Monthly Archives: December 2014

Bells Chime.

The bell rings with mirth
the noise is from the depth
the chiming is so lovely
clitter clatter goes the bell lively
the snow covered lands dazzle in the night
lights go up with an illumination bright
crackers explode with a jubilation
an amazing scene to perceive
an astonishing feature to conceive
for those who have not seen the frenzy
a delineation of happiness in all its glory
a hope that we nurture with HMS Beagle Bell - photo by Zephyr L'Green-202x303 diligence
as the bells ring continuously in cadence.
Let 2015 be a year of fun and expressions
let it dawn with a symbolic impression
that of contentment and peace
away from the war and freeze
distant from trials and misfortunes
close to a thrive and opportune

The Evolution Of Man.

A man with limited means
not had gone to school in his teens
with very little knowledge of anything
with a deficit behavioural inkling
calls himself an investment wizard
his voice rustles like a blizzard
shrieking high at times
grunting low most times
it be a babble of sounds
too little a time it drowns
talks with an articulation
emphasizes with a gestation
the man I have seen for long
say a forty years, not wrong
lived in all humility in the early years
turned greedy and a liar in the middle years
now a pronounced cheat at his ripe age
Oh! he is just another creature in rampage.rampage

Am I Too Greedy.

In a dilemma almost
being the idea foremost
the way to publish
and to establish
my status as a poet.

I know not where I am
ignorant of my poems’ reach
innocent of how people find it
I keep writing every day
with the hope of seeing the light.

I do not wish to self-publish
as I feel it is not credible
being blowing one’s own trumpet
I would be more than grateful
if any one extends an offer..

Is my wish too greedy?
Would I ever see my poems in a book/
Are they worthy to be printed?
goes on my mind with so many deliberations
Will I? will I? my heart cries.

While Dead

A man died a day ago
people call him great
as he lived till yesterday
he was at default.

The flaws in life
grow and magnify while alive
the defects minimise
look nothing after death

The man dubbed as wayward
while he was living
turns wise and saintly
after his last breath.

The good that we do
lives after the mortals
the bad that we commit
is interred with the bones.

The memory is so short
as years pass onMSS8-every-man-dies-but-not-every-man-truly-lives fast
the dead man becomes history
and his deeds a story.

That be the way everywhere
a saint lives forever
a bad man dies a death
and remembered for never.

An Offender

The behaviour of one
be that a phenomenon
a treacherous denomination
a grab with a nomination
a siege with a stealth
a beating under the belt
a sly motivation of note
desirous not to unquote
tricky in a way
desperate in a sway
gather the best with a skill
unfortunate it is still
not able to enjoy the fruits
laboured so hard to loot
the steal turns elusive
not in straight conclusive
seen as in other latent strokes
that which had been acquired in hoax
falls from his grip in a close
stands he an offender in trial
that treacherous is his fate in style.