acceptance. Faith Poetry questioning supreme

The Power Supreme.

092811_attribute_omniscientThe faculty of reasoning

goes with a resonance

why and how  always  boggles

the cognitive power overwhelms

certain factors need no reason

happen as if with an ease

could not give an explanation

a blind acceptance is a  resolution

the faith helps you to progress

the doubts keep you from promotions

take it easy as in the go

you would cover the distance in speed

the suspicion halts your development

question to a limit, no further

an excess of analysis would stifle

there lies a power far superior

would take care at the time of distress

well, rely on the supreme power

do the rightful at the right time

would lead you to triumph in no time.

Faith Poetry repose.

The Belief Full

The faith one has
a full and complete
with no ifs and bits in class
very firm and resolute
be it in the case
of husband and wife
the one in a chase
would ruin the life
could be the same
with the master and servant
the one plays the game
would prove to be defiant
could also work out
with friends in all
the one betrays out and out
would be undoubtedly a fall
be that always in the stream
the trust on one another
would promote a gleam
a wonderful scenario

custom Faith Hinduism Poetry tradition

The “Pottu”.

Pottu or bhindi in the face

is not a mere trace

it is a  staunch  belief

a custom  with relief

among the Hindus in all

mostly women  follow the call

men do at times place it on the forehead

the kumkum shines   modestly in red

a tradition of Hindu religion for long

has  diffused to the minimum  as if it is wrong

as modern women opt for something light

just a dot  or a pinpoint very slight

almost not visible to the naked eye

why so?  I  ask myself  in tries

Christians wear a cross around  the neck

Muslims wear purdahs  mostly black

not  shy away from their customs to a  cost

Hinduism is an ancient faith

tells us of the values infinite  in straight

vow to adhere to the system  in all ways

an enhancement to the religion  always.pottu

belief Faith Poetry

The Religious Embrace

The conversion as such
calls for nothing much
mean the religious change
that be within a range
India being a secular nation
with Hinduism as the religion
along with many others in the fray
Islam, Christianity at the bay
with other faiths in a minority
Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism as priority
the ancient land of Vedas and scriptures
stays May-23_bahai-religiounited in all other features
the Hindus tolerant in all ways
pay slight attention in any case
the others do not express similar feel
become infuriated and come out with a deal
cry hoarse over their faith being shattered
not knowing that it is each one’s wish and interest
cannot contrive a restriction and a circumspect
politicise the religious beliefs to the wildest
fleecing peace and bringing chaos in the quickest.