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Fascinating Eyes.

My little Meenu was singing the famous rhyme ,

Chubby cheeks,

Dimple chin ,

Rosy lips,

curly hair.

eyes are blue ,

I love you true.

While I was enjoying the rhyme sweetly rendered .

I was struck by a revelation.

Why  we give so much importance to the eyes?

I tell you truly,

Eyes  reflect many a characteristics of man.

There are different kinds of eyes,

Protruding, deep sunk,floating, fish like,are  some special variants.

The much common name in India Meenakshi denotes fish like eyes.

Meen is fish.

The Mongolian race has very small eyes,only a curve .

The colour of the eyes  are a pointer to the different races.

Blue, golden ,brown and black  tell us  whether one is an European ,Asian,African,.

Apart from this physical distinctions ,the eyes give us a detailed analysis of a man’s nature.

A twinkle in the eyes reflects happiness.

A droop in the eyes marks melancholy. 

A sprightly look depicts liveliness

A curious sight proclaims intelligence.

A vague demenaour insists dullness.

A soft look pronounces kindness.

An impish swing locates mischief.

A harsh cast revolves round anger.

An evil stare predicts wickedness.

A grave throw forecasts soberity.

Eyes display life .

Eyes are the most vital and the most active component of the human anatomy. 

Theory of Bail out.

A close watch of the developments of the bail out plan is making me a thorough bred economist.

Today morning , I was browsing through the morning news paper.

My milk man slowly walked through the pathway.

He scratched his head,cleared his throat,meekly called me.”amma.”

i was amused to see his rehearsal.

“Yes ,Madhav,tell me”

“Amma, I have to raise the milk price.”

Why ?Only a month back you hiked the price.

No amma, the bail out plan in U.S is about to be passed.

I was dumb founded.

U.S bail out of $700 billion relates  to my milk price.

“O.K. madhav. I will review it and let you know.”

After break fast, I had to go to the marker to buy vegetables for the week.

My regular vendor, advised  me to buy a little extra, as he is expecting the prices to go up.

I asked him the reason.

‘ Amma ,you are so ignorant, the U.S senate is going to approve the rescue plan”

“There is lot of cheer in the market”

I was baffled.

Oh! God!.

Deliberating on the push outs, I felt it is better to stock my grocery too.

I rushed to my grocer.

He welcomed me, with a big smile.

Before I could place my order,he brought a big pack

 .’Amma ,you are very slow to take note of the world economy.’

‘Having been my customer, for so many years, I have taken care to provide you with all your regualr buys.

This time ,it will last for two months.

I do not want to tax my customer ,with exorbitant price”

I was speech less.

I nodded my head vigorously.

I thanked him profusely for his timely action.

Bail out, is affecting my daily routine.

The milk man, the vegetable vendor, and the grocer  have made me small.


Navaratri Utsav.

India is gearing up for the Navaratri celeberations.

Nava is nine.

Ratri is Night.

Hinduism embraces tolerance, karma, piety,and moksha.

Epics Ramayana and Mahabharatha  elucidate the quint essential qualities of man..

Navarathri is dedicated to the Goddess

Goddess Laksmi patronises wealth and prosperity.

Intellect  and knowledge are attributed to Goddess Saraswathi.

Goddess Durga  or Kali is an epitome of bravery.

Dhanam,vidya, and Parakirama are the essentials for success.

They are praised,.

They are celebrated.

They are sanctified.

This navaratri utsav falls in the month of Purattasi, (mid september -mid october). after amamvasa or full moon day.

Art galleries, photo expositions are the trend of the day.

From Lore, dolls were displayed  in temples, in almost all households during the nine days.

Replicas of Gods and Goddess,figures of  saints, leaders,animals are artfully placed in the nine step artefact’.

These nine steps denote the nine nights.

Every day during dusk ,there is religious activities,and rejoicing.

Dias are lit,snacks are prepared and distributed.

Each guest is treated with great care.

A gift of sari, blouse piece, kumkum , glass bangles and flowers  are presented to the ladies.

Slokas and Keertanas invoking the deities are sung with  ardent fervour,.

On the tenth day ,the deities are taken in procession around the temple.

This day is aptly termed as Vijayadasami.

Vijaya  means victory.

Triumph to all who pray to Lakshmi, Saraswathi, and Durga.

 Navaratri  is divinity  in grandeur


Reflex Economy

Change is the only thing which is permanent.

Growth heralds life.

Assimilation of words enriches a language.

Flexibility in attitude brings harmony.

So is economics.

The crisis era has not  only signalled  turmoil

It has  moderated economics.

The subject is expanding horizontally.

