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Impressive Solitude.

Living in an island,

 Blue ocean   shining, 

Tidal waves  rattling,

Little fish tossing,

A sullen solitude.




Living on a hill,

Dense  forest  amazing,

Huge trees sheltering,

Cute birds twittering,

Serene solitude.




Living  in a village,

Small  rivulets  flowing,

Simple houses rowing,

Modest folks  gossiping,

Distinct solitude.



Living in a city,

Polluted rivers  meandering,

Guady dwellings  sequencing,

Snobbish  talking,

Ghastly solitude.









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Missed Pathos

Do you hear me?

I had a misbite ,

The pain  terrible,

A  spasmodic miss.



Do you  hear me?

I had a misstep,

The  fall  horrible,

An aching miss.




Do you hear me?

I had a misbeat,

The heartache  intolerable,

A sporadic miss.



Do you hear me?

I had a mishap,

The  hurt unimaginable,

An accidental miss.



Do you hear me?

I had  misspelt,

The  throb indefinable,

A  chastening miss.



Do you hear me ?

I had a mislead,

The agony immeasurable,

A distressing miss.



Do you hear me?

I had a misguide,

A torture unpredictable,

A grievous miss.



Do you hear  me?

I had a  mistrial,

A setback improbable,

 A retributive miss.



Do you hear me?

I had a misfortune,

A  sadness undesirable,

A  woeful miss.



Do you hear me?

I am a mistake,

I am a misfit,

I am a mismatch,

An erroneous miss.

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A Gregarious Talk.

Gold has taken a multidimensional impact.

It is a commodity.

It is an asset.

It is a precious jewellery.

The rate of gold per ounce is $1036. It absolutely turns one scared.

One of my friends, let us call her Nalini, was talking to me the other day, and as all women, our conversation  centered on  gold. She said,

“Meena, I will not buy gold hereafter. It is surging like anything.”

 I smiled to myself, knowing fully well Nalini’s penchant for gold.

She continued,

“See, the gold , I have accumulated is lying in the locker. I wear only a thin chain,  small earrings , and two bangles. I am afraid to wear anything more..”

I chuckled,

She not paying any attention to my reactions, prattled,

“We have to pay rent to the lockers. It is a strain to go to the bank, get them out of the locker, to deck myself during weddings.If the marriage  falls on a holiday, then I cannot get my jewels. What is the use of locking so much money on lockers?

I was amused, but she got on with her monologue,

“Instead , if I had spent the money on some other worthy investments, or if I had taken a world tour, I would have been happy.Iam talking of world tour, when I have not seen Taj Mahal, the pink city-Jaipur, the stately Himalayas, the holy city Varanasi, the financial capital Mumbai, and nearer home God’s own country Kerala.” 

Now, I started feeling bad for her, but she carried on,

” I do not possess a good car, I have an old rattling Ambassador, my cot is made of wrought iron,which is similar to an hospital cot, my dining table is made of country wood with a formica top, and my  living room furniture looks shabby. I did not think about these  essentials , but was busy accumulating gold.”

I felt really sorry  for Nalini.. How much she has missed out in life?The gold in her locker would be worth a million. But the comfort she has  denied herself is more than a million. She did not go on a holiday all her life. She did not furnish her house  as she wished had . She deprived herself of the basic necessity .

I consoled Nalini, saying “nothing has been lost. Now is the  time to sell a fraction of gold. You will  be getting a fortune. With the revenue , you can compensate for the missed opportunities. You can even accomplish a world tour. You can  fly to London , see the change of guards, go to paris ,and have a look at the Eifel tower, cross over to New York , get a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty, reach Toronto have a look at the beautiful Niagara, travel  to Australia, experience the life in ranches,and assimilate the abundant scenery that New Zealand delivers. Do a shopping in Hong Kong and Singapore, hop on to China. Back home, a month’s excursion will suffice an entire coverage of the country.Will you do Nalini?”

A transformation is taking place in her mind. But will she do? I hope not, as she has so much fondness for gold.


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Obama Playing Fiddle.

