humourous. Poetry

Not One But A Pair

They live therecats

sitting in a  big chair

not as one but in a  pair

grin  at us with a smile

chuckle  with a vile

act in a style

purr and whimper

jump and scamper

they are not  small beings

very clever in their doings

smart in the thinking

make us look little

as they giggle

we face a struggle

as to shoo them off

needs a  skill great thereof.

law Poetry

Dark As it Holds–10

The dark as it unfolds

enters not very bold

comes with a look cold

as the light gets on board

with its paraphernalia  on-road

the take off assumes a grandeur

as the sun slowly descends at yonder

the yellowish red hue keeps one in rapture

the picturesque moment is one to capture

the dark meekly comes into the horizon

timid and fearful all without reason

a thickness enwraps the  zone

where nothing could penetrate even in tone

the rigidity extends a qualm and a soreness

 down the spine travels the bitter chilliness

the feeling around is one of unfriendliness

yet the earth is punctuated by light and darkness

Be that  the law of nature elucidating  a significance