meet. Poety

Those I Meet

While taking a walk

saw  two men talk

I passed them with a nod

A few steps ahead

crossed  a reptile with a small head

I hopped over it  without a fall.

In a little distance

two sparrows flew very low

I deviated with caution not to hurt.

As I turned right

a cat jumped from the wall

scared for a moment I stood still

Continued my sojourn

came back to the start

saw the men in conversation.

Talk the men all along

for hours together even longer

know not what for

yet they carry on.morning walk

Poem resemblance rugged

A Great Resemblance

it is a steady walk

climbing the steep

descending the slope

crossing the valley

jumping over the pits

wading through the waters

all done in a way

throughout the days

most synonymous with life

surrounded  by  trials

encircled by tiffs

endowed with bliss

entangled by myths

all experienced in a way

throughout the days

a life, not of bed of roses

a walk, not over the smooth surface

a dishevelled  and disturbed path

that be in life and tread

a great resemblance found

by all at all walkingtimes.

mental discomfiture. physical discomfort Poetry

The Walk I Go

The walk I go in a way
helps me to sort out in a say
the physical discomfort of days
restores the mental discomfiture in place
a benefit hitherto I did not know
now have understood it anyhow
as the saying goes
it is better late than never
I wish everyone to follow it forever
not an advice as simply stated
but an experience very much related
to that of a well being very much rated
to which I am greatly indebted.walk around the garden


My Morning Dessert.

Thee morning walk round my house
an half an hour it would be
a stroll under the canopy of trees
they be mango,chikku, jackfruit
along with asoka,gooseberry,naaval pazham
while around the house on all sides
there be a score of coconut palms
tall and lanky with nuts on the top
it is a little oasis amidst the concrete desert
I go about in a relaxed way
as I have noting imminent to do so to say
pick up the small black berry like fruits
called naval pazhamnaaval pazham in my part of the world
look like big beads indigo in colour
shine in the morning sun like black beauty
they depict a pictorial phase
as they lie there on the brown ground
some half bitten and some with no flesh
gnawed and chewed by the birds and squirrels
while I collect I cross many of them
they stare at me in anger and apprehension
my domestic staff look at me with a grudge
as I gather the fruits diligently
collect them in a vessel
wash them with care not once but twice
to remove the sand on them
that lie profusely on their skin
garnish the fruits with little salt
set them aside for half an hour
the berries would absorb the salt so well
they would serve me as a dessert
the taste is beyond expression
salty and delicious all the more
with a lot of iron hidden
I eat one by one with ease
a happiness I derive not elsewhere.


The Street Walk

Into the streets I walk
find I there no stalk
let alone the vegetation
there is much pollution
there I find no greenery
Only they look very dreary
soot and black fog all around
congestion and crowd in the round
noise steers across in loud
the din causes a strange bound
there is activity commercial
transactions go ahead in official
the street walk is no more pleasant
there is no fun and at times not decent.street walk


A Man Ahead

Deciding not to talk
he took a walk
saw a lonely stalk
seated in a rock
standing away from its flock
it seemed to have a mental block
and was in a status locked
as it stared at him from the dock
he went forward  and got knocked
by its  grace which was in  great stock
appreciating its tenacity without a mock
he went ahead chiming like a clock,


Walk And Talk

The walk and talk
gave a surprising shock
as they revolved round a block
a beautiful dock
that was under a lock
where people do not flock
being once a place that rocked
with fun and mock
but now it being a haunted stock
where we hear no knock
now very much silent as a dead cock
walk-and-talk-photographyas its survival comes under the clock.


The Walk They Took

Lovers walked down the slope
hand in hand they had a hope
living together forever in harmony
getting a smooth go as in a symphony.

They want past a bed of roses
The fragrance went into the noses.
They stood there watching its poses.
where they came out with their choses.

Their eyes were full of happiness
Seeing the rose in its chasteness
prompted them to live with closeness
never to get trapped by insidiousness.

They then negotiated a very sharp bend
holding to each other in a supportive lend
they made it through without any faulty trend.
On a cordial notelovers their sojourn came to an end.


Rains Think.

The rains do not come down
They stand up without falling
They think as to fall or not.
Thinking they stand atop without falling
Thinking a lot they move away from the slot. images (6)
Leaving the land down below to rot
and the people to walk long for a pot of water.


Trying To Walk—— Haiku

Trying to walk
the child falters and falls
gets up again

Getting up again
it tries to walk and falters
falling once more.

Falling once more
it gets up and walks
falling no moLittle Baby Learning to Walkre.