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A Break.

It is a break,

A welcome indeed !

A sojourn expected,

An interval  wanted.



It is a break,

An  abstract indeed !

A desire  intended

A cut off required.



It is a break,

A reality indeed !,

A necessity proven,

A let out promised.




It is a break,

A fantasy indeed!

A programme asunder,

A celebration  great.




It is a break,

A  recourse indeed !

An illuminative repose,

A beatitude lovely..




A break in all ways,

A break in all dimensions,

A break in all platitudes,

Is a relaxation.


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A Work Out

 Visualise the days bygone.

It keeps you from forlorn.

Recollect the days past,

It makes you renew fast.

Rewind  the  days  olden

It helps you mellow golden

Resume the days  departed,

It renders you work charted

Past decides the present,

Present leads to future.

Thus goes the workout.

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A Dead Man Pays Tax.

Heard of dead man jumping up.

Heard of dead man showing movements.

Even heard of dead man getting up .

These all occurred immediately  after death

After nearly two years of his death, a dead man had paid tax for the years he was not alive.

Does it seem ridiculous?

Does it seem incongruous.?


To top it all, the dead man has not got the receipt  for paying tax  from the department.

Now , it is  eleven years  since he paid tax.

He has to come again to receive the receipt in person.



The executor of his will, his eldest son, who has paid, is the hero behind the cast.

Is it due to ignorance ?

Is it  a case of misappropriation of funds?


The catch is there.

The executor of the will and the department officials know the truth.

I assume a  major part of it has gone to the executor.

Marginal portion to the officials , who helped him to ordinate the device..



Anyhow , the episode necessitates publication, for the reason that in India , a land of God men, anything is possible.

We know of people  who conceal the income to evade tax.

I am proud , that at least there are few Indians, instead of resting in the grave, voluntarily pay tax for the period of time when they are not alive.

Is it a ghost tale?

Yes , it is a living ghosts  who is the protagonists in this unbelievable anecdote


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The Spiritual Destination.

Lot of definitions , lot of thesis, lot of analysis, lot of controversies  engulf the word Spiritual.

Spirit is the soul.

Spirit is the innermost  consciousness.

Spirit is the divine.

Spirit reveals the mysteries of life.

These are all the deliverance of theosophists, preachers.

To an ordinary folk ,like me, spirit is none other than yourself.

Self is the magnificent synergy of  mind and heart.

Hindus believe, death  destroys the body, leaves the soul .

The soul traverses .

Then settles in the body of another.

Thus goes the theory of rebirth.

Hindus believe that there are seven lives.

Christianity puts it firmly ,that there is one life.

Islam advocates reincarnation.

The raging debates and the ranging faiths  keep us in a mire.

Religion is a guiding force.

It is a formula.

It is a hypothesis.

Learning from its analogues is essential.

Deducing our own results should be unanimous.

One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

That ,because one  person got sanctified by following certain principles ,should not be the code of conduct for the rest.

Just ,because one man got cured of his ailment, by singing a hymn in a sanctum sanctorium, need not be aped by another.

Much because one got exhilarated  by chanting slokas  ,must not be copied by a stranger.

Well, because one attained salvation, while meditating under a huge tree.,,should not induce others to do  a similar recourse.

The self should dive deep into the realms of its own thought.

The self should analyse the needs of itself.

The self should choose between that which is necessary and that which is irrelevant.

The self should deliberate on the effacement of the  ego.

The self should embrace an absolute trial to live with   contentment and peace.

I have enough.

I feel it is sufficient.

I am happy.

If the self starts feeling thus, the spiritual destination is reached.

A trip to Varanasi, a pilgrimage to Mecca, a flight to Rome , all become an unnecessary prologue., once you understand self.

Try it .

Achieve it.

Glory be yours.


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Age Advances

As old age sets in,

Wisdom  tags in,

Experience adds in

Maturity settles  in,

Contentment props in,

Tolerance  creeps  in,

Is it a rejuvenation?


Is it a degeneration?



