To Himself

The  noise of the gadgets
right from the morning
heard,  by men, with no grudge
as it turns out to be a necessity.

Grinding and blending,
whistling and frothing,
clattering and clanking
keep one involved.

In the milieu, the natural tunes
being the tweets of the sparrows
the squeak of the parrots
go unheard almost.

The haste and the chase
mankind finds itself
leave the race in a design
alienating from the environment.

The fever and fret,
the grumble and the regret,
place humanity in a prison
away from Nature.

The species around him,
either aviary or aquatic,
be the ones tagged to the grounds
live in harmony with the surroundings.

Distancing himself man is left alone,
knows not what to do in times of need,
finds himself battered by disasters.
Finally, lets himself devoured by them.


Mona Stands Out

An incident that keeps me anxious.
No, the one that makes me smile.
Yes, that brings in a resolution.

It being unexpected. Baffles me all the while.
It revolves around a birthday party.
The girl being an eight-year-old called Mona.

She chooses her friends. The number allowed is ten.
Makes the list. Strikes one or two
Adds up – a great calculation.

Mona starts inviting.
One of her friends is absent.
She gives the card to Nisha, not on the list.

Nisha gets mad and calls Mona rude
Shouts, “Why are you not inviting me?
Mona retorts ” I do not like you”.

Her papa scolds her. She minds not.
Steadfast in her decision, tells her dad
“Please do not talk about it “.

The dad knows not what to do.
Did he applauds her determination
or condemn her behaviour. Intriguing!

Mona stands out.


Mother Of Pearl

Being a connoisseur of art
my eyes devour the beautiful.
A tussle between desire and discretion engages.

Furniture keeps me in a hold.
That of Mother Of Pearl
makes my jaws drop.

The designs are eye catching.
Excel in grandeur. They are chaste and delicate.
Impressive and imperious they appear.

To possess one became a passion,
which turned into an obsession later.
I researched, I browsed, I hunted like a devil.

Forayed through the malls and shops
both in Malaysia and Singapore.
I became mad.

My family teased me. Called me
“Mother Of Pearl.” They had fun at my cost.
I talked of nothing but Mother Of Pearl.

A friend of mine, a Chinese, made a trip to her homeland.
Knowing my love for the inlaid furniture,
searched for the best in the mainland.

She took it as a challenge. Substituted the motifs
dragons with peacocks. I admire peacocks. Ordered, Shipped.
paid. All she did without a word to me.

Left to me, I would have settled for one. Finances do matter.
She does not count. She bought two sets of dining tables
along with one living room furniture. I would not have dreamt off.

I was overjoyed to see them all. Bright and intricate.
They are my proudest possession. Pricey too.
I am delighted..


A String Of Pearls.

A string of pearls
round the neck
enhances the beauty
of the one who wears.

It is a selfless extension.
Being one of charismatic delivery
Unlike men who brag about ordinary
forgetting. the ethics.


Feigns A Smile.

Rena was in the shadows of her mother.
She was unable to break out. She was tied down,
Remained in the dark during her prime years.

She got married. Played second fiddle to her husband.
She is behind him most of the years.Did not identify herself.
Stayed unknown all through her active years.

Very late in life, she wants to come out.
Did she do it straightforwardly?
No, she did in a subtle way.
Little open and little closed.

I look at Rena. She feigns a smile.


The Sunshine—Theory of Incredibility.

The sun comes and goes.
Plays like a child.
Seem to call peekaboo.
Hides its face for a while
people run around fearing rain
only to find the sun out again.

At times it is fun to have it that way.
The sky is overcast and cloudy for a time
The clouds diffuse. The sky turns bright a little later
A phenomenon based on the theory of incredibility.
Much like men who laugh and frown, smile and grieve
Bear a countenance hard to believe.


What Would Happen?

What would happen?
if the mind is crooked
with the head high up.



I am ecstatic when I see a fish
excited when I hold a bunny
thrilled when I behold a peacock
go crazy when I see a sparrow.

I freeze when I catch a glimpse of a dog
I tremble. I run.
Even the pup scares me. I keep away from the little one.
I fear them from childhood.

While others make me happy
I turn apprehensive of dogs.
Called as cynophobia this psychosis
drives me mad at times
when I visit my friends who hold dogs with love.

My city’s roads have stray dogs at every corner.
Know not when they would pounce on you.
I seldom walk alone on the roads.
The mongrels allow me not to saunter.


Discipline Par Excellence

A discipline that took me by surprise
that of a protest without a murmur.

An aggression quiet and focused
lasted for six days.

The students, in majority, kept vigil
safeguarded women and children.

Food and water were delivered
without interruptions by people.

No untoward incident whatsoever
was heard or seen.

It was a graceful turnout,
ended in a success.

Never has the world seen such an upheaval
An achievement, not ordinary but, glorious.


Jallikattu —Caught Between The Horns.

A sea of humanity
on the beaches of Marina
unseen so long,
unexpected till date.

It being an agitation without violence
against the ban of “jallikattu”.
A novel way to express the displeasure
never heard anywhere in the world.

“Jallikattu” name implies
(jalli- money, Kattu –tied on the horns)
a gamble – betting on bulls
a high promissory reward
awaits the one who tames the bull.

A game of valour played for ages,
mostly in Vaadivasal, Alanganallur
of Madurai in Southern Tamilnadu.
primarily agricultural hamlets.

Judiciary has stirred the hornet’s nest
The people gather in public places
almost in all towns of Tamilnadu.
An upheaval sans bloodshed.


Solidarity is explicit.
Hear not a voice of dissent.
“Jallikattu vendum” is the cry
heard in intervals.

It is a movement of the people
where students, the employed
the retired participate in earnest.
Faith in self is evident.

Politicians find no place
The Police turn friendly.
The government listens.
An ordinance is passed.

The protest continues
People need not a temporary respite
They demand a permanent resolution.
They sit and wait.