Monthly Archives: July 2014

Top Of The World

A friend of mine
talks with a shine
smile is her weapon
defeats she a dozen
sensitive she is true
she never lets any clue
preserves her hurt close
performs her act sweet chose
comes she with a dagger
sets the opponent to a stagger
an interesting persona
she commands a validity
nice to relate to her
great to depend on her
true to the words
she is top of the world.

Pass Off

Happened to see a workshop
not a big one in size
a small shop into details
where the nuts and screws
the hinges and glue
all talked of quality
more the while the hands
were deft and quick
did the work with precision
a sight interesting
brought to my mind
the poetry workshop
where the rhymes and meter
the flow and theme
the meaning and beauty
fall into bits and pieces
the skeleton remains
a delineation is it?
nay it is a dissection
go to amputate the limbs
burst the arteries
lie illworkshop for a while in sobriety
slowly pass on to eternity

The Cry and Smile

The child cries
for what she knows not
cries she all aloud
tears run down her cheeks
face turns scarlet
the mother tries to pacify her
feeds her with milk
makes noise with the rattle
holds her close to the bosom
the child cries even more
knowing not what to do
the mother breaks down
she whispers and sobs
looks the child perplexed
sits there silent for a time
crawls towards her mother
wipes the tears that flow
softly kisses her mom
with a broad smile as cries and smiles

The Take

The bee is busy
never sits cosy
buzzes all around
very much duty bound.

The ant is alert
never does it flirt
moves in train
saves for the rain.

The sparrow works forever
never does it quiver
flies with a follow
settles in a hollow.

The man manipulates Bee
never does he deviates
possessed by greed
help he not those in need.

I Sit There For Long.

The fall I met with
not one of great
it be a physical
broke my leg
not actually in sense
a misstep caused the havoc
hurt in the knees
sprain or fracture
do not I know
pain turns sharp
sit there with tears.where to complain?
i sit with tears
my mother gone for long
my father also flew before her
my husband would be shocked
with the sons all far away
I sit with tears without a move
I sit there for long.