To Himself

The  noise of the gadgets
right from the morning
heard,  by men, with no grudge
as it turns out to be a necessity.

Grinding and blending,
whistling and frothing,
clattering and clanking
keep one involved.

In the milieu, the natural tunes
being the tweets of the sparrows
the squeak of the parrots
go unheard almost.

The haste and the chase
mankind finds itself
leave the race in a design
alienating from the environment.

The fever and fret,
the grumble and the regret,
place humanity in a prison
away from Nature.

The species around him,
either aviary or aquatic,
be the ones tagged to the grounds
live in harmony with the surroundings.

Distancing himself man is left alone,
knows not what to do in times of need,
finds himself battered by disasters.
Finally, lets himself devoured by them.