hurt Poetry

Man Is Incorrigible.

The place opposite to my house
once had monkeys in the most
the space now is a repair shop
thought no monkeys would hop
I am proved wrong now
as I see them dancing in a flow
they used to hop and stop on trees
now they do so on bars very free
the trees had been felledtrees felled atrociously
the monkeys cast their spell mischievously
that be the ruin of Nature by man
he does much harm as much as he can


The Song I Hear.

27335087-a-bare-tree-amidst-greeneryThe day is beautiful

intermittent showers

the demure sunlight

a cool breeze enthrall

all set to entice

I hear a music

comes not from anywhere

but from myself

a song of my life

hums in my ears

the notes go up and down

expressing the joy with a gusto

intimating the sadness with a feel

synchronising the glory in cheer

reflecting on the losses in grim

the high intonations with melody

merge with the low notations  softly

the song goes on for hours

my eyes become moist

wiping them gently

I stare in front of me

 the greenery bewitches 

the bare trees  devastate.



The environment as such
only few trees in bunch
no other greenery around
trees too very old in the round
proposebrook without water a sordid outlook
by the side of a brook
with very little water
no birds to chatter
looks so desolate and dull
seems like a murder in all
with no life around in the call.


My Morning Dessert.

Thee morning walk round my house
an half an hour it would be
a stroll under the canopy of trees
they be mango,chikku, jackfruit
along with asoka,gooseberry,naaval pazham
while around the house on all sides
there be a score of coconut palms
tall and lanky with nuts on the top
it is a little oasis amidst the concrete desert
I go about in a relaxed way
as I have noting imminent to do so to say
pick up the small black berry like fruits
called naval pazhamnaaval pazham in my part of the world
look like big beads indigo in colour
shine in the morning sun like black beauty
they depict a pictorial phase
as they lie there on the brown ground
some half bitten and some with no flesh
gnawed and chewed by the birds and squirrels
while I collect I cross many of them
they stare at me in anger and apprehension
my domestic staff look at me with a grudge
as I gather the fruits diligently
collect them in a vessel
wash them with care not once but twice
to remove the sand on them
that lie profusely on their skin
garnish the fruits with little salt
set them aside for half an hour
the berries would absorb the salt so well
they would serve me as a dessert
the taste is beyond expression
salty and delicious all the more
with a lot of iron hidden
I eat one by one with ease
a happiness I derive not elsewhere.


The Dull

The dull weather around

little sun and little warmth

very sultry at times

humid all through

calls for a walk around

Walk to the aisle

stand there for a moment

look across the garden

that seems duller still

leaves droop and grass dry.

Return to the patio

sit there with a book

peruse the pages

they appear dullest of all

push the book away .

Lie down on the bed

eyes stuck to the roof

a picture traverses the mind

very prosaic and uninteresting

slumber escapes in a way.

The dull I say

abounds and overwhelms

sadness descends slowly

know not why it happens?

an uneasiness prevails all day.



The Beginning and End.

The beginning of the day

marked with cheer and rigour

ends up in the evening

with a serene  feel and tired mind.


Every beginning starts with mirth

concluding with a misty exhaustion.

The wear and tear throughout

sucks our energy and liveliness .


The day is not exclusive

it being found in human experience too

with the youth  are always thriving

the  aged mostly  fall into decreasing strive.


The years of toil and experience

grant a wisdom and sobriety

they too greatly bring in

a fatigue and lethargy.


The sparkle and shine gradually fade

leaving a care and share in the go

lit with an overwhelming concern

accompanied by a consideration .


This is the way everything goes

that be of day and human

could that be to animals and trees

also found in culture tumblr_mdr6b4KBp21qj6q5yo1_1280 and civilization






The Mind Garden

The garden  over there  being revamped

with weeds and unwanted plants being pulled

branches overstretched being cut

the garden seemed to acquire  a new look

while new varieties of plants planted  in rows

with a make do fully with a swing  and speed

the garden became a splendour over night.


Being done with great effort  and care

the people around enjoyed every stretch

with flowers sprouting out in gay

with tress fluttering in joy

and the grass glittering bright and green

with hedges neatly designed  and kept beautifulmind's garden

there appeared a gracious  charm all over.


As I went through the garden

carousing every piece of beauty

a thought crossed my mind

which was a little away from the scene

but has to undergo such renovation

as a matter to regain  the liveliness

if not the spirit in whole.


The mind tossed by emotions and pathos

having suffered  terribly by the experiences

being meted out  by the life  all through

having  succumbed to such travails

needs to be rejuvenated and renewed

being  a kind of surgery to repair and redo

with an instinct of love  and care.











The Aberration

My back yard with trees huge

expressing  greenery all around

turned white in a deluge

a change different  and unsound.


With none of us at home that day

with appointments elsewhere

the builder next door in a way

dug a bore without any care.


The peat soil flew all over

clothing the lovely trees white

with the ground drenched by  a sand shower

Oh! it was a very ghastly sight.


With the white attire intact

the trees remained horrible

and with no rains in fact

they  were destined to be so in all possible.


The builder went about unbothered

many calls and warnings were left answered

Town planning rules being  not followed

perhaps  broken by bribes in silent  method.



The world thus moves on in mirth

where the law breakers find a way out

as their wrong doings go in stealth

the rightful stand to lose all throughout.chennai Speeding Enforcement Action Vs Violations




























Trees Going Bald.

treesTrees become bare in autumn
with leaves falling
They seem to have gone bald
a peculiar description.
The bald gives a curious expression
having shed their greenery
and looking deserted
losing all their finery
linking only to the barks
that remain all throughout.
The appropriateness of bald
renders a lively description
that which has not been used
and that which gives an accuracy..
Baldness is permanent
recovery being possible
only through modern scientific
hair transplantation
but the trees going bald
are temporary change
as the appearing takes place
in a short tenure.

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Versification Without Effort.

poetryWriting a few lines of verse
writing a few verses in form
writing with a form of rhymes
writing rhymes with sound effect.
is a skill rare to be found.

Leaves grow from trees.
Trees come up from the soil
Soil picks up the minerals from depth
Making it a natural sequence.
Eliminating anything artificial.

Poetry is spontaneous.
Coming out in speed at the moment
Jumping out with force from the heart.
Correlating the events to the full
Enabling a read most pleasant.

Words emerge with ease.
Clothing the thoughts with grace.
The rhythm flows gently.
Adorning the tone with tunes lively.
Making it an experience most memorable.