Sloka Of Buffet.

Fear when others are greedy,

Be greedy when others are in fear.

This Buffet’s successful mantra has  launched him in  prosperity unimaginable.

He is a competent investor. He is a shrewd businessman with a keen insight.

The recession has not harmed him. Instead has made him powerful. When the market was reeling under pressure, he bravely took a move that baffled serious analysts and broking firms.

His subscription to Goldman Sachs  perpetual preferred stock triggered 6% profit to his investment arm Berkshire . A daring astute action has paid  back.

Procrastination and indecisiveness are the two devilish imps that rob growth and credibilty.Buffet , at the age of 80 , is strong in physic and robust in prosperity. His profits would have dwindled by the 2008 recession, but has not eaten up his capital.

Erosion of capital is dangerous to business. A watchful eye and a calculative mind are the prerogative qualities that enable us to our targets. A small mental calculation will show you the way to invest. Buffet feels that if the calculation   lasts more than ten minutes, and make you tiring ,throw it out of your mind. Complications  will not produce expected results.

Let us take the cue from the oracle of investment . Let us programme accordingly .

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