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A River-Then And Now

Long ago I saw a river,

Flowing in full ease,

Water clean and blue,

Fish tossing up and down,

Singing cheerfully while jostling.



Now , I see the same river,

Parched to the full,

Water murky and dirty,

Plastics ebbing up and down,

Crying painfully while  draining. 


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Man Prays

Did you hear a prayer?

Do you know what it is?

It is Man’s desire.

It is Man’s wish.


Did you listen keenly?

Do you know  what it is?

It is Man’s  requisition,

It is Man’s  need.


What does man expect?

He wants all things good.

He requires all things beautiful

He loves all things great.



Why does he pray?

He does for  his welfare

He does for his promotion.

He  does for his  prosperity.



Oh ! then it is an act.

It is a pretension.

It is self-conceit.

It is anything but love.



Hmm! yes it is that,

It is  not an experience.

It is not a meditation.

It is  anything but trance.

Oh ! Is it so?

It is  not for  community.

It is not for service.

It denotes  anything but charity.


Lo! Well it is so.

Everything he wants to amass.

Everything he moves to assume.

It indicates anything  but earnestness


True !! That is Man,

That is every human..

That is every mortal ,

It focuses on anything but truth.

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Does God Demand?

What does God want?

God wants truth,

Not gallons  of milk,

God  loves work,

Not packs of sandal powder,

God desires  faith,

Not tonnes of flowers,

God  expects love,

Not litres of curd,

God  calls for justice,

Not  kilos of gold,

God  cries for  mercy,

Not carats of diamonds.

God  requests contentment,

Not ostentatious pretensions.

God commands simple grace,

Not snobbish piety.

God demands nothing.

Again God demands nothing.


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Use And Throw.

From time immemorial . the concept “use and throw “is in vogue.

Cooking was done in earthen pots.

The “use and throw ” pattern is  found here.

Before plates, made their advent ,it was the leaves that were laid down  to partake.

The “use and throw ” method was adopted.

Glasses ,cups ho;d our beverages now.

Long back, it was cup made of leaves  that were utilised.

Once again, it was the “use and throw” functionary which was predominant.

Gunny bags  small and big were taken to purchase goods.

Cloth bags were provided by the shops for buys.

Baskets were made of bamboo.

Vessels were scrubbed and washed  with natural ash.

Coconut fibre was used to cleanse the adamant stains.

Everything was rom Nature.

Nature gave in plenty and accepted back in grace.

It was  a complete eco-friendly  scenario.


Now “Use and throw” , has taken a  not thought of dimension.

It is  a plastic era.

We see plastic in  different forms.

Once used , it is thrown out.

It lies strewn on the earth, totally not decomposed.

It spoils Nature .

It spreads danger. 



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Who Is God?

I question,

Who is God?

My mind tells ,

There is no such,

My heart cries ,

There is so much.


Listen ,my mind says,

God is  truth,

God is  straight ,

God is   fearless,

God is righteous,

God is Nature.



No, shouts my heart,

God is  concept,

God is  belief,

God is  powerful,

God is everywhere,

God has form.


Nay bellows my mind,

God has no form,

God has no rules,

God has no demands,

God has no refrains,

God has no distinction.



Not at all blares the heart,

God has various forms,

God has  numerous regulations,

God has excessive calls,

God has enormous  restrictions,

God has lot of discriminations.



Mind talks in a deep voice,

God is man-made.

Heart resounds in a shrill tone.

Man is God made.

Controversies rage high,

Confusions  blow up.








Mind queries in  a sharp note

How many Gods are there?

Heart replies in a loud calibre,

They are innumerable.

Mind chuckling continues,

What do they preach?

Heart bubbling adds,

They profess faith



Mind persists  in a diffident play,

How many religions are there.?

Heart answers with rage,

There are so many.

Mind breaks into a laugh.

Heart shakes with anger.



Whom do you support?

Whom do you endorse?

Is the mind right?

Is the heart correct?

Tell me all of you,

As I know no answer.