A Likely Man.

He being least bothered
gets on his way uninterrupted
as many know he would not stop
or listen to what others talk
having been on his own for long
paying attention to none all along
doing everything as he wishes
going to places whenever he feels
having a cabinet of men to work for him
investing in stocks and shares
buying properties and commodities
reading books and seeing pictures
undergoing a disciplined life on his own
not troubling anyone at any time
and not liking to be troubled too.
Such people are rare to find nowadays
as all would like to poke their nose
smelling something great and juicy
that would keep them engaged for another day.

a likely man


Nothing At All

Having done lot of home work
checking page by page in diligence
doing a thorough search from desk
jotting down the variation with reference
trying to align the details to the best
straining all through the hours tirelessly
has taken lot of energy from the body in test
leaving the mind berserk and shoddy endlessly
giving a jolt to the physique
and a set back traumatic. hard work
Well, that has been my way of life
slogging and shunting all through
for nothing at all personally
only for the sake of pride generally


Curtains Down

Reading the script again and again
the actor looked clueless
To make him understand it was written again
still the actor remained clueless.
The writer could not get it again
so went in search for another none the less.
There did not end the problem again
It started off differently nevertheless
Searching led to serious hunting again
while listing an actor became a hunt tireless.
Going on and on in a movement again
the script lost its originality more or less.
Then came the curtains down without enacting.


Song Of Praise And Love.

download (14)With what little she could spare
she shared it with others.
With what much she could help
she gave it to others.
With what enough she held
she gifted to others.
With how much happiness she received
she passed on to others.
She did not gather much wealth
She was not in her pink of health.
She was all with smile
She extended cordiality to all without fail.
Such women go unhonored
Such women die unnoticed.
To them I would like to sing
a song of praise and love.