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Seeds,Species , Thoughts.

A process that brings in life,

Which typically confines to seeds,

Also extends to other strife,

That  wait in for fresh breeds.


Seeds  slowly spurt out,

Into tiny saplings,

Species gradually  grow out

Into small beings.



The physical  provisions do undergo,

A  remarkable change ,

As they shoot out from the embryo,

Eliciting a varied range.


The thoughts that we harbour,

Goes through a procedure,

While developing  into  a proper,

  Resource  for a grand future.

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Let Me Tell You.

Oh! let me tell you,

What to do?

When you are angry,

Be quiet .



Oh ! let me tell you,

What to do ?

When you are sad,

Be quiet.



Oh ! let me tell you,

what to do?

When you are jostled,

Be quiet.


Oh ! let me tell you,

What to do ?

When you are sulky,

Be quiet.



Oh! let me tell you ,

What to do?

When you are  tired,

Be quiet.




Oh! let me tell you,

What to do?

when you are happy,

Be quiet.





Oh! let me tell you,

What to do ?

When you are excited ,

Be quiet.





Oh! let me tell you,

What to do?

When you are enthusiastic,

Be quiet.

Quietness has its plus,

Which silently excels all else,

So , let me tell you,

To be quiet all through. 


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A Disclaimer.

Your talk tells about

Your motto throughout,

 Your  behaviour shows   through

Your refinement  in all groove,

Your eyes reflect ever,

Your  hidden motives whatsoever,

Your face indexes  mostly,

Your  secret thoughts   rightly.,

Though we put forth a disclaimer,

Our disposition is always a disclosure



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Distinct Thought

How to cross a flooding river?

May   sound now  as  a silly lever,

But  once looked a tedium severe.


How to move from one place to another?

May appear now  as light as a feather,

But once was a night mare rather. 



How to converse with  the dear ones?

May   have  now  become a simple fun,

But once was   a terrific run.


How to get connected with the world?

May  result now  in a circuit rolled.

But once  levied a  strain bold.





Science and technology had made,

Many difficult tasks into  stuff ready-made.

Keeping us in a joyful trade.




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Rain Has Come

 I can feel the smell of rain,

Which slowly affects my feign,

I can hear the sound of thunder,

Which meekly throws me asunder,

I can  see the shine of lightening,

Which  blindly casts a frightening,

I rush out madly to the  open space,

To get myself drenched in  the trace.

I  stand out in  a mild drizzle,

Which keeps me in a fizzle,

Suddenly there breaks an avalanche,

Which entraps me  in a desperate  tranche,

Help ! help! I shout at the top of my voice,

Alas ! there is none to give a voice.

Fine ,the rain has come.





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A Trial

All through our life,

We undergo a strife,

Of defeat and grief,

And failures in brief,

Which put us to an untold  panic,

Leaving us in a state of  shock,

Unable to understand the block,

That  strangles us in a tight lock,

Breathless we groan under pain,

Bearing the vibrance of violence,

With dumbfounded silence,

Whilst a stage of  fear  sets  in

As the trial   gets in .







Tarnished the image 

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A Family Meet

The theme of a meet,

Revolves round greet,

Which evolves a beat

Of  a loving treat.


The concept of a meet,

Includes a feat,

Which enhances a fleet,

Of  a friendly tweet.


The purpose of a meet,

Involves  a  heat,

Which emanates a zeal,

Of a thoughtful   heal.


The promotion of a meet,

Points to a seat,

Indulging in  a  gregarious  confluence,

Of a thriving effluence.


Meets are for  a reunion,

They are not for a rebellion,

Meets are for rejuvenation

That focus on an absolute restoration.

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An Ode To Reconciliation

Living in a world of digression,

Amidst  a community of  diffusion,

Along with the events  of intervention,

Creates a terrible frustration.



Facing such enormous discriminations,

Coping with such tedious implications,

Leaves a  tired complacency,

Implying a definite  emergency.


Indulging in a simple adjustment,

Involving a considerable refinement,

Levies a strange competency,

Manifesting a  fine  decency.



The art of reconciliation,

Is but a difficult classification,

Yet to honour its qualitative existence,

Is naturally a grand acceptance.




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A Whiff Of Fresh Air

Walked out of a crowded train,

Into a still more populated  strain,

Edging  through the sea of humanity,

Negotiating along the busy  insanity,

Made way to the  less treaded  path ,

Which meandered into a narrow  lane,

That led to a sprawling land  space,

Much away from the  dense base,

Where huge trees bow with grace,

Where lovely hedges greet with love,

Where pretty flowers dance with joy,

While  there triggers a sense of peace,

Rejuvenated by a whiff of fresh air.


The Space Police

Imagination has its charm,

 As it is the seed of many forms,

Poesy is its spontaneous flow,

Drama is its  lively show,

Prose is the easiest in the row,



The mind in itself  draws,

A fine stroke of clause,

Relating to  an unseeming thought,

Yet attached to a fancy bought

That of a Space police.


The coinage  sounds startling,

But makes a study interesting ,

Framed by a six-year-old,

Whose enumeration is like gold,

Keeping the listener in fold.


Week in and week out,

He talks about,

The patrolling in space,

Which leads to a race,

Of catching the robbers.



It sets me to wonder,

It makes me ponder,

Is not the space away from,

Greed, cheat and lust?

Nay ,not at all ,   grandma ,

Cries my” Little Nanda.”


Certainly, creativity has  the rarest glow.