too.

This weapon, similar to ahimsa
not harming anyone, one of self discipline,
creates a platform for the battle
against Corona virus, A kind of immolation,
where the self is offered as a sacrifice.

While the medical world researches
the invincible mind takes the cudgels
finds ways and means, manoeuvres,
negotiates turns and curves, desirous
to conquer. We will, for sure!


The Lock Down

through the world
placing a quarter
in isolation, unheard of
in recent times.
Stay at home, stay safe
the mantra keep
us in fear.Unwise of us
to break the rule, toe with
the order to lead a life
laid back.

The twenty one day curfew
with only essentials on board,
vehicular traffic turns a skeleton,
The order is of a significance
worthy and one of great merit.
if not for the scare it causes.
The outgoing people
find strange to be indoors.
No way to escape.

The world counts the days
One day gone they say
with a sigh. Likewise
the rest of the days will unfold
and close. Endurance is
a virtue.Conquering the virus
is the need of the hour.
Let us march towards the goal
with renewed vigour and determination.


The Way The World Goes

Living in a world of make believe
we think great of ourselves’

Life is rosy and lovely,
secure and safe.

So revolves the world
with fun and frolic.

provoking Nature,
which breaks out impacting

in different forms, disease,
floods, and storm,

creates a jerk, the entire
community goes berserk,

men turn pious, become health
freaks as fear grips.

Time in and time out
such eventualities,

restore sanity
in all of us,

it is time being’ soon
we get back to the old ways,

The world moves on,
unmindful, through centuries.


I Go Wrong

I turn sleepy
at odd times,
one of a latest development

The hot weather
adds more to my exhaustion,
I lie down on the floor.

Slumber overtakes me
in the morning, I push the
Carom board a little aside.

Down it falls with a crash
making the household
stand in shock,

I lift the board,
my spouse, not unusual
turns mad, this time with a reason,

I did not notice breakage
my better half swore
the board has broken.

It came true as the impact
has been heavy, only in the evening
I noticed the damage.

I am at the receiving end
as accusations are hurled
A board which had stood times
needs to be repaired.



The Indian Way

it is a return
a turn back.

To the past
to the customary,

we go in haste,
to save our lives.

The age old principles
based on research,

instruct us to wash hands
before eating,

tell us to scrub the feet
before entering,

the simple habits
kept us in good stead,

in our pursuit to follow
western culture

we resort to footwear,
unsuitable to our weather,

eating with hands
turns a shame,

Physical touch in public
places was not seen,

a greet by folding hands
lent grace.

Wellness depends
on the speedy return

to the traditions, the Indian way,
I cry with nostalgia


I Have Many Followers

It looks as though
the world follows me.

The social distancing
Is not new to me.

Living in my home always
gives me pleasure.

Meeting people
is not my slice of life,

I restrain dining out,
eat home made food.

I have been teased
by all as a recluse.

Those who spend time
in interaction and shopping.

say, ” I am strange,
a being rare.

Certain others think
lowly of my status,

Of late, keeping away
has become essential.

Eat food prepared
at home is the new rule

“Stay indoors”, is
the mantra that goes ringing

Delighted I am to see
the world behind me,


The Lowly

Hunting for river sand
tracing for water
turns me mad.

The no value commodities
have shot up sky high,
baffling me almost.

Gold and silver shine
with a blindfold sparkle
a sensation, on the other side

these two lack luster
seem lowly, all the same exhibit
an expensive grandeur,

Unprecedented. I explore
their availability. plead

The efforts I put in
tire me out. I go
with renewed vigour.

Sand and Water
the one sandy.
the other colourless

tell us that humility
commands a price
undemanding in assumption


The Journey

The journey extends
goes on and on
do not know
when ot would end.

The destination
is within reach,
if done in earnest
could reach soon.

The distractions
prolong the travel,
a stop here and a halt
there makes it longer.

it is difficult to complete
in one shot, I focus
on my target and move

One or the other interrupts
I pause for a while
by the time the hours fly
the process goes beyond,

I continue with hope,
the goal is not far,
quite near.I have reached


It Is Unprecedented

The love of the children
knows no distinctions.
It is but one crystal like
transparent as it overflows.

Love knows no bounds
reaches the highest level
a superior status
none can envisage.

The children of mine,
rather the grand children
lend such affection
I remain dumbfounded,

no word to explain
my words fail to express.
Bounteous,I should say
seems to me a mild expression.

I give nothing special to them
no gifts, no extraordinary
deal. Do not know
why they love me?