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Black and Blue — Allegory

It was a blend of black and blue

came it with a dark hue

it looked pretty serene

a colour with a tinge of green

I  was taken to the combination

could be not a distraction

a pleasant sense of modesty

could hold a strain of royalty

as blue goes with the imperial

it was  nice and real

well, others felt it was too dark

does not suit those who are dark

the majority wins as always

I have to nod my head as always

acceptance has never been an issue

it is perhaps in my nerves and tissue

I would protest in  the stage initial

finally, go with the loudest decibel

this could be the way out

not always, I concur throughout

at times I throw and walk away

I had been the loser any wayBlack-and-Blue-Rose

the  colours black  and blue

have brought my attitude  true

Life Poetry validate.

The Blue Waters

Looking at the blue waters
I sit there for an hour and quarter
my thoughts wander
as I gaze with wonder
at the waves that come up in a tide
a close kiss on my feet beside
then turn back in a hurry
they go up and down without worry
a fine rhythmic manoeuvre
in a sequential grandeur
amazed I look at the blue waters for long
a thematic presentation in a melodious song
depicting the ebb and flow as a movement of fun
more so as a phenomenon very simple and common
the sequence of life validated through high and low
the method of living explained in moves slow.


Blue Flower

A flower blue
does it not look true
a distinctblue flower hue.


The Sky Is Blue

The sky is  blue

with  dark clouds few

appearing dazzlingly new

throwing a beautiful hue

with   the birds  flying in a queue

presenting images (13)a graceful designation true.




The Kaleidoscope.

With the colours getting into the thoughts

qualifying the emotions  as taught

with white denoting purity

and a kindness that emulates directly

goes the black that brings in a morbidity

well black also has another quality

with black clouds  flaunting rain

comes in blue without much strain

where the sky encompasses a bluish hue

along with the kaleidoscope extensive sea to take the cue

followed by the beautiful rose

that denotes the Queen of flowers  in a source

representing cheerfulness and spirit kindred

last comes the bright radiant red

extolling the brightness with an alert

indicating a danger  lying in front

pursuing the bloody trials in a row

with a burning  in an embittering grow

The colours get into our lifestyle

creating an interesting file

making over with a golden hue

reclining in  an enchantment true.



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Fingers Cross The Economy.

Keeping the fingers crossed
and saying it is
bolt from the blue
the governance is trying
to pass over the woes
unscrupulously to the people
raising taxes direct and indirect
banning imports of gold
restricting certain benefits
borrowing heavily fingers crossed other countries
putting the people to hardship.
The citizens have done no harm
but elected these politicians
as their representatives
who did represent the electorate
in a way most contemptuous
as of going illegal
by means of enhancing their wealth
depositing huge amounts in distant lands
standing before the parliament
as helpless as they could pose
accusing the predecessor for the despair.
Well, do such persons have a conscience?
Could they come out from the depth of their heart
and say that they are clean and blameless.
They talk absolute blasphemy
and act rot leading the country to hell.


Pink And Blue.

Girls like pink
boys love blue
Pink and blue
dominate every buy.
The dress is pink
school bag pink
pencil pink
and everything pink
cries my pink little girl.
Blue is not for me
it is for boys
and turns not on blue.
She touches not blue
anything blue is for her brother.
Seeing the waters blue
in the sea of blue
she exclaims and gasps
so much water for my brother.
Know not what to say
She soon gets over it
pointing to beds of flowers pink
it is all for me.
A quick reconciliation
and a quick smile
make blue and pink
very delightful colours.

Real People: Caucasian Twins Little Boy and Girl Silly Sunglasse


The little Blue Bird.

Seeing a blue bird in the morning
got thrilled more and more
as its colour was something unique
It was a variety of blue
not able to say exactly true
but a shine and a gleam thereto
that made one look through and through.
The blue bird sat on a bush
thick,fluffy and green all over not to rush
a pale green that had a cluster of dew drops
glittering like silver in the dawn as backdrop
marked by orange rays restoring and revitalising
The morn gave me a great experience rejuvenating
being colourful and lovely, picturesque and grand
If I had known painting I would have drawn
the most lovable scene on canvas blue bird.
qualifying for a wonderful reward.

Actions blue concept

Boys In Blue.

boy's roomblue.Boys are dressed in blue.
It makes a boisterous accrue.
His room is painted blue
It throws a pleasant hue.
His bedspreads are also in blue.
It tends to intensify the preview.
The concept of ascribing blue.
Came into force from whence I know not for true.

Actions Anger Interpretation silence thoughts turmoil Wish

A Pullback

My heart sank to the deepest blue,

The  day’s events pulled me down true,

A shot of quick anger rose in a flew,

A drop of tear rolled down in a groove,

The heart stopped in a slew,

I buried my head in a dejection all through.


A few minutes later I got up with vigour,

Brushed aside the tear in a rigour,

Sidelined the events to a meagre,

Abated the fuming resulting out of trigger,

Rose up with a stature even bigger,

Resolved to emerge victorious with a glitter.