Silent Extinction

We went to a celebration
close to the station
with a restriction
and a distinction
analysing the situation
with great notification
carrying on the distribution
with strict supervision
getting run over by instigations
and crossed over by insinuations
well, that has been the execution
and that has been the moderation
all through in living sessions
while soliciting a silent extinction
a departure from the world’s orientation.302799-Language-1323112562-221-640x480


Good, Great And Wonderful

Great be the heart that thinks great.
Great be the eyes that sees beauty
Great be the ears that hears truth
Great be the nose that smells pleasant odour.PH2Xsn9eo2ZN58_1_m
Great be the tongue that speaks meaningful
Great be the action that works wonders
Great be the teaching that teaches good.
Great be the desire that likes simple
Great be the feeling that feels sensible
Great be everything that is good, great and wonderful.


Reading Statements.

Reading into the statement
caught hold of a tenement
that spoke of various indictment
calling for an annulment
of the proclaimed announcement .

Reading between the statement
grasped the infringement
that had taken place in the intermittent
wanted to justify it with a document
that had been kept in concealment.

Reading it over and over again
going through the parts of gain
saw many entries imitating and feign
having camouflaged the real with strain
the statement looked distanced from the brain .



Happened Once

Having faltered once
she did not want to climb.
However much she was persuaded
she stayed stubborn,
Being well seen she was
gripped in fear.

The lurking ache
kept her from doing.
The impact being great
she stood aghast
not going forward
trembling in fear.

Being so much oppressed
always thinking of it
made her dull and desolate
a thought of it
would bring tears
in total despondency.

The commitments being great
wanting to settle her daughter in life
she has to take decisions
forgetting the plight
she had undergone in
another daughter’s life.

That which happened once
will not happen again
She must understand
and get going in life
not postponing any more
as her delay would yield no results.past


Celebrations Vulnerable.

With the liveliest of thoughts
and with fond memories.
With the beautiful mind sway
and with coordination
went ahead to a celebration.

Expecting a neat arrangement
and a meticulous organisation
Anticipating a skill in presentation
and a delivery in portrayal
felt something was amiss.

Not able to access the default
and not possible to go into details.
Not sure of the references involved
and not clear of the incidence
stood helpless in the middle.

There was a confusion all over
as the distinctions were in chaos
There was a stampede in the course
the avenue being small with limitations
unableHaymarket-Massacre to cope with an unprecedented rush.

The celebration became a casuality
with many injured severely at the heights
and with a few deaths costly in the site
revealing a sight ghastly and horrible
proving celebrations unorganised are most vulnerable.