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A Drift Of The Soul

The move frequent

sets a trend  of  disassociation

comprises a belonging

being nowhere .


A shift so often

delivers a state of  indifference

deciphers a characteristic

of not so an attachment.


A here and there living

releases an insecurity

registers not a continuity

a drift of the soul.











A Blissful Soul

Been always in a house

where there is  a garden

fruit trees being too many

guavas, mangoes and sapottas

all seen over and above

luscious they are in full

organic they be  in all

as I never use any chemicals

both as manure and pesticides

grown naturally without any artifice

they serve the squirrels first

then eaten up by my cook and chauffeur

in the company of my gardener and maid

the rest comes to my table  once in a way

I eat them with a love and happiness

being grown in my own soil  with  great care

of course it is my gardener who nurtures

let him  have the fair share being  first in line

gives  he to his colleagues

a gesture to be appreciated

alas! before he could lay hands on them

the squirrels take the plum

choose the best of the lot

enjoy and be contented with the excess

I find myself the last in the rung

have to accept it without much ado

as I know sharing is a blessing

I am blessed by growing and extending to others

a blissful soul I could turn to be in  all time.

The Music Within

The music I hear

causes a tear

the heart cries

the soul stirs

the eyes of the poor

though not speak words

express feelings of hurt

their suffering mostly silent

sings many a song

of struggle  and scarcity

their hands  bear

scars of toil red and black

their feet have blisters

the nails all broke

niggard they are

hear them rant

ignites a fire

that rises up

darkens the cloud

pours down as rain

a feeble way

to assuage their  bruise

smothers now and then

keeps them in the poor-in-spiritflow.

The Motherly Instinct.


The mother in all of us

the kindness found in us

the great quality of all of us

where compassion gets the strong

that be of mercy in a belong.instinct-maternel-1-162732_L

The facets are too many in the sphere

that being romantic, filial and erotic too

the most illustrious being the motherly

that finds itself in a glow  and a gleam

with expressions of tenderness and care.


The eyes that reflect the profundity

emit the spark of impassionate love

the very look renders an embrace

registering a soul lifting exaltation

that is unfathomable  and immeasurable.

Raging War.

Hate not anyone cries my soul

Lo! my mind always plays the foul

as it sends a silent growl

accompanied by a scorn and howl

finally the soul gets bowled

as the mind triumphs over  in   the toll


The controversy ranges so extensive

one that works out  very intensive

where the mind rules out a flexibility

the spirit calls for an adjustment  strategy

finally it is the mind that gains

as the spirit retreats in a deign.


The edge over the mind over the soul

being one of reason on the whole

where the soul being subjected to compassion

the mind overtakes in its action

finally it is the mind that holds the flag

as the soul is forced to get behind in a lag.download (12)







About Sleep

It is a sleep  that takes you long

an ironical interpretation all along

as sleep is one of inertia all through

where nothing happens mostly untrue

as far as I know fully well about the relaxation

sleep   brings in lot more  packages  in relation

with the fund of observations  in the track

that of complete  rejuvenation without a slack

with the body getting refreshed absolutely sound

and the mind  gearing up with a  force bound

proposing an empowerment of the body and soul

going greatly with a focus missing no toll.long sleep





Evergreen Beckons

memoriesreflectionsEvergreen keeps on haunting.

Memories cast a taunting.

Recollections  indicate an overwhelming.   

Reflections  carry a loud thinking.


Past is not history always.

Lessons it imparts imply a say.

Deliberations hold us in a sway.

  Releasing an evergreen permeation all gay. 


Greenery  is a feast to the physical eye.

It fills up the heart  with pride high.

Paucity of greenery causes a sigh.

It is nature’s endowment beyond a buy.


Enthusiasm  enliven the soul.

Encouragement leads to the goal.

Happiness plays the lead role.

Imposing a green tone on the whole.


Evergreen beckons all to a road.

Trace of green is found in every fold.

Its physical tinge exhibits a lively gold.

Its  abstract form builds up an  enthralling  reload .