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The 108 veena Recital —— A Rhapsody

download (78)A musical prayer  in great earnest

performed in the portals of a temple

known for its beauty and power

situated in a place of learning

the temple Meenakshi Amman

a lofty one with celebrations throughout

not a month passes without festivals

Madurai, the seat of Tamil learning

hosts cultural events in its own way

simple and solemn they are

bereft of ostentation and fanfare

the hundred and eight veena recital

sends a melody on to the heaven

where the Goddess Of Learning  “Saraswathi”

relaxes after a day’s work of imparting wisdom

she wakes up to the stringed rhapsody

listens to the flow with utmost attention

condescends with a smile of recognition

closes her eyes as a way of enjoyment

takes on her veena and starts to play

the divine music floods through the gates

comes in with such a rhythmic force

keeps in tune with the human song

the temple hall echoes with the “natham”

the reverberation enthralls the audience

the piety exhilarates and  insinuates

an endowment of mellifluous melody

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Saraswathi Namas Thubyam

The Goddess of learning  is invoked

this day  every year with devotion

blessings are sought with earnestness

the Hindu mythology has a reason,

has a value for every worship

learning is knowledge

knowledge is power  enormous

not  mean a learning by rote

a discern through  analysis

not only circumvented by academics in all

includes  fine arts like music  and dance

handicrafts and sports

a comprehension of the whole curriculum

a strategy to win over  with charm

a triumph of  not being powerful and wealthy

a victory of  being highly cultured and wise

brings with it a practicality  and an insight

a simplicity and an intellectual rise

“Saraswathi” the deity of learning

blesses all with wisdom and confidence

bestows on all the skill to acquire

the spirit to adhere, the thought to be kind

teaches the way to be sincere and honest

making use of it  is our responsibility

let’s resort initially to a communion with Her

as we know  prayers bring a sea of change

help us to ward off ignorance in a range.

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A silent Spectator

The thoughts ignite

the touch tickles

the words inspire

the experience teaches

the  years roll by

with days and hours

not a great difference that makes silent spectator

as a baby becomes a toddler

a kid an adult

an adult turns a man

with the wisdom accumulated

that be the normal course

nothing new as it is

you might exclaim

I tell you  all the more

natural it might appear

it has so many depths

and so many insights

that keeps us at bay

could I call them an intrigue

could  we accept them as the course

with mishaps and accidents on the anvil

with debris and disaster on the premise

with a fall down and falter on the path

I know not what to say

I would keep  away

I would be  a spectator   as well

a silent spectator on the stroll.

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Dark As It Holds

Dark is a feature  not to fear
a colour  not so dear
dark when seen near
throws one out of gear
that be the review of dark
when the dogs bark
could not hear the lark
mind you it also rocks
as the night life rambles
many indulge in gambles
it might be a preamble
it might also look a stumble
Well, for every coin they say
there are two sides in a way
dark holds a bewilder
it also creates a  divider
from the known to the unknown
as against wisdom and ignorancedark

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The Old Order Changeth

old orderGiving way to new things in a fest.
Giving chance to young at the best.
Giving place to new order in a test
So goes the world in a flow
as change brings in a result slow.

Leaving the old things behind.
Leaving the aged in the hind.
Leaving the old order away from the bind.
So goes the world in a flow
as old takes the back row.

Taking up enthusiasm as a cue.
Taking over by youth is true.
Taking in fresh air from the blue.
So goes the world in a flow
as novelty assumes a glow.

Brushing aside the experience as a yardstick.
Brushing aside the oldies as one with a walking stick.
Brushing aside the tested ideals like a prick.
So goes the world in a flow
as wisdom retreats with a bow.

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Dismantling The Experience.

Disoriented is the mind after a shock.
Disenchanted is the soul as it experiences a block.
Disheartened is the heart as it hits the rock.
Disturbed is the thought as it is subjected to a mock.
Disintegrated becomes the idealism as it stumbles into a deadlock.dishevelled
Dishevelled is the hair as the curls fall in locks.
Disfigured is the face as hurdles besiege it in a flock.
Dislocated is the disc as hurried movements enforce a knock.
Distraught is the being as every other thing takes it to an extreme stock.

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A Productive Link

linkRivers are source of strength.
Some go dry almost in tenth.
Some flood most in length.
Others remain even at all fronts.

Rivers dry due to failure of rains.
Their runway turns parched creating a strain
Moss and mushroom grow extensively indicating a drain.
They turn into eyesores signifying a bane.

Rivers are in spate due to rainfall copious.
They cross the path in a speed dangerous.
They overflow with a velocity hideous.
The deluge causes disaster all through.

Linking of rivers has long been in the anvil.
This move would save all from evil.
It is a concept which remains idle.
Certainly this link would evade all blink.

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Live Wire

songriversThe rivers flow with a melody
consisting of soft tunes.
The ocean roars noisy
contributing to the sonorous notes.
The ponds whimper slowly
conducting a mild flutter in modest sequence.
The brooks murmur minutely
condescending to a light twitter in moderate rhymes
The water bodies present an orchestra
intensely organising rhythmic notations.
The muse in nature presents a concert
releasing a rapturous ensemble in lively quotations.

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Evergreen Beckons

memoriesreflectionsEvergreen keeps on haunting.

Memories cast a taunting.

Recollections  indicate an overwhelming.   

Reflections  carry a loud thinking.


Past is not history always.

Lessons it imparts imply a say.

Deliberations hold us in a sway.

  Releasing an evergreen permeation all gay. 


Greenery  is a feast to the physical eye.

It fills up the heart  with pride high.

Paucity of greenery causes a sigh.

It is nature’s endowment beyond a buy.


Enthusiasm  enliven the soul.

Encouragement leads to the goal.

Happiness plays the lead role.

Imposing a green tone on the whole.


Evergreen beckons all to a road.

Trace of green is found in every fold.

Its physical tinge exhibits a lively gold.

Its  abstract form builds up an  enthralling  reload .

















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What Is Governance ?

Governance is a technique.

hard to master.

harder to execute.

hardest to find.


Governance is a criteria

calling for wisdom

requiring  skill

assuring  progress.


Governance  is a task

ensuing a discipline

initiating  a schedule

maintaining a  balance.


Governance is characteristic

of  just and justice

of dedication and design

of reign and  gain.