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Whither Warming?

As the sun rises in the east,

The day breaks with a beat,

As the sun reaches the noon,

The day blasts with a swoon,

As the sun sets in the west,

The day subdues with a rest.


 As the morn challenges  with a bet,

The noon  perspires with a sweat,

 As the eve  wrenches with  a dust,

The night sleeps with a crust.



 As the morning starts in  a hurry,

The noon pushes into a dreary,

 As the eve rushes into a fatigue,

The night settles in an intrigue.



As the morning warmth is cosy,

The noon heat is fiery,

 As  the evening air is sultry,

The night environ is  swanky


 As the  day becomes warmer,

The night becomes a  torture,

 As the sway unfolds a tirade,

The sweep controls a fade.



Whither goes the world?

Towards a driest fold.

Whither goes the warming?

Towards a land swarming.

Whither goes the  inkling?

Towards a bay tickling.

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If Wishes Were Horses.

I want to go the moon,

I want to become a billionaire soon,

I want to climb great heights fast

I want to possess land vast, 

I want to  achieve laurels  quick,

I want to make life tick,

I want to grow tall,

I want to help all,

I want to live in glee,

I want to be busy as a bee,

Thus sings my heart.


My mind calls,

“if wishes were horses ,then beggars would ride”.

My heart sinks,

My eyes wink,

My thought  dries,

My spirit dies.

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An Ode To The Knee

A slight slip,

A small misstep,

A little twist,

Damaged my knee.


A splitting pain,

A severe ache,

A terrible strain,

Limits my knee.



A complex  status,

A decrying tedium

A reduced movement,

Hampers my knee.



A constant effort,

A synchronised device,

A tolerant attitude,

Has to pull my knee.



Stroking my  knee gently

Caressing my knee fondly

Massaging my knee carefully

I endure the pain tearfully.



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A Rhyme On Behaviour

What is behaviour?

I query,

It is  an impact.


Define behaviour?

I ask,

It is a value



Decipher behaviour?

I insist.

It is  culture.


 Refer behaviour?

I prolong.

It is ethics.


Express behaviour?

I emphasise,

It is emotion.


Elucidate behaviour?

I prod,

It is attitude.



Address behaviour?

I prattle,

It is  rapport.



Announce behaviour?

I dig,

It is authority.



Sum up behaviour,

I conclude,

It is graceful etiquette


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Faith In Me

I walk with pride,

I walk with head high,

I walk with no fear,

Illustrating the faith in me.



I speak with facts,

I speak with basis,

I speak  no lie,

Enunciating the faith in me.



I act with courage,

I act with thought,

I act with no procrastination,

Expressing the faith in me.



I listen with patience,

I listen with interest,

I listen with  no distraction

Evolving the faith in me.



I accomplish with grace,

I accomplish with poise,

I accomplish with no inaccuracy,

Propagating the faith in me.

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Stand Aside.

When I see

any dirt,

any flirt,

I stand aside.



When I hear

any lie,

any tie,

I stand aside.



When I feel,

any  insensible,

any unreliable,

I stand aside.



When I smell,

any pungent,

any poignant,

I stand aside.



As I withdraw from the maze

As I retreat from the  haze,

As I refrain from the race,

I stand aside.


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There was a thunderous applause

To the extolling magnificence,

To the  glowing radiance,

We were spellbound.



There was a fabulous deliverance,

Of the  prosperous remittance,

Of the grand relevance.

We were spellbound.



There was a sumptuous excitement,

At the embellishing excellence,

At the exquisite reference,

We were spellbound.



There was a scrupulous  utterance

Of the practical observance,

Of the intricate perseverance,

We were spellbound.



There was a beauteous appearance ,

Similar to an apparition,

Similar to  a hallucination,

We were spellbound.


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A Day Out

A day out of my house has become an eventful experience for me.

Decking up in a the best attire,I made my way first to a wedding.

