pleasant Poetry unusual.

The Week Past.

The week past
seems to be lost
wish it lasts
the weather was pleasant
quite different
the Month of April
is always hot in a tell
the week past
was pleasant
with plenty of sunshine
copious rains
a mild wind bit breezy
all made one crazy
a lovable week
a little of a freak.201504551dba5630142


Days Have Gone By.

Going by the days that have gone by

what a time it was recollected without shy

the days  I played hopping  with my friends

the years I worked to get through in trends

the hours I spent in preparing for the examinations

the minutes I Days past.lost myself in observations

the seconds that  led me to risky foreclosures

all come to my mind in a packed enclosure

making me to sit back with a relaxation

and also ponder over with a redemption

calling for an immediate renunciation

alienating the earthly wishes  from the occupation

accepting what comes in the way as a lively  revenue

expecting  no further bonus or perquisites in retinue.

This tryst being assumed in  determination

will find a way out in timely duration.












Over To The Past

Deliberating while sitting at home
thinking of the past happenings
the way of life that had gone by
the years that have passed over
kept me occupied in the morning.
The days that had fled bore experiences
reflecting the struggle that had been borne
halting over the bitterness that had gone
how all these had to come to an end
after inflicting volumes of injury and hurt
Those days have passed leaving an indelible mark
that remains in the heart permanently.deliberating
It looks as though it is concealed deep down
but is found obviously in the body and face
which did not endure any mishap whatsoever
but had undergone the stress and anguish.


Swinging To And Fro

Swinging away into the past
where the retreat is very fast
while memories come gushing in a flow.
when back to the time of birth in slow
though with no memoirs of that day special
but got to know about it in a tell
then treading toward the school life
with all its gusto and strive
proceeding towards the university
clinching honours in veracity
becoming a wife and a mother
in quick succession whatsoever
submerged in sea of responsibility
almost for three decades with credibility
finally emerged out of it though in a belateddownload (20) mode
the lifelong passion of writing finds its code
be it a canvas with profile low and not grand
it had given me an outlet to voice my stand.
With that in purview my life has taken a full circle
saying proudly to myself that I have not buckled


The Day Passes.

The day has gone past.
The events have fled fast.
They have moved away from the original.
Things that could have concluded in internal
has come out in the public to the external.
Tconclusionhat which seemed to be cumbersome
has turned out not to be loathsome.
Expecting not such terms all along
had to remain with fingers crossed
keeping the mouth shut all through
but with watchful eyes examining through
a conclusion is yet to come into force
hope to achieve the slot one chose.


Happened Once

Having faltered once
she did not want to climb.
However much she was persuaded
she stayed stubborn,
Being well seen she was
gripped in fear.

The lurking ache
kept her from doing.
The impact being great
she stood aghast
not going forward
trembling in fear.

Being so much oppressed
always thinking of it
made her dull and desolate
a thought of it
would bring tears
in total despondency.

The commitments being great
wanting to settle her daughter in life
she has to take decisions
forgetting the plight
she had undergone in
another daughter’s life.

That which happened once
will not happen again
She must understand
and get going in life
not postponing any more
as her delay would yield no results.past


The Times—-Haiku

The past is a relic.
it is antique
being outdated and didactic.

The present is alive.
It is a drive.
being imminent and a thrive.

The future is hope.
It is an elope.
being a possibility and a copimages (93)e.


Man of The Past

A man stayed in the past
he never came to the days fast.
he stood there looking aghast
at the skies in a gaze.

To him past proved everything
It kept on ringing.
Memories flow in bringing
thoughts in a singing.

To him past is not a history.
it is not anything hoary.
It tells a story
with interesting anecdotes wholly.

Quotes the prices of yester years.
The present price tag causes a fear.
The events of today make him shed tears.
Oh! He looks like King Lear.
images (75)


Living in The Present.

Not thinking much about future.
Not talking much about any feature.
Not reading anything about the creatures.
Not writing anything about nature
The man works in the present420_live_in_moment_7
doing what he could do to make it decent
His work program is not nascent
It is a lively action very recent.
To him travelling into the past
makes no impact lasting.
He goes on with his duties not aghast
but performs them in time and fast.
Well, that is how he lives in a cast.


Into The Past.

It is going to be a long day
longer than the usual sunday
as having no work to do
and nothing to watch
as T.stock-footage-women-reading-on-the-couchV. programs have become a trash
and the shopping out has become not a necessity.
only books to read and read
sitting on a couch
dreaming of the past
and thinking of the present
as future is going to hold nothing spectacular
This life of care and work has come to a close
with the hey days gone into the past
It is time to consolidate and conclude
and get noiselessly into the past.