Daily Archives: March 19, 2011


I gaze at the  dark sky  over  there,

I see none other than the sky above there

The twinkling little stars are  not there,

The full bright moon is also not there.



The lovely moon is seen in full bright,

On the day of the “Full Moon “right.

But today  not a trace is found  straight,

Much to  everyone’s disappointment right.



The moon  gets closer to the earth today,

Very much nearer to the earth than  all other day,

It will appear big and  full  than any other day,

Lo ! it is not visible to my eyes today.



Astrologers say “Supermoon” will bring disaster,

They say tsunami  in Japan is  a forerunner to  the disaster,

Scientists say the nearness will  force tidal waves to alter ,

But  will not affect earth’s charter



To me the moon  behaves little peculiar today,

As  its  luminosity is  kept in a bay,

This  phenomenon is a  deviated ray,

Keeping the world in fearful stray.