The Intangible.

With the intangible around
we are groping for it long
making efforts to grasp it
but it eludes much try
lapsing from the catch
flies high up sometimes coming near
yet when we are about to reach it
it goes with the wind to the skies
far into the eternity never to be seized at all
never to be got at all
never to be enjoyed at all.
yet we go on striving for the unattainable
losing our days and hours
destroying ourselves in the vanity
showing our love and ambition for the unreachable.


The World Is Made Of

world made of
Going about saying that I am most reasonable
going about remarking I am the most honest
would look good for a time
not always as it becomes a monotony
keeping us away from reality
taking us to a world of fantasy
leaving us to brood over and over again
that we are heavenly beings wrongly put on earth

A quick get into the world and merge
not minding to diffuse in the throng
not keeping away from the crowd
might look refreshing and entertaining to most
but a few amongst us would wish to keep away
not able to cope up with the rash and splash
standing out in the corner perceiving the world’s move
and accepting the thrive without any remorse.

As put forth there are many variants amongst us
one thinking great and high reigning at the top of the world
the other picking up with the majority in the sail
while the rest refraining from both but walking measuredly
makes this world of habitation with both long and short entities
who fly high with wings imaginary higher and higher
who float on the sea with thoughts ordinary
who tread along the path with inclinations strange and chaste
that go to the make up the world in all its extensions.


Dignity Distinguishes.

Standing out from the crowd
very distinct from the rest
also looking highly distinguished
she is a lovely lady in form.

As dignity been a part of her
she does things with such care
writes with such flair
and speaks with words rare.

Admiring her from far
my heart goes out to her
acknowledging her poise
and appreciating her grace.

She being a lady of great skill
associated with greater will
she goes with motivational fill
rendering great services without bill.



Get Stuck

Thwarting the plans of others.
threatening to destroy.
throwing out in anger.
throttling one over nothing.
talking high in terms false.
telling lies in notes proud.
has been hs manner
has been his fashion
has been his life
so long and so forth.
Will he change for good?
at least now in his past mid age.
A thought that gets stuck
knowing him for so long


The Ways Of The World

Great become any when the die.
Death honours them so well.
Their trespasses get buried down.
Their shortcomings go down into the pit.
Their deceit gets burned away by flames.
Mfuneralany have the habit saying
that the dead are Gods
blessing us from where they are.


Nature In Short.

Great are the ways of nature
beyond any feature
going through the stature
abounds greatly in structure
high and low in brochure
long and wide in nomenclature
sounding great in culture
showing grand in capture.Nature


Unlawful Flourish

The intention to hold
the feverish inclination to cut short
the burning desire to defer
the funds due to the legitimate
finds an entry into courts
where the arguments go on for months
with the lawyers getting paid hefty
while the judge gets into mediating
but the money goes into wrong hands
andthis entity recovers from the claim
by the support of the holders.
The talk of money sends the detainees
far way into the wilderness
while the rightful person
goes about seeking justice
from post to pillar
where justice is being delayed.
They say that the unlawful would be punished
but to my knowledge and experience
though not being vast and in-depth
I see the wrongdoers and their illegal transactions
go unnoticed both by judiciary and whom punish you call
the great God who penalises the sinners.
Nothing of that kind do happen
as those who trespass make merry
and go joyful in the day-to-day life.


Smiling We Go.

A smile lightens the mind
relieving the worry
dispelling the sadness
kindling the self
rejuvenating the spirit.

It is a smile that brings joy
enticing the people around
specially the smile of a child
enlightens those in the vicinity
be them old or young.

The innocence that enliven
the spark that endears
the brilliance that glistens
instill a strong grace
bringing in a lovely place
holding us all in perfect momentum smiling child


The Learned Extols.

A learned man talks less.
He sees through things more.
He performs the most.
With great dignity and pride
he gets through in life
honoured and adored.

An unlearned man talks more
He sees through thingsidiot lesser.
He performs the least.
With great ignominy and shame.
he gets through in life
cursed and detested.

This made through in every event
greeting and soliciting the former
shunning and discarding the latter.
Thus goes the world in gracing
the great mind and the belittled one
upholding the meritorious while disowning the empty heads.


Sad And Drawn.

With the love in he eyes
and a kindness in her way
she crossed all the barriers
sometimes with a stumble
other times in a jumble
most times without a fumble.

On reaching her destination
she gently whistled
though being not feminine
she did it with a terrible shine
reflecting one of achievement
refracting one of amendment
restoring one of faith and averment.

While having got over all hurdles
in slow and steady speed
her life by now has come to an end
signifying that she is in the last period
where her ebullience has subsided
and her diligence has succumbed to age
pushing her to retirement and reconsideration.

That is all is found in her life
which is one of battle and restitution
where there had been no sense of enjoyment
but only confrontations and controversies
that have sucked her energy to a level nothing
with that she is looking the shadow of her original
mucdrawn_girl_sad_angel_by_amquintero-d36z7nlh drawn out and sad having faced all mishaps.