Poetry thoughts

Remarkable as They Are

The fathomless ocean flows silent

the huge mountains remain still

the elaborate sky is sullen

the  entire land appears quiet .


The small pond besides flows in ripples

the tiny hillocks never remain noiseless

the tiny stars  create  a sensational twinkle

the piece of land called cities indulge in a commotion.


Could we not see the distinctions as such?

the massiveness retains a sobriety

preserves a dignity  and an effusive stoicism

a realization of being great and grand as much .


Could we not feel the  awesomeness as such?

the passive watchfulness of one so high

compared to the  noise of the small timers

a meaningless jibber  jabber incoherent as such.


The sullenness of the great is prudence

their thoughts being sublime as all

those of which make noise  bear no wisdom

being one of an empty vessel in reference.fathomless_by_kittygrade-d5cgt2o


decipher Poetry resolve unfound.

Up In The Sky

I look up at the sky

see an object  fly

it goes  in a line

very much in a straight line

the line continues

is pure white in hue

I set my eyes on the line

follow it to the quickest  fine

Could it be a heavenly object?

my analytical mind rejects

Could it be a bird?

never it is heard

Could it be a plane

does  it lookline in the sky so plain?

the line goes on and on

as if  a demarcation is  shown

without any resolve

i bend my neck down to solve

the issues on the ground

not wishing to decipher the unfound.


To See The Best.

It is a day serene

the sky, not in a  sheen

grey and black at times

there being no chime

the  sun sits back quiet

not involved in anything tight

the clouds are dark and intense

hover they with a fight in a sense

a mislead to a night in trace

Well,  in turn that is a sure base

it  seems so destitute and silent

as I sit with a gaze in a trident

my mind is heavily bent

it does suffer a serious dent.

Lo! my eyes  need a rest

to see all the best.



No Rain

The sky overcast
became dark and very moody
yet no


Being Dark

It is dark 

dark, very dark, pitch dark,

 mind and sky images (97)


The Rainbow Effect.

The white cat on the red wall
jumped down on the green grass
beautifully kept with violets around.

It strode across the muddy path
leading to a magnificent golden court
where little girls in pink download (9)pinafore stood.

The girls were playing in the twilight
with the blue moon shining over them
as the black night slowly advanced through.

The fluffy cat  hopped over to the blue waters
that lay little off the  orange orchard
where her  brown kittens  loitered about.

Reaching the orchard she sank on the ground
as she being exhausted and tired
while the sky turned indigo as the night advanced.



Thunders rock the sky

bringing excess rain along

resonating and rejuvenating

at the same time.thunder


The Sky Is Blue

The sky is  blue

with  dark clouds few

appearing dazzlingly new

throwing a beautiful hue

with   the birds  flying in a queue

presenting images (13)a graceful designation true.




In An Over.

The fathomless ocean roars
the high mountains oversee
the valleys look up
the flat lands go in stretch
with the sky looking down
along with its glittery stars
all through morn and night
thus goes the world
with a toss in an over.skies


Atop The mountain

A househouse atop atop the mountain
stands alone looking
as if it is nearer to the sky
with stars and clouds
as its neighbours
which remain friendly
despite defaults
unlike human
who pick up quarrel
at every single fault.