Man of The Past

A man stayed in the past
he never came to the days fast.
he stood there looking aghast
at the skies in a gaze.

To him past proved everything
It kept on ringing.
Memories flow in bringing
thoughts in a singing.

To him past is not a history.
it is not anything hoary.
It tells a story
with interesting anecdotes wholly.

Quotes the prices of yester years.
The present price tag causes a fear.
The events of today make him shed tears.
Oh! He looks like King Lear.
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A Story To Narrate.

jealousyIt is a short sighted indulgence
that overtakes all inference.
It is an overwhelming impertinence
that screws up a naughty interference.

Interference in itself is a scam.
while too much derision is a spam.
Heavy derogation is a shame damn
Calling names is a desolate slam.

Well,that is how the world goes round,
with people expressing remarks beyond the bound.
Involving themselves in deals not profound.
Condemning each and everything without ground.

They look with jaundiced eyes,
seeing yellow in all ties,
They scorn at all buys
clothing them with demeaning lies.

Why they behave so? remains a mystery.
Why they speak so? recalls history.
Why they look so? casts a hoary.
This is so records the story.

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A Revision

History  is a  fine study,

Teaching us to be savvy,

Alerting us to be awry,

Leading us to glory.


Revising may be   a  terrible bore,

Though it directs us to the core,

It transacts the past more and more,

Revitalising the present  to the fore.


Revisiting the past is dreaded by all,

Recycling the waste is gaining a call,

Reusing the water is the newest  ball,

Ensuing a spirited move really tall.



Revisions go ahead of all venues,

Promising supportive rescues

They bring out lucrative revenues,

Foretelling   a cordial bien-venue  




















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All Roads Lead to Rome.

All roads lead to Rome,

As it is a stately home,

Where culture blooms

While creativity zooms.



Civilization took its wings,

Christianity pitched its  rings

Architecture picked its strings.

Renaissance found its links.



Literature  abounds with Roman reference,

Epics and ballads sing  its praise with reverence,

Augustus and Julius  Ceasers   still command a  deference,

Michelangelo’s “Last Judgement “is a masterpiece  with a difference.




The portrait of Mona Lisa is beautifully enigmatic,,

The ambiguity in her smile is expressively subjective,

The monumentality of the composition exudes a subtlety,

The atmospheric illusionism refracts the  profound credibility.



Romans  are remarkable for   grand opulence,

Neoclassicism  induced an impressive influence,

Fountains, statues and columns incite an observance,

Villas and landscaped gardens  let out a lot of inference.




Music keeps flowing across the Tiber river,

Learning breathes through the lanes in fervour,

Drama and art reverberate  through the streets in ardour,

Sports ancient and modern keep  a systematic order.


In Rome be a Roman ,goes the saying,

Many of us nurture a craving,

To see the  antique city glowing,

In finery and artistic engravings.





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Long Long Ago


 Ah!It  was  a heaving sigh,

 Nay ,now it is a  pleasing cry,

 Eh!It was a distant call,

 No  , now it is a claim tall,

 Oh!It was a saying old,

Nay ,   presently it is a trial gold,

 Lo!It was  a dream past,

 No , exactly it is an  event cast,

 So ,it was an issue great,

 Nay ,  not , it is a crisis late,

 Though ,it was a gossip fine,

 Nay , apparently it is a reality twine,

 Hey !it  was a thought deep.

 Nay ,   surely it is an idea  steep,

 Alas!It seems  so long ago,

 Right,  well ,it is  now  a promising go.