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A Pinch,A Bite, A Seize.

An  inch given  liberally directs to  a  yard taken forcefully

A slight  relaxation  in principles leads to a violent sweep,

A  little mistake  in calculations brings out a huge lapse,

A  careless slip  in driving renders a ghastly accident,

As always small becomes big while  big assumes a monstrous  sight

So it goes a tiny pinch rolls out a sizeable bite which reinforces an amazing  seize.



Down Goes Everything.

Down goes the gold price,

Down goes the silver price,

Down goes the oil price,

Down goes the stock price,

Inflation alone  goes  directly up commonly.


It is something very peculiar,

It is something very puzzling,

It is something very unnerving,

It is something very touchy,

Inflation alone goes rightly  up undisturbed.



The economy of U.S .is bewildering,

The economy of Greece is dwindling,

The economy of U.S is  masquerading,

The economy of India is depleting,

Inflation alone goes firmly  up  altogether


There is a whirlwind in some parts,

There is a storm in certain areas,

There is a flood in a particular place,

There is an earthquake in a specific territory,

Inflation alone goes steadily up everywhere.





Bubbles of gas jump out  with joy,

A pop sound bursts out in a coy,

Making a fizzle and a drizzle,

Over the face in a close nestle.


The fuming liquor murmurs awhile,

Frothing in the surface with a travail,

Shooting up in a quixotic rush,

Settling down with an almost silent hush.


Likewise the mind jostles in mad  enthusiasm.

Overwhelming the expressions with a pointed schism,

Galloping in a quickened  trotting  movement,

Living in a world of dream and entertainment.


The bewilderment lasts for a temporary phase,

The enchantment fades off in an effusive trace,

Revelling in a state of heavenly ecstasy,

Subsiding to a trend of subdued frenzy.



Pop goes the gas with a start,

Down ,down does it get down in a dart,

Hurrah cries the heart in the start,

Lo!Lo! does it slips down in a blot.



Fragrance -Both Ways

Red roses and yellow  poppies toss in the air,

The white jasmine and pink lotus dazzle over,

The wet green grass and the  hedges shine across,

A pleasant fragrance slides and engulfs the environ.


The Camphor trees and Benzoin trees stand erect,

The Mango and Neem trees spread their branches,

The Coconut and Palmyra tree grow upright,

A scintillating fragrance flips out and embraces the environ.


The atmosphere thus weighs heavily with aroma,

Pleasing the nostrils  and embalming the mind,

Rejuvenating the spirit and  filling up the heart,

The fragrance brings  out a significant joy.


Smoke from vehicles and fire cling close,

Dust and fumes create a suffocating choke,

Bothering the lungs and the respiratory track,

A carbon emission   that needs to be condemned.


Modern trend is to inhale impure air,

Trees ,flowers and hedges are relics of the past,

The pale dry brown has overwhelmed the lively shining green,

Paving way to a stifling ,strangling disaster.







A Shrine

A temple far away from the crowd,

Very much away from the bustle,

Much ahead of our times,

Nestles in a serene village,

Surrounded by paddy fields,

Green to the utmost,

Quiet to the foremost,

Celestial to the uppermost,

Divine and distinct to note,

Delicate and exclusive  to admire,

Embellished by simplicity,

Adorned by faith,

Decorated by piety,

The lords reside in royalty,

Expressing a warm sunny smile,

Exuding a benign spirituality,

Endorsing a fine tranquillity,

Enlivening the devotees with charm,

Enthralling them with ecstasy,

Inspiring them to revel,

Inducing them to celebrate ,

Instilling in them a feeling,

Of love and affection,

Of kindness and compassion,

Thus unifying them with infinity.

A Revision

History  is a  fine study,

Teaching us to be savvy,

Alerting us to be awry,

Leading us to glory.


Revising may be   a  terrible bore,

Though it directs us to the core,

It transacts the past more and more,

Revitalising the present  to the fore.


Revisiting the past is dreaded by all,

Recycling the waste is gaining a call,

Reusing the water is the newest  ball,

Ensuing a spirited move really tall.



Revisions go ahead of all venues,

Promising supportive rescues

They bring out lucrative revenues,

Foretelling   a cordial bien-venue  




















Oh My Dear!

I am very tired

Oh my dear!

I need rest

Oh my dear!

Will I get it ?

Oh my dear!,

I know not how?

Oh my dear!

When will I get peace?

Oh my dear!

I wish to sleep,

Oh my dear!

Let slumber embrace me,

Oh my dear!

Let me not wake up,

Oh my dear!

Let me ebb into eternity ,

Oh my dear!

Un noticed, Unsung,Un honoured ,

Oh my dear!

Not to be born again,

Oh my dear!

Will you grant me?

Oh my dear!

Please you should,

Oh my dear!

With warm regards ,

To you my dear!