Top Of The World

A friend of mine
talks with a shine
smile is her weapon
defeats she a dozen
sensitive she is true
she never lets any clue
preserves her hurt close
performs her act sweet chose
comes she with a dagger
sets the opponent to a stagger
an interesting persona
she commands a validity
nice to relate to her
great to depend on her
true to the words
she is top of the world.


An Expectation Far And Near.

Being in the final stages
for reasons very silly
almost waited for ages
going with a case seriously
where got up and forth
then went down and deep
for nothing at all in worth
spending much from the keep
both time and money not less
heading no where in a speed
finally settling none the less.
The issue being modest and moderate
but the build up was fastidious
making one believe that at the rate
it would be a win for the dubious
yet constantly kept on challenging
with the hope of winning.
As the results are drawing close
hope to achieve what I chose