Actions Poem

The Call Of cheap.

CheapFlightsThe call of cheap is prosaic
but made attractive in vague
by adding fringes in opaque
gaining validity by terms
of advertisements and in form
reaching out to frailties in storm.

Cheap once upon a time
meant something derogatory and crime
that which is not approved by all
that which stood for low quality in all
that which also indicates bad behaviour all in all..

Cheap has risen to lofty high
with free bies and hoarse cries.
Cheap air tickets go with tries
no other facilities in the skies
being caged in an aircraft for hours
without air and space in a tower.

Actions Poem

Exuberance -Haiku

exuberanceWhat is exuberance?
Enriched with beauty and colour
It is poetry.

Actions Age Diamonds Poem


diamondsThe diamond glitters and shines
The sparkle dazzles the eyes.
Losing the eyesight for a while
sealing the eyes to darkness in style.
Really diamonds are black
as they are carbon lying in dark
under the earth for years and years
creating a value and worth dear.

Actions Poem thoughts

Drunkard And Lies.

drunkenA drunk man never tells lies
I know not for sure.
Drunkenness if in rise
makes the mind poor
leaving it in a numbed state
unaware of good and bad.
As such there is no rebate
and he talks with a note sad.
The alertness gets abated
and his talk seems not a fad.
Lies are built by the mind strong.
To speak truth there is no skill required
That being the validity of the case in a throng
the saying drunkard talks truth as gained
popularity and significance also in songs.

Actions Poem thoughts


fountainUp in the mountain
there is a fountain
lying in the middle of
the vast stretch of grass soft.
The water is warm
and clear as it swarms
out of its origin with a speed
gushing out a sprinkle in the lead.
The water is an herbal concoction
and is known for its resurrection
that it brings about on those
who take bath with a desired chose.