The muhurat was almost over.

I met a few of my friends and relatives,and went to the dining hall to have my lunch.

The menu was simple and excellent .I had a swift partake.

Then bade farewell to the host and left to  enquire the birth of a child in another relative’s house.

There was an array of sweets and chocolates and a juice was extended.

I engaged myself in a pleasant talk.Leaving my relative’s house, I peeped into another elderly relative’s house.

The elderly couple were relaxing ,while I entered.

I expressed my concern over their health, as the aged relative had a bout of sudden illness in the form of gastritis.

They wer happy to see me.

They offered me tea and snacks.

Then,as I was about to get into my car, met a friend of my mother in-law.

She ,at 75 was proceeding to one of her friend who was ailing.

She called me into her house.

She ,being a good conversationalist, talked in detail about the events in my native town.

The interesting presentation detained me in her house for nearly an hour and half.

Finally ,came home at dusk, dead tired and exhausted.

Had a shower and after dinner ,got to sleep.

The day was fully loaded.

The refreshing trend of seeing people and attending weddings made me deliberate for a while.

At times I become philosophical.

I ,while recollecting the chain of events, was able to choreograph the life in all its grandeur and serenity.

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Eateries Down My Road

My neighbourhood was a calm ,area some fifteen years back.

I was one of the first to settle in this suburb.

But mow it is a s crowded as a road in the centre o the town, with shops , banks, departmental stores ,apartments.

We were only three in our road  during the eighties.

Now we are three thousands.

As the suburb lost its serenity and solitude, it assumed a look of a mini town.

The first visible change ,I deciphered was the eateries which came up one by one.

A little away from my home, there is  a chef who prepares soup, both vegetable and mutton.

Soups  are starters in a posh hotels.

The wayside  also extends  food in par with high-end restaurants.

A few yards from my house, there came up a mobile eatery .

It specialised in medicinal pancakes (puri).

The puris are made by grinding soaked raw rice along with spinach .The various spinach used are thuthuvalai, mullu murungai, tulasi. The ground batter is made into small circles which are  fried in oil.This puri is good for cough and cold.It clears the congestion .

 AT the next stop , some hundred yards  away, we can find a mobile van with stoves, providing vegetable rice, raithas, chicken sixty .

Down the road ,we can also find petty vendors selling  steaming idlis,  hot parthas, sizzling dosas,all prepared on the spot They are piping hot and  tasty.

So ,a stroll down the road will  appease the hunger,while extending a delicious menu both homely and cost savy.

The experience is one of thrill  .

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Society,Socialism, Socialising.

The society is a group or community that behests attention, that requires cooperation ,that inducts  comprehension, that allots communication.

The society is a collective expression of individual thoughts and gathered exposition of each one’s spirit.

The motivation that drills the mind is that of oneness and  a wholesome  presentation.


Socialism,is a beautiful concept that is misunderstood, that is most misrepresented, and that which is most practised in a deliberate digression.

It aims at distribution through individual  production efforts.


Communism  the extreme form has found a popular support.

The significant assumption of  communism is  not constrained by economics but keeps under its sway politics also.

Its aim is statelessness and classlessness.

Capitalism  is an economic system  which  professes  private ownership.

Socialism ,thus is a harmonious combination of capitalism and communism.

Socialising is an interaction.It has its limitation .

An excess of it leads to trouble.

Too much socialising results in a clash of egos , of morals, of beliefs and of distinctive styles.

The unique style of an individual gets diffused 

He may turn out to be a go getter.

He may work on social events with understanding.

But his  presentation becomes common.

He is  one among many.



The society that brings about socialism and causes socialising should have a limited scope in an individuals preference.

A Man should rely on himself, while adjusting in a society.

A Man should follow the ideologies of socialism without hampering his self.

A man should indulge in socialising by keeping him above any remarkable manifestations.

Society above self, strikes the chord.

Mind you ,society should never outbreak self.