President Obama is deliberating on the new military strategy  to be adopted in Afghanistan.

In a subtle reply to Cheney, former Vice President , that he was in “no rush “to send more troops to Afghanistan.He is working out a game plan.,perhaps.

The recent situation in the troubled country is worse.

 Six U.N. employees and two Afghans were killed in an attack in Kabul.

Obama is dragging his feet. Many civilians are killed. Many American soldiers are killed. The fighting  is raging for 8 years,surpassing the Vietnam war.Obama should not remain indecisive. He may have to accept defeat as the Russians experienced a few years back., if the war continues

The U.S is in a delicate  ,uneasy mindset. To fight or not to fight is their memorandum.Fighting for eight years has not given any productive results.By targetting the Taliban , the U.S. army also harms the civilians who are insurgents. The poor , after undergoing hardships in the form of gunning, turn into hard-core individuals. They become one with Taliban.

Obama has to make up his mind.  He has to end terrorism, not fan it further. He has to restore peace in Afghanistan, not renew fighting. He has to take care of his soldiers, not allowing them to die in Kabul.

When gunshots are ranting the sky, Obama should not play his fiddle in the Whitehouse.

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Sloka Of Buffet.

Fear when others are greedy,

Be greedy when others are in fear.

This Buffet’s successful mantra has  launched him in  prosperity unimaginable.

He is a competent investor. He is a shrewd businessman with a keen insight.

The recession has not harmed him. Instead has made him powerful. When the market was reeling under pressure, he bravely took a move that baffled serious analysts and broking firms.

His subscription to Goldman Sachs  perpetual preferred stock triggered 6% profit to his investment arm Berkshire . A daring astute action has paid  back.

Procrastination and indecisiveness are the two devilish imps that rob growth and credibilty.Buffet , at the age of 80 , is strong in physic and robust in prosperity. His profits would have dwindled by the 2008 recession, but has not eaten up his capital.

Erosion of capital is dangerous to business. A watchful eye and a calculative mind are the prerogative qualities that enable us to our targets. A small mental calculation will show you the way to invest. Buffet feels that if the calculation   lasts more than ten minutes, and make you tiring ,throw it out of your mind. Complications  will not produce expected results.

Let us take the cue from the oracle of investment . Let us programme accordingly .

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Theory Of Business

Business is run for profit. Investing money on a venture will not lead  to great deals. Monitoring each and every move will give good results often . But too much intervention in the daily chores will relate to dissatisfaction. Holding control over the investment is a delicate job and a difficult exercise.

A theorem of Buffet states buy stocks or the long term.Buy with the intention of getting stake holding of the company.Do not procure stocks for short time gains.

Buffet spells prudence. Weak spots of the company give a neat description of the  financial. Taking the deficit into scrutiny,a clean prospective perception  of the company could be worked out. Leaving a safe margin as a threshold, stocks can be bought. The change to positive or negative will not play a significant role  in the long term.Once satisfied with the performance of the company, additions could be made in gradual process . Over a course of time , a sizeable percentage of stocks, would be purchases . This method of procurement can be termed as “amplified buy out”.With this diligent programme, the company will come under control.

This amplification of purchase, is totally an output of the research by the individual, not an illegal operation of the insider trading information.A genuine pragmatic designation is to be developed.The hypothesis of true business is a safe  play, not harming anyone,not defeating any proposition, not ejecting any portfolio,not destructing any ethics, not defaming any person, not indulging in illicit acquisitions.

An evolution of such theory will take up the business to great heights. 


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East Asian Community

Well, the craze for west, the love for U.S  are slowly disspiating.Asia is taking the supremo from The United States.

The Asian countries were in the pink of economy, with vast natural resources  in hand. The man power was always a prime asset of this area. The excellent skill in manufacturing industry was  prompting envy . The deft hands, and  the shrewd brains,made a rare combination.Hard work and  with standing spirit made these nations shine in the past.

