Poetry travel

Travel Less known

I see a sheep

timid and tired

with it a goat

foolish and blurred

led by a herdsman

fragile and frightened

cross through the land

bumpy and rugged

the weather is cold

snowy with a blizzard

all three walk ahead

stuttering and scared

all in a way the sheep cries

the goat chuckles and mutters

the man whistles and guffaws

the group goes past

the hill in great spirit

sheep and goat.being a travel less known.


It Is One Of Joy.

It is a beautiful May morning

the sun is in its full strength

could see  the joy around in full length

the eyes of the children are sparkling

while they go up and down in the swing

they count the moves up to the tenth

they sigh and let out their breath

as they go high up all giggling

it is a pleasure to watch them play

not they know beyond that

a momentous rejoice it seems

an experience that stays for the day

not bothered of any other thing after that

peace transcends subtly in a seam.

children in swing.