There Ends The Game

It is my privilege to address you
quotes the chief speaker.
He starts off with zest
putting forth a well prepared one

The speech, packed with details,
where statistics outnumber the statements
baffling the audience who
listened with rapt attention.

As he continues the listeners
turn bored, Exasperation
leads to distraction
calling for a cessation.

The Speaker continues oblivious
to the crowd’s disinterest leaving
the organizers in a dilemma. The
spectators rise to move.


He Makes One Hundred Thousand A Day

speaks out my friend Shalu.
He is workaholic, does no know
what he eats and drinks, his wife
cries hoarse.
He is preoccupied has no time
to enjoy laments his mother.

Each one makes him a hero
magnify his prowess and attitude
in an inimitable way, I imagine him to be
an embodiment of greatness
and one with business acumen.
Await to see him.

The other day, Shalu in all ‘excitement
screams,”here he goes”. I rush to the porch
to catch a glimpse of the “great man”.
My heart sinks to the nadir, Shalu,
I exclaim ” Is that the man?” She
nods vigourously, I mark my
exit with dismay.



An Elixir To Me

The fruits on the table,
guava, custard apple,
all home grown, catch me
while my eyes rest on
hill banana, a variety
special to my place,
mid size, thick skinned
greenish yellow in hue
form a Cheepu , as known
in my tongue, meaning
comb, mostly constitutes
a dozen. sometimes
holds a score.

Having a liking for this
I buy them no matter what
they cost, The moderate sweetness,
the not too soft pulp evoke
a pleasure at the first bite,
remains until I finish
the whole. The taste lingers
for a while making the process
a wonderful experience that I undergo
while breaking my fast in the morning.
nothing is more enjoyable at the
moment, I love small, small things
as they extend a contentment.


It is Righteousness

The allegations by a group
jump through the years
one above another
the accusations pile up,
primarily drives to places
finally flies to destinations

A coordinated effort
done with understanding
among the peers, capricious
at times, morbid at other
occasions. Pleased with
majority by the side, they
swell with pride,

Thankless they are, forget
the help they received from
the one they target. He, who
keeps away from them stays
calm. His courage is unflinching.
cause he is assured that righteousness
will surely be rewarded.


Wisdom Arrives Late

A pause for now
says my mind
a break, no way
warns my heart.

Between both
I stagger, haggle
then move, leap
finally settle.

I decide to go
as I do, at my ‘
own pace within
my space.

I talk to myself
have been doing
for a time, do not
‘expect anything great,

Of late, I am turning
to be oriented
towards one issue
at a time.

If only I had been
focused as I am
now, I would have
reached the zenith.

Not to have reached anyway
I had been distracted
getting involved
in almost all.

Learning comes late
wisdom arrives at the end
the twilight descends
vision grows dim.


The More you Pull

Reluctance and persuasion
comprise the day.
it is a game play,
the one who holds
slips and escapes
too often, where
and why, beyond

Relates and fixes
anecdotes, happened
25 years back,
He jumps from one to another
in such speed , distracts
and deviates, Mediation is at a loss

The opposition watches.
Marvels at the man’s
rubberiness, but stays
steadfast in the demands.,
unwilling to let any
of their demands,

All in a sudden he agrees,
things work fast, I remain
wary. The question,
Why did he agree?
leaves me sleepless.


Ratan Back Again

 gibbering and jabbering
which mean nothing to anyone 
but everything to him and his likes,

He rambles with a speed
 none can overtake
 nor can comprehend,
 dilly dallying.

He behaves like a child
 the one who says 
 when admonished 
 I hit him cause he hit me earlier.

 Repeatedly getting involved
in dealings with him, I am 
finding it hard to progress
 turning literally breathless.

Sighing  and weighing 
 I try to unknot  the twists
 how far I can reach 
 I really do not know,


Neelima Reacts

The noose tightens
the opposition grows.

Neelima is shattered,
she is being deceived.

Her pounding heart
makes her instable.

Will she be outsmarted?
Will she succumb to the ploy?

My suspicion mounts.
I turn panicky.

Not cowed by manipulations
Neelima regains self.

Talks gently hinting broadly
she means what she says,

She wants her share, It should be
a fair division,

If anyone plays the game
she will not fight till the end,

The listeners understand
that she is no sport.

They stop their deceit
then and there.

Start to work on a feasible
alternative. She has set

the ball rolling, She walks
out with a satisfaction,

Those who plotted
hang their heads in shame.



Neelima’s agony
knows no bounds.
She suffers for strange
reasons . Incredible at times

The recent dealings
with friends who feign
to support her makes her

They act on her behalf,
draw plans, she turns
an accomplice not knowing they
are playing a game.

She directs and helps
them to go ahead,
not once she suspects their

A day or two after
she realizes the hand
and glove deceit of them
with her opponents.

She does not express anger
feels hurt for being taken ‘
for granted. How people
behave ? she rues.

She resolves finally
to keep away. The dealing
will remain incomplete.
That is Neelima’s trait.


Then And Now

I think of those days
when time governed me
my sons in school
the honking of the school bus,
they running to the gate
I going behind them
with the lunch basket
it is all chaos, the roof
coming down in the morning.

That of now, I am in bed
till seven in the morning,
rise up, making myself
presentable walk towards
the gate pick up the papers
watch the kids get into the bus,
smiling I return to my porch
hear silence, the roof remains
intact without any precipitation