The Snow

The Snow.

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The Snow

What a beauty to see the white fluffy flakes!

Falling  extensively over land and lakes,

Leaving a cold layer  of slushy  blaze

Presenting a wonderful  glaze.


The snow fall tends heavy in mid winter,

Releasing a freezing cold all over,

Trees and roads  turn white,

Experiencing  a biting cold bitter.



Snow pushers are seen all the way,

Working with spades to clear their bay,

Kids cuddle inside the  rooms,

As the large boulders of  ice loom


Winter is a season of exhaustion

With no daylight  distribution,

Darkness encircles the day

Forcing a deliberate  gray.


Old age is a phase difficult to bear,

Besieged with physical and mental tear,

A renewal of  agility and vigour is rare,

Crossing the years is a terrific bear.



Wading through the snow is onerous,

Living in old age  becomes calamitous,

Snow receedes as summer  comes,

Old people pass away as death  approaches.

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A Moss

A clump of growth found in  grounds damp

Densely grown on trees and  plants in a clamp,

Covering the moist land and  wet swamp,

With a greenish slippery  stamp.



The moss is a dangerous species

A careless tread pronounces  a falling series

Its  spread is in an accelerated  treatise,

Endangering  the healthy growth in no ease.



It gobbles the  nutrients  in a startling speed

Making its parent body into a hideous   bleed

It mulls the sprouts to a shoddy  breed,

Confiscating a sickly  lead.


Evil gathers quickly and violently  like a moss,

Works up  in swift  succession against all toss,

Slamming good to a deadly cross,

Interpreting an irreparable    severe loss .


Moss  has to be nipped  early

To ensure a protected  site largely,

Evil has to be eschewed badly,

To enliven the society gracefully

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The Dew

Moisture sets in the night,

Cooling the  spaces light ,

Condensing and accumulating bright,

Over the lawns, cars  and flowers overnight.

The pearl like dew  sparkles ,

Like   opague crystals,

Dancing to the whistles ,

Of the early dawn  fills.

The droplet over a  petal red,

Is a sensational thread,

Leaving us in a spell-bound led,

Capturing  the thoughts in a stead.

The fixation is laden with enthusiasm,

As it  holds a  lot of realism,

Bringing to light the geniality of altruism,

Which  falls hard on the existing scepticism.

Dew  reflects the state of impermanence,

In a cryptic  bubbling brief  reference,

We , mortals, fail to comprehend the insurgence,

That reigns supreme over  our feigned innocence.

Dew  drops disappear in the  late morn,

They fades away like a timid fawn,

Man  too is a  distinct born,

Destined to pass away in the forlorn.

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Precious Envision

Earthquakes have shattered the land,

Tsunami has  devastated the sand

Economy has bewildered  the band,

Demoralizing and disorienting all in hand.

Dollar and Pound   go down the crack

Yen and Yuan  slip into the back,

Euro and Rupee  fold into a rack,

All other currency follow the track.

World wide Economy is in a fearful limbo,

People everywhere are exposed to a violent tornado,

Countries are amidst a crusading crescendo,

Falling into broken pieces without much ado.

It is metals in a limelight hue,

Gold is shining in a yellow brew,

Silver  rising in a brandished true,

All other metals animate the cue.

Predictions go

Gold will clamber to $2000 by December 2011,

Silver will shoot up to $100 by 2011 closure,

Gold and Silver will go to the museums as treasure,

Where they will remain as art pieces  just for pleasure.

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Qualities In A Row.

Thoughts and expressions get a glow,

When they enter a disciplined flow

They evolve a  code of norm,

As they get delivered into a rightful  form.


Wishes and desires take a cue,

When they pass through the right hue,

They emulate a code of ethics,

As they are targeted on  eventful relics.


Love and affection  holds  a spontaneous take,

When they meet the  affable sake,

They emanate a sparkling light,

As they get focused on an appealing  sight.



Kindness and mercy assume a potency of   blight,

When they perceive  the medium right,

They allow a sequence of beatitude,

As they bless with a  merciful attitude.


Peace and contentment represent a significance,

When they portray a divine reference,

They extend a cohesive synergy

As they pass through a radiating energy.

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Tinge And A Twinge

There was a note of melancholy all around,

There was a sort of depression in and out,

With heavily laden eyes,

Brimming with tears,

Faces looking sullen,

The whole environ was heavily charged.


The tinge of sadness got expressed,

In the colour of the dress,

Which was black

A colour of mourning,

A symbol  of grief,

Expressing torment,

The gathering reflected a desolation.


The twinge of pain was unbearable,

The thought of distress was deplorable,

With heart-rending scenes,

A bash on the head,

A beat on the chest,

Eyes  flutter  in sorrow,

The scenario was upbeat with sordid temper.


The tinge of unbearable  twinge,

Gave way to an oppressing tenor,

Insinuating a swanky mood,

Of loathsome exhaustion,

Of irking withdrawal,

Inducting a moment of strain and drain.

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A Claim ,A Fear, -Radiation

Energy or waves travel through a medium or space,

It travels in straight lines in all directions  not in a maze,

The ionizing and non ionizing energy cause a blaze,

Dumping  Nature and Man   into an unhealthy haze.




Fukushima Dailichi nuclear plant leaks  hotter

The energy waves pass through   tap water,

Forcing  the Japanese  to a totter,

As there poses a threat of disaster all over.



Well, the cry over Japanese reactor,

The  wail  and a sob causes a detractor

The earthquake remains  a  violent defector

Placing” The land of the rising sun ” into an incubator.


Yes, the Natural violence has distracted the world,

To a dilemma and panic all in a hold,

What about  the X-rays and mammograms  in  bold?

Which enable radiation to pass through organism  fold.



Let us  protest over radiation usage,

Give Diagnosis   a leverage,

Cure by physical observation to be arbitrage,

Restricting a colossal ruthless ravage.




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A Bait

A little worm in the hook of a fishing net,

Acts us a firm  secure bet,

Clinging and cringing it tempts ,

The fish to make  longing  attempts,

Thrilled to see the tiny bait

It jumps unknowingly   in an ecstatic   trait.



Up ,up it shoots  with a vigour,

Clambering to hold the trigger,

The worm   dances and dangles,

Oscillating in various angles,

The fish makes a  somersault,

Dashes  over and above  without a fault.




The lovely rush through the water,

Holds us in a quick monitor,

While the palpitations rage high,

We sadly perceive with a sigh,

The fish being hauled  by the  hook,

Of the fisherman along the brook .




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