Monthly Archives: November 2014

The window Is Open.

The window opens out

could see the world throughout

the light passes in with a flair

the breeze rushes in with a care

the eyes are caught in a glare

stretching the sight with a stare

park on objects both high and low

there they eye on the stars in a glow

whose twinkle is slightly a twinge

it could also be a streaky hinge

the stars move in a range

the eyes emit an enthusiasm strange

the loftiness holds the breath

the idealism they illustrate lends a strength

that much for the greatness in all

a little lower rather down on the ground

lies the mud with rough stones aroundwindow

the eyes slowly traverse through

find a lot of meaning in their humility very true

the ruggedness is quite explicit

the realism elucidated is implicit

that is most we see through the window

the enhanced high and the enigmatic low.

The Fauna And Flora

Birds do not reside any more
have flocked to places far away
there being plenty of grains in store
a lot of fresh water in stock
the migration is conspicuous and voluminous
with thin residue left behind in AlfredSchulte-009-high-res-Forty-spotted-Pardalote-623x200
that being a group of oldies
stay put in the city for good
unable to fly that much distance
live with almost nothing
feed on what little found
that makes them sustain
they survive for a few months
and pass off unknown
a great dwindle it is as shown
the fauna and flora decrease
leaving the region bare

The Nine Gates In Line

A mother’s womb is so warm

as the baby glides slowly it cries shrill

as if it is out in a storm

when laid on the mother’s bosom

it sleeps quiet and calm.


The child sucks the breast hard

finds no milk at once

there hangs the umbilical cord

stained in damp red blood

illustrates the birth bold.


The phenomenon of growth

from childhood to adulthood

arranged with learning in all likelihood

as the child attains manhood

with intentions all good.


Love and hate cross intermittent

there is a conflict well displayed

with the abhorrence gaining a determinant

love in a scope is not prominent

the clash of egos become imminent.


The contradictions are magnified much

the feuds take the magical wand

they easily dislocate the fastened bond

the I in me and the I in you are around

the battle is fought, one losing the ground.


A slight adjustment here

a light alteration there

could bring in wonders with a shine

the resultant be an endearment fine

that would open all the nine gates in line.

nine gates>

The Clasp And Hold

The clasp and hold
that could not be told
keeps one in a fold
however, one might be bold
they come know not from where
they do really tear
even though there be utmost care
the tightness is beyond bear
extricating oneself from them is a trick
have to come out without a prick
it is like setting a brick by brick
so meticulous and patient not too quick
This could be a symbolic verse
aims to relieve the stress.

clasp and hold