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The Sun Never Sets.

The sun never sets

nor it throws sun-of-jamaica-910070_960_720 a bet

remains unchallenged always

retains its invincibility in every way.


The sun shines all through

more with a vigour all through

rests, not a time

waits not for any chimes.


The constant force of energy

leads to a solar synergy

a giver of light and life

never falls short of at any strife.


Millions of years it has been

shining  with a gleaming sheen

a wonderful star in the sky

a powerful one in the fry.


Many songs be there of the Sun

being a stock of sober and fun

yet it holds its torch above all

an essence of vivacity in all.







The Level Best Performance.

The days with the sun at its level best

mercury rising up and up puts to a test

sweat and perspiration grow large as such

sighs and heaves are heard as much

the equinox comes twice a year

passed on without much ado all these years

the smile of the sun always beautiful

seems to be beyond tolerance absolutely detestable

living right on the equator I moan and groan

could not find a better place  in the zone

being one of not my choice as well

a preordained commitment as to dwell

so  far dare not find an alternative

hope I would never so in this infinity.equinox-dates





The Sun And The Moon.

The sun and the moon

take up the skies  in turn

the sun is high up till noon

shines with a caustic burn

mid afternoon go a little low

with the evening it settles

at dusk it goes far below.


Could not be said of the moon  in nights

it grows and wanes all through the month

a growth phenomenal  in a fortnight

while it  fades through the rest of the month

a cyclic round  it undertakes without  interruption

an increase and a decrease in succession

the difference between moon and sun in  straight.


They work from dawn to dusk in full strength

never once they fail in their extensions

being the source of energy and light in length

none could challenge their distinctions

that much could be said of the sun and the moon

they being a great gift to mankind and a desirous boon.sun and moon.jpg










The Sun Around You.

With the sun almost around you

not warm as it usually is

scorching and burning  all through

no way to escape as it is

it chases you wherever you go

be it in your  bedroom

it follows you in a row

go into your living room

it shines through the window

once you pull the blinds  down

it squeezes through the openings

in a short while you would turn brown

well, that way be the happenings

congested and confined under the sun’s rays.

The Sunshine.

A lively day

call it any way

hot and sunny

enchanting and funny

like  to rush out

bask in the sun throughout

could not run though

as I interrupt the flow

I stay back for a while

move òut in style

look at the sun

it shines almost

without interval

be it referral

suppose to be

grand as it could be

love to stand for ĺong

could not bear it for long.

The Song Of The Sunshine – By A Rusty Rustic

The sunshine is bright they say

it is bright  as always.

The sunshine is radiant they say

it is radiant as always.

The sunshine accelerates growth they say

it accelerates as always.

The sunshine is eternal they say

it is an eternity as always.

The sunshine nourishes they say

it is a nourisher as always.

The sunshine kills als they say

it kills when it is in excess.

The song of the sunshine is  mellifluous

it is melodious as the sun.

To sing a song of sunshine

I need to shine myself.

If not I would look rusty and rustica year of glory

besides the powerful sunlight.

The Sun Controls The Climate.

The sun shines with a scorch
the night needs no torch
the land is a botch
the man is loaded with scotch.

The sun shines with a bite
the night goes out of sight
the land turns tight
the man struggles in the light.

The sun shines in all glory
the night becomes scary
the land transforms into a flurry
the man scorns in a fury.

The sun sets the life in motion
the night settles meekly to a portion
the land disguises into a fusion
the man learns a lot from tuition.

The sun keeps the reign
the night receives rains
the land incurs a strain
the man suffers pain.

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