The Jealous Hue.

Jealousy professes colour

high up with the collar

the tinge of the colour

a bright and a light stellar

one with the sunlight

as scorching and bright

a mild hue in the initial

turns darkest in the final

reflects an animosity in large

refracts a dislike on the verge

the colour being one of yellow

does not freely  in an allow

expresses the concern if at all

the consideration being one of  a fall

a wish of bitterness and sourness

nothing at all of sweetness.





fesr pain. Poetry

The Despise Around Me

It is a despise, pure despise
surrounds me all over
I turn to my left
I could see red shot eyes
emit hatred and anger
shying away I slowly see on the right
horrible it is in a way
it is yellow all through
jealousy is seen through
running away place my sight in front
terrible it is in a shot
it is green in a cast
greed with a blast
with fear I turn back
it is still very scary
it is black all dark
feel some evil behind
I sit where I am
close the eyes as tight as I can
the colours red, yellow, green and black
make me shudder with pain.despise

benefit complexion Poetry welfare.

Fruits And Vegetables —– A Song

Fruits have colours

 the colour of lemon

 so charming and yellow,

that of the  juicy orange

so flaming and orange

well, that be in the name

the blueberries

so cute and Royal

with the strawberries

the colour goes missing

and where comes the straw

the bright apples

with their healthy red

a display of robustness

along with the green ones

which show a thrive

not withholding the mango

so green when unripe

and orangish yellow when ripe

the colours restrain not only with fruits

extend to the vegetables too,

with beetroots having a bloody tinge

and carrots give out a pleasant complexion

the eggplants propose a violetish shade

go the lady’s finger and chillies in shiny green

I can go with the shades and fades

anyway eating them would enhance your complexion

yes, that is why the fruits and vegetables are made so

eapple and carrot.specially for your benefit  and welfare.

creative Poetry

Advertisements – Haiku.

Advertisements are announcements
straight with colour and imagination
creative and destructive creative advertisements


The Bright Day.

It is a day with sunshine

almost from morning nine

bright and sunny  it is

with a blow of wind in a kiss

The people all in a mood gay

come out from their indoor stay

do a lot of cleanup in haste

not wanting to let a minute waste

with the children off to the parks  to play

and  the adults cycle  all through the day

Oh! the place rings with a vibration

the season readies itself to a  reverberation

the colours green, red and yellow queue up

as the leaves in trees  change-up

the fall as it is affectionately referred

would enter in a pace chequered.

Well! it is heavens to stay here

to see the abundant cheer

that be  Canada this day

shining in a radiant ray.



Old is Gold

A day or two ago

 met my friend of long ago 

old she has turned 

most of the calories burnt 

by age and illness in one show

found her out of flow 

staggers  a lot in her walk

 precise is she in her talk

 physically she has lost 

 mentally she is still fast 

hailed me by name all aloud 

brought back the events from cloud 

speaks out in a voice so clear 

tells me  I look like an old hag with cheer 

Knew not where to keep my face 

I pulled myself away with a long face 

not able to accept that I am also old 

she and I being the same age  in fold 

yet thought I am young not  gone grey 

as my black hair shines in the fray

with coloured dye minimal  and slight 

teeth all original and white 

no make up whatsoever in sight 

I deign myself in attire suitable 

wish to seem  like  one capable  

never did I think that I am old 

 with a smile now, I accept “Old is gold”



dying hair with henna indigo



The fruits on the table
were set on gracefully
looking like the ones in the fable
arranged traditionally
with colours red, yellow being prominent
the rest of the hue remaining in the back
the enrichment that each one provides being deviant
they had been displayed beautifully with a knack
allowing the buyer to go through in leisure
selecting the fruits after checking the quality
purchasing them with a bargain without applying pressure
that being done paying the money immediately
a shopping of fruits went through with the mighty.fruits


The Colour Of Greed

The colour of greed
they say is somewhat yellow
a pale transparent colour it might be
as the translucent delivers the quality
there be an exposition of stealth
there be a delivery of inkling
that of wanting more and more
not being fastened to the bowl
but getting over the river
calling for a desire much more
that of requiring all to one
making others leave to a shun
that be the fallacy of greed
leading to a direction scheming
where the path goes soft and smooth
climbing up with all possessions
know not how to survive
with that comes to an ending 04-08_yellow
a battle of embitterment in the run
shattering the faith and belief
that if there be good
there would certainly be  a reward. 


The Favour And Flavour.

The string of flowers

Be it roses or jasmines

b0026 rosepetal-garland-png them both together

tied up together

form a garland of beauty

with a lovely aroma and colour

insisting a cajole and a coax.


A choice of words beautiful

comprising of grace and poise

expressing the feelings  in chaste

with an emotional smear and taste

lend an exotic form  of expression

that of poetry in all  its glamour.

The flower and the word  all in all

get into the stronghold  in length

entering  the soul with their  sweet  touch

meandering through the  curves and turns

lifting the spirit by a gracious rhythm

releasing at a time the favour and flavour.




Pink And Blue.

Girls like pink
boys love blue
Pink and blue
dominate every buy.
The dress is pink
school bag pink
pencil pink
and everything pink
cries my pink little girl.
Blue is not for me
it is for boys
and turns not on blue.
She touches not blue
anything blue is for her brother.
Seeing the waters blue
in the sea of blue
she exclaims and gasps
so much water for my brother.
Know not what to say
She soon gets over it
pointing to beds of flowers pink
it is all for me.
A quick reconciliation
and a quick smile
make blue and pink
very delightful colours.

Real People: Caucasian Twins Little Boy and Girl Silly Sunglasse