The More you Pull

Reluctance and persuasion
comprise the day.
it is a game play,
the one who holds
slips and escapes
too often, where
and why, beyond

Relates and fixes
anecdotes, happened
25 years back,
He jumps from one to another
in such speed , distracts
and deviates, Mediation is at a loss

The opposition watches.
Marvels at the man’s
rubberiness, but stays
steadfast in the demands.,
unwilling to let any
of their demands,

All in a sudden he agrees,
things work fast, I remain
wary. The question,
Why did he agree?
leaves me sleepless.


Ratan Back Again

 gibbering and jabbering
which mean nothing to anyone 
but everything to him and his likes,

He rambles with a speed
 none can overtake
 nor can comprehend,
 dilly dallying.

He behaves like a child
 the one who says 
 when admonished 
 I hit him cause he hit me earlier.

 Repeatedly getting involved
in dealings with him, I am 
finding it hard to progress
 turning literally breathless.

Sighing  and weighing 
 I try to unknot  the twists
 how far I can reach 
 I really do not know,


Neelima Reacts

The noose tightens
the opposition grows.

Neelima is shattered,
she is being deceived.

Her pounding heart
makes her instable.

Will she be outsmarted?
Will she succumb to the ploy?

My suspicion mounts.
I turn panicky.

Not cowed by manipulations
Neelima regains self.

Talks gently hinting broadly
she means what she says,

She wants her share, It should be
a fair division,

If anyone plays the game
she will not fight till the end,

The listeners understand
that she is no sport.

They stop their deceit
then and there.

Start to work on a feasible
alternative. She has set

the ball rolling, She walks
out with a satisfaction,

Those who plotted
hang their heads in shame.



Neelima’s agony
knows no bounds.
She suffers for strange
reasons . Incredible at times

The recent dealings
with friends who feign
to support her makes her

They act on her behalf,
draw plans, she turns
an accomplice not knowing they
are playing a game.

She directs and helps
them to go ahead,
not once she suspects their

A day or two after
she realizes the hand
and glove deceit of them
with her opponents.

She does not express anger
feels hurt for being taken ‘
for granted. How people
behave ? she rues.

She resolves finally
to keep away. The dealing
will remain incomplete.
That is Neelima’s trait.


Then And Now

I think of those days
when time governed me
my sons in school
the honking of the school bus,
they running to the gate
I going behind them
with the lunch basket
it is all chaos, the roof
coming down in the morning.

That of now, I am in bed
till seven in the morning,
rise up, making myself
presentable walk towards
the gate pick up the papers
watch the kids get into the bus,
smiling I return to my porch
hear silence, the roof remains
intact without any precipitation


Krishna The Artist

Krishna, trims the hedges.
An artist in heart he shapes them
creates three tiers, the bottom one big
the center small, the top one medium.
Fortunate to have him as my gardener.

I watch Krishna from the patio
He cuts humming a hit song
of yester years
ammavum neeye , appavum neeye
The same way the playback singer sings,

The hedges turn lovely, each one
depicting a pattern, The song flows
without any interruption. Krishna, is tired,
Rests for a while.

Wiping off the sweat, he looks
at his work. Says Sabash,
rises up to finish the remaining.
I gaze at him with wonder.

Krishna is almost the same age
as I am. I complain of my worn
out knees, and walk the barest minimum
while he stands for hours in the sun.

Hard ways have made him strong,
The comforts I enjoy have let me down.
Who is better off ? I ask myself.
It goes without saying.


I Hear Miss Myrtle

Tails at the back
shouts Miss Myrtle
my English teacher.
as she enters

Noted for strictness
she is a terror among
the sixth formers, the
twenty of us,

push our plaits back,
hurriedly stand to greet her.
She is neatly clad in a starched
pink handloom cotton saree.

Taking her chair. her eyes
travel through the rows
lasts on Sheela, a timid girl

She summons Sheela
to come to her desk.
Trembling Sheela
goes to her.

“Your skirt
is crushed and the blouse
do not go with it. You look

Watching with awe,
I look at Sheela.
Find her skirt with perfect
pleats, the blouse appropriate.

Miss Myrtle continues
talking of how to dress,
and how to pick up grace.
and look pleasing.
She then reads out
“I wandered lonely as a cloud.
That floats on high over vales and hills

The bell goes, the English
hour over. Miss Myrtle
rises from her chair
walks nodding
to our chorus ” Thank You Mam,”


So To Say

Nothing happens
in this part of the globe.
not anything spectacular
as seen for a period.

Few politicians make big noise,
a less number of businessmen
attempt to work out big, Otherwise
it is quiet all the way.

The day dawns and closes
before one could realize
man wakes and sleeps
before he thinks of anything.

This being the status
the world , at least the place
I live slides into a serenity
it is unable to handle.

A piquant situation we face
do not know how long
it will extend, Anticipating
a return of vibrancy soon.



Childhood remains a bliss ,
one of least wants.
Growing , I am into learning
the primary goal,

Marriage places me
in a status never did I dream,
Surrounded by rivalry, deceit,
envy, I lose track, a setback.

A pallor of the original,
I live, of late, with
an equanimity, juxtaposing
good and bad,

beatitude and affliction,
never once I did succumb to vile
and vicious, fall a prey
to treachery and deceit.

Perceiving the scenario
as neither an embattlement
nor a hardship, I pass the years
nothing to expect, having
a lot more to fulfill.


MR & MRS Ratan

it is appalling
seeing Ratan
taking decisions
on his own.

He, who knows,
very little violates,
principles, turns

I see impertinence
in him. He hires, rents,
spends, lives enjoying
life at the expense of others

He does not spend a pie
from his own, draws from
the family funds,
a clever manipulation.

His wife is proud of his
accounting skill. Most concerned
about her husband she claims he
works day and night for the family.

They applaud their feat, thoughts,
considerations and selfless
attitude. To many like me
they seem parasitical.