dark Poetry Wisdom

Dark As It Holds

Dark is a feature  not to fear
a colour  not so dear
dark when seen near
throws one out of gear
that be the review of dark
when the dogs bark
could not hear the lark
mind you it also rocks
as the night life rambles
many indulge in gambles
it might be a preamble
it might also look a stumble
Well, for every coin they say
there are two sides in a way
dark holds a bewilder
it also creates a  divider
from the known to the unknown
as against wisdom and ignorancedark

earth Poetry rains

The Rains In All

The rains do good

they too also do bad

it is the way they rain

it is the way they deign

the earth is a receptacle

it also faces a debacle

that of a receiver in a sense

that of a deceiver in pretense

the showers  fall with ease

they drive one mad in a tease

it being a likelihood all the more

it being a dissimilarity sore

the rains enrich the soil

also delude it in a foil

a strange concept in strength

yet very realistic in length.