Th blood bath in which we are rightly in has proclaimed many collapses.

If lehman Bros files bankruptcy, Asian stocks tumble.

If Washington Mutual  falls.,European index comes down

Buffet bolsters Goldman by investing cheaply.

There is an uptrend in the stock market.

Morgan takes stakes in Washington Mutual.

There is subdued cheer all over.

The back offices of these banks are closed world over.

An air of job displacement prevails.

Infosys and TCS get their fingers burnt.

They slow down their work pace.

More crippling news is awaited

The world has to wake up to the reality.

Economy is undergoing an alteration.

The turn may be highly intimidating.

it may be entirely off the mark.

It may be a percussor of estranged harmony.

Unfortunately , it is rushing in.

It cannot be prevented.

The trials and rancour the world has to face ,is depressing.

This  branch of economics ,is  added by the clueless, greedy ,ostentatious breed of officials.

We are stunned.

But we are helpless too.

We have to move with the tide

Otherwise we will be branded as a species of anachronism.

Buying a car

Ten to fifteen years back buying a car  in India was damn easy.

Only two variants were available-Ambassador and  fiat.

People with a large family and who loaded the car to the brim preferred Ambassadors.

The choice of Fiat was for the person who loved style.

The price was almost the same.

They fitted the Indian road condition perfectly.

Now the Indian market is flooded with umpteen variants.

BMW ,Mercedez  Audi ,caters to the uppermost  strata of society.

Nissan Teana, Toyota camry, Pajero,Honda CRV  suits the upper class.

Skoda octavia, Innova, Toyota Altis, Volkswagon Jetta, Honda , cheverlote, Ford ,Hyundai’s certain models

are bought by the miidle order rich.

Tata ‘sIndica & Indigo, Maruti,Hyundai ‘s low end models, are for the clients of moderate means.

The  recent launch Rs onelakh  Nano is the most attractive.

The  average Indian is baffled to see so many models.

Earlier ,cars were symbols of prosperity.

Now as loans are available in plenty, the volume of sales has increased manifold.

The advent of efficient models ,have increased road traffic.

Chaos ,confusion and pollution add to the prevalent congestion.

Roads In India remain rough and bumpy.

The speed breakers in near frequencies, produce solid bumps on the head of the passenger.

Bumps in the roads and bumps in the head,give a whimsical picture.

Travel is a pleasure in most countries.

In India travel is a travail.

Cars may come in different  shape,  in trendy design,  with fine capacity, ,but the roads remain the same.

Indians would have been a happier lot with ambassadors and Fiats

The Orchestral Delight.

Listen to The bail out plan.-symphony.

Listen to Bush’s 700billion$rescue plan.-symphony.

The conductor _Paulson is waving hands frantically.

He knows the plan inside out and back to front.

He is totally involved in the coordination of notes.

Key board-Bernanke  is playing .

 He adds strength to weak bits of the plan.

Woodwinds- The CEO’s, of Federation taken over mortgage companies  operate.

They come out with subdued tunes.

Brass -The Fed treasury officials blow it.

They emanate bold ,fantastic ,noise.

Strings-The top executives of the collapsed banks. are  playing on  the violin.

They play mayhem ,the music is heart rending.

Percussion-The  senators of the Republican party are  hitting on it.

They slide betwen the notes.

Music of the “Bail out plan “fills up the air.

The passion and commitment is absolute.

The overtures are  exact and most compelling.

The music is faultless.

It is the most famous of all  symphonies..

It has found favour not only in U.S, but extends to the world over.

Paulson mixes execution with urgency

His is a  hushed modulated performance.

It will slip through the congress .

II will entwine the countries all over.

The vibrancy of the team is highly specific.

The performance  will definitely bring  in a silent uneasy ovation.

Paulson surpasses the best conductors  of orchestra in rhythmn and melody.

Age and Grace.

Physical ebullience diffuses  into mental equilibrium.

Sprightly walk transforms into stately gait.

Lively talk changes to sober speech.

Loud laughter smothers  to benign smile.

Saddened wail descends to soft whimper.

Angry touts wraps up into worldly wisdom.

Rash behaviour assuages to kind impulse.

Fresh cheer smothers into preserved composure.

Metabolic exuberance  transcends into fine elaboration.

Wild tantrums modify into elegant poise.

Curious nature moulds into content behaviour.

Hasty decision devolves into measured resolution.

Applauded capacity reforms into reverential excellence.

Funny anecdotes alter into serious episodes.

Youthful exposure redeems into majestic exterior.

Mischievous gesture silences into serious signals.

Unbridled love  regulates into divine affection.

Age slowly recedes into exhilarated grace.