Lured by the    magnificent wealth, the westerners invaded these countries. They explored possible ways to exploit the hidden treasures. They studied the integral part of the society, which brought to light the warring communities. They found out that there was no unity among the people, and the governance in these countries were weak, and divided. Cashing on these elements, the Dutch, Portuguese, French , and British, entered the lands as traders. gradually ,they created chasm ,and split the communities. This tactics helped them to delve deep into the interiors. The assault was timely. the onslaught ,which was unexpected by the locals,  , led to a  coup. The Kings and  local rulers were overthrown. The traders ultimately became rulers.

The ruling power gave them free licence to loot , to plunder, to levy heavy tax, thus filling up  their exchequer in their homeland. Cash, valuable diamonds, beautiful stones, like rubies, emeralds, pearls ,corals, were shipped to the respective countries , thus demeaning the economy of the Asian nations.

The West grew in prosperity, while the east , home to ancient civilization,  succumbed to paucity.

With the hoard of wealth, the western countries , particularly Britain, drove its colonies into slavery and penury. A large level independence struggle was carried out. After, much blood shed and pain the colonies became free. In the course of their dependence, they lost their spirit and courage. The catastrophic  compulsions  were hard to be dissolved. The natives had to find a way out of these divisive forces.

The east Asian Community , at last,in 2009, has found a way out. A long struggle, and an exonerating  impulsion, have shown them a light to move forward. The Western influence is slowly taking the back bench, The attractive U. S. settlement is waning off. The East Asian Nations, Australia, and New Zealand  have to rebalance their growth to face the new challenge.

They will surely  get back on their feet.

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Right to Information

An interesting thread which is going around the financials zone is the insider trading. Raj Rajaratnam has amassed wealth through this tip of .

He made $9 million dollars based on Google Inc’s earning expectation in 2007. He traded on the insider tip-off that the revenue would be below the expectation.

The probe in Galleon case is expanding ,as the Federal prosecutors have sent subpoena to a former employee of  SAC capital advisors. It seeks trading records from Richard Grodin, who let SAC in 2004.

The news is bewildering and sends wrong signals across the world of investments.The Right to information act has to be made use of in a forceful manner to get the truth out of the insider information  trading.

A small time investor ,who follows the market, who reads the reports, who testifies on the PE ratio, who  then invests in a particular stock , is deprived of his fortune  by this dubious , daring , hedge fund managers.

Concluding, it is always the innocent and upright who face the music.

Where to find the truth behind this non public information?

How to trace out the fact behind the insider tip of?


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La Belle Dame Merci

I know a dame,

Who lives near,

Who  thinks ahead,

Who hates none

Who loves all,

with motherly graciousness,



I saw a dame,

Who is kind,

Who is impartial

Who is  strong

Who  cares

With motherly graciousness.




I heard about a dame,

Who is compassionate,

Who is considerate,

Who is ebullient,

Who embraces,

With motherly graciousness.


I talk  about a dame,

Who is an embodiment  of goodness,

Who is a symbol  of patience,

Who is an icon of poise,

Who deliberates

with motherly graciousness.


I admire the dame,

Who  is simple,

Who is beautiful,

Who is amiable,

Who smothers ,

With motherly graciousness.



The dame is so close

The dame is so fearless,,

The dame is so doting

The dame is  none other

She is everyone’s Mom

Extending   graciousness.


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Fairy tales fascinate me. I read  them ,when my spirits are little down. Right from my schooldays, they have been inspirational.

Rumpelstiltskin, especially, is a magnificent tale ,which portrays greed . Spinning straw into gold, is a metaphor, which insists that skill  makes the impossible into a possibility.

 This fairy tale came into my mind, when I read Infosys  Narayanamurthy’s move to sell his o.13% shares of Infosys for $37 million.Ater this transaction , Murthy will hold 2.38% shares.Infosys was started with $250 , borrowed rom the spouses of six promoters in 1981.

That $250 has been converted to billions. If 0.3% is worth $37million, imagine the net worth o the company. Amazing ,unbelievable, magnificent , are the expressions that strike my mud filled mind. In 1981, I was much worthier than Murthy. In 2009, I come no way near  Murthy.

Murthy is modern Rumpelstiltskin., both in stature and skill . He has  converted  language into billions.