London Beckons

London, holds a fascination
I do not know why
The place keeps on
coming and going
in my mind.
I know not for what.

Right from the day
i learnt the nursery rhyme
p*ssy cat, p*ssy cat.
where have you been?
I have been to London
The city beckons me

Never could I make it
all these years
getting on with work
nothing great or spectacular
the usual routine
of eating and sleeping.

London, calls me again.
I know not for what.
i would try to go
at least this time
to the great city
soliciting from afar. London



Extinction of species
is on the rapid now
Many kinds of frogs
birds and dogs
and other animals
that were living long
even few years back
are found no more.
The Jurassic park
brings in fond memories
of these species in stock
which have been lost
to eternity for good.
Scientists are attempting
to bring them back
by invigorating certain cells
but how far it is going to
materialise is a question.
Those revived would they
possess the same spirit
as their originals is unknown.
Thaextinctiont makes us once again
responsible to protect
these species from extinction for gain
to the world at large.


Talk Without value

Speaking in a hoarse voice
talking about his leader
overstating the qualifications
equating him with great
calling him gigantic
as an elephant
comparing him to lion
for his imperiousness
addressing him a tiger
known for bravery
he goes on and on
uttering sweet nothing
which actually had
nothing of merit
and none to give credit.


Glory To You

What I see
I write
What I feel
i write
What I think
i write
What i imagine
I write
Writing takes me
to lands unknown
to friends unseen
to readers visible
not through the eyes
but by the write
Glory to you
my key board
for boarding me
to places far and near.


Promises Blown

Like it or not
the eventuality is crossing
that of a strong lobbying
and a sort of bullying
a process of distorting
truth and relying on lies
has become the fashion of the day
going in for a strike
and getting in for a blow
both might happen
as we do not know
which side is strong
and which is not
as the power lies
with powerful and
also with the wealthy.
The discrimination
of who is good
and trustworthy
and who is bad
and treacherous
lies in the hands of the
commoners who
pose a strength but
who get stuck in the middle
enticed by the gifts
that are distributed
and promises thrown through
but blows out in the air



Morals —- Haiku

Morals hold high
not bending to the strains
of the mighty. SONY DSC


Making Hay.

The business of others
is theirs and theirs alone.
Poking into others affairs
is an unwelcome trend
but of late getting gleam
Talking about others
adding fringes
in the manner of lies
curtailing truth
by removing the bytes
making the story’
attractive and credible
has become the
business of most.
Let such tribes
flourish and go ahead
as they are the ones
who make hay while
the sun shines.
Make hay.


Gone With The Wind.

Gone with the wind
the tales of yore
the relations one bore
as expenses soar
with a big tore
making the mind sore
restricting oneself to the core
not indulging in more
putting “I” in the fore
as there is no surplus to pour
and there is no extraction in the ore
to substantiate the means in a furore
extinguishing the thoughts and ideals. kite



Writing is passion
making me go beyond reason
is it treason? writing


Taken off—– Haiku.

Having taken off
for a ride by men
she became mad. rape