Poetry veracity

The Tell-Tale.

The tell-tale story I heard
was something unheard
a fictitious imagination
an irrelevant construction
which intends to take one far
but leaves one at the door ajar
stand we there in aghast
with our eyes firmly cast
not in a way down as thought
but high up in a sort
unbelievable we gape
incredible we exclaim
yet the tell- tale goes
in uninterrupted flows
we forget who we are
we grope in the dark
we loom there large
then spring up like a lark
run away in a barge
ahead from the glare
all the way from the stare
a right path to the realm of reality
greatly into the world of veracity.tell-taleimagination, gape, ajar, far,

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The Religious Embrace

The conversion as such
calls for nothing much
mean the religious change
that be within a range
India being a secular nation
with Hinduism as the religion
along with many others in the fray
Islam, Christianity at the bay
with other faiths in a minority
Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism as priority
the ancient land of Vedas and scriptures
stays May-23_bahai-religiounited in all other features
the Hindus tolerant in all ways
pay slight attention in any case
the others do not express similar feel
become infuriated and come out with a deal
cry hoarse over their faith being shattered
not knowing that it is each one’s wish and interest
cannot contrive a restriction and a circumspect
politicise the religious beliefs to the wildest
fleecing peace and bringing chaos in